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July 20, 2012

Sherlyn Chopra Bares It All For Playboy Magazine

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Bollywood actress Sherlyn Chopra will be the first Indian actress to feature on the cover of Playboy magazine. Hugh Hefner of Playboy tweeted – ” Bollywood starlet Sherlyn Chopra will be the first Indian to appear nude in Playboy, in the November issue”. This is quite some news. The official @PlayboyDotCom channel on Twitter posted “Indian women are gorgeous & we’re excited that you modeled for us.”

Sherlyn Chopra Playboy Hot Pictures

Pic – Sherlyn Chopra Hot Photos From Playboy Magazine 

June 29, 2009

Video : Dil Bole Hadippa Exclusive Theatrical Trailer

Rani Mukherjee and Shahid Kapoor star in Yash Raj Chopra’s next offering this year.The movie has Rani Mukherjee incognito as a Sardar so that she can get an entry into Shahid Kapoor’s Men’s Cricket team.

Dil Bole Hadippa is a love triangle between Shahid Kapoor, Rani Mukherji and Sherlyn Chopra. In the film Rani Mukherjee is masquerading as a male cricketer. She makes it to the men’s cricket team captained by Shahid Kapoor to prove, that she can play the game as well as any man can. Along the way, Shahid and Rani fall in love.

The fate of the movie will be determined when it hits the screen in September. The movie is directed by debutant  director Anurag Singh.

April 14, 2008

Sherlyn Chopra In Yash Chopra Film

Filed under: Bollywood Latest Releases,Bollywood News - 14 Apr 2008

In a rather stunning developmeent, Yash Raj Films  have signed seductive actress Sheryln Chopra for one of their future flicks. This certainly is a big break for Sherlyn(Mona) Chopra who until now has been seen in B grade movies trying to woo audiences with her sensuality rather than her acting.

After having a disastrous 2007 box office wise, head of Yash Raj Aditya Chopra has approached and acquired the services of skin-show Queen Sheryln to star opposite Shahid Kapur in a love triangle storyline that also has Rani Mukherji. A Yash Raj spokesperson confirms, “Yes, Sheryln has been signed by Yash Raj to star in a film by Anurag Singh.”

Yash Raj Films are hoping the film will appeal to the mature audience and will include lots of steamy sex scenes. The source adds, “Though Adi met Sheryln, it was Yash Chopra’s suggestion. Sheryln has been in the good books of Yash Chopra, who also launched her album Outrageous. Yash Raj has been wanting to get in touch with her for some time but Sheryln had her number changed so they finally got it from Vinod Pandey (who directed her in Red Swastika).”

Sheryln as expected is happy about this but modestly says, “For me, this is just the beginning. Yes, I am a part of Anurag’s film but I still need to work much harder to get to the place where I really want to be right at the top. I have it in me to be a kick-ass Bollywood babe and I will do it. I just want to do this role to the best of my abilities and want them to start wondering how I can act with so much of finesse and ease. The director, Anurag Singh has told that he will be pitching me against them and that I have to be on par with their performances.”

Hot And Sexy Sherlyn Chopra

 Sherlyn Chopra In Yash Raj Films Movie

March 15, 2008

Hot Pictures : Sexy Sherlyn Chopra Poses For PETA In Lingerie

Sherlyn Chopra is sure to overtake Rakhi Sawant as far as controversies and hot photoshoots go. Sherlyn Chopra has gone ahead and posed in lingerie for PETA to provide a supporting hand ( or should we say body?) to PETA’s campaign to stop cruelty against animals. Guess PETA photoshoots are getting hotter and raunchier with time.

Check out Sherlyn Chopra’s Photoshoot shot by ace photographer Rakesh. The PETA campaign screams, “Whips And Chains Are To Be Used In Bedroom”

Hot Sherlyn Chopra

Pic : Sherlyn Chopra In A See Through Black Lingerie Outfit

Check out more pictures of Sherlyn Chopra baring it all for PETA …..

October 16, 2007

Pics : Hot And Sexy Sherlyn Chopra On MAXIM

You must have read Sherlyn Chopra’s highly controversial interview with Maxim. Now check out hot pictures of Sherlyn (Mona) Chopra in the Maxim photoshoot.

Sherlyn Chopra Hot Image

 Pic : Hot Sherlyn Chopra In Maxim

Sherlyn Chopra Hot and sexy

Pic : Hot And Sexy Sherlyn Chopra 

Check out more hot and sexy pictures of Sherlyn Chopra 

Sherlyn Chopra : “I Use Sex Toys”

Filed under: Bollywood Gossip,Bollywood News - 16 Oct 2007

Sherlyn Chopra also known as Mona Chopra is one B grade Bollywood actress who has plans of making it big in mainstream Bollywood. She is hot, daring and thinks big. Check out her latest interview with Maxim. If you thought Rakhi Sawant was controversial, I bet you shall change your mind after reading this one.

Sherlyn Chopra’s Interview With MAXIM

It was some sleazy film maker who named me as Mona. They said that Sherlyn sounded too western and Mona would be suitable for the Indian market. But I never liked it. So, I came back to my original name.

Chalti Hai Kya….Degi Kya?
I do not like any of the pick-up lines. But, whenever I am out on the street, I can always hear the guys saying sleazy lines like ‘chalti hai kya’ and ‘degi kya’?

I can go upto any extent in a porn flick….
…Provided the director should be Martin Scorsese. And you know what! I used to watch porn when I was like very small. Now, I don’t need to!

When my film Naughty Boy was supposed to come out, the film makers got hold of my MMS from somewhere and leaked it out for publicity.

Been In Any Orgies?
I was 16 when I had my first orgy with 2 guys and we were trying to experiment. After that, I had it again, with a guy and a girl. I don’t believe in sticking to the normal of 1:1 ratio thing. If you can heighten your pleasure in a ratio of 1: 3 or 2: 4, then why not? I also use sex toys coz’ do you think the Indian male is well-‘equipped’ to satisfy me?

Hot And Sexy Sherlyn Chopra


Pic : Hot And Sexy Sherlyn Chopra