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Meet Doctor Shilpa Shetty

News around Shilpa Shetty just doesn't stop flowing. And this time the buzz is about a doctor's degree that has been conferred upon Shilpa Shetty by the Leeds University for her outstanding contribution to cultural diversity. The University has, in the past, honoured prominent Indian personalities who contributed to India's emergence as a fast developing cinema-proud nation during its 60th year of freedom struggle, a spokeswoman of the University said. Mangalore-born Shilpa Shetty is the youngest actor from the Indian film fraternity to join ranks of Amitabh Bachchan, Shabana Azmi and Yash Chopra who have been earlier chosen for the honour. Ok the reasons why Amitabh, Shabana and Yashji have been conferred with a doctorate degree can be understood. But Shilpa Shetty for "cultural diversity"? I am just plain amused, even by the  thought of it.

Yupeee.... Mein Doctor Ban Gayi

Shilpa Shetty

 That's one Sexy Doctor

Sexy Doctor Shilpa

Read Shilpa Shetty's five step guide to get a Dr. before your name. 

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My Best Friends Wedding

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The Abhishek Aishwarya marriage has been one helluva hyped and over publicised wedding of all times. The news channels, news papers, magazines were covering this event 24/7 and it appeared that no other important stuff was happening in India. Even movietonic covered the wedding extensively. You could check out movietonic's coverage of the wedding here. Abhijeet, a friend and a newbie blogger writes a rather comic narration of the Ash - Abhishek wedding drama and adds some Bollywood drama and doses it with a lot of humor, to provide you with a dish that's yummy. Check out Abhijeet's fictionalised Bollywood style narration of the Aishwarya Abhishek wedding. Be ready to laugh yourself out !!!!

It seems that the most famous wedding of Tinsel town for the current generation was a total farce. The real Abhi-Aish wedding was a far cry from reality. The glimpses of what one got to see on the television were actually that of a mega block buster being shot in the Bandra-Juhu locality. Inside sources reveal the following storyline...... Ash’s family arranges an Abhishek Bachchan for their glorious girl. The family sings a lot of songs and amidst distribution of Laddoos the couple exchange their rings. As the Bollywood brat (our own Sallu bhai) learns this, he starts towards the place where his one time girl friend is being married against her will. While he is on his way he encounters a certain Vi‘weak’ Abbe-roye who is apparently holding a press conference in the middle of the road. Seeing this Sallu bhai first takes of his shirt and immediately some thirty forty Monas, Tinas, Chamelis sprout from nowhere and a dance sequence begins. All of them mysteriously synchronizing their steps with Sallu. Sallu Bhai does a nice jig which involves a Ring-a Ring-a roses around Vi‘weak’ Bhai. Towards the end of the songsomeone comes and whispers into Sallu bhai’s ears and reminds him that he is supposed to be on his way to win his beau. Sallu laughs out loudly and says ….”Sallu khush Hua” and takes off his pearl chain and flings it at the messenger. The messenger starts screaming “Maharaj Sallu ki jai.. Maharaj Sallu amar rahe.Maharaj Sallu ki jai”

Ash-Abhi Honeymoon Journey Photo

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