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This site has been created by some of the best critics , Bollywood fans and movie buffs from all over the world . It is the one stop destination to have your daily dose of Bollywood . We promise you that we shall provide you the tonic that will revitalise your Bollywood knowledge and keep you updated with the latest Bollywood trivia .

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  1. Comment by Goa Film Fans

    Its a great concept to have all the famous critics blogging at the same place… Really Nice !! :)

  2. Comment by dilip

    Hi Guys,

    Just noticed that you added a nice musical widget on the right side. thats a good addition…now i can listen to some great songs while reading news about bollywood etc on ur blog…nice thinking…i saw ur playlists/smartlists….just one there…i would personally like to listen to ur choice of songs (playlists) as well…to get to know u guys better that way…give it a thought….also u may also consider giving this musical window a name in black on top like u have in the left rail…”Interesting Sites”, “Navigation” etc…that way it would look more like part of the site…something like “Music for ur ears”…what says?

    Good luck,
    Your user!

  3. Comment by Movie Tonic

    thnx dilip for your suggestions….we shall try to implement it

  4. Comment by Gee

    Hello i am a music producer from the Uk. We have made an RnB/Bhangra boy meets girl love song called Gettin’It On. I would like to know how to approach music supervisors who will review our track to assess whether it can be used in a bollywood movie. Gettin’ It On can be heard on our link
    i await your reply . Thank you.


  5. Comment by India Forums

    Wonderful place came here searching for some reviews and fascinated to find such a beautiful site which gives ratings and final verdict for movies, its not possible to find such information on other sites.

    Thanks to movietonic, I would recommend a better search implementation here :-)

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  7. Comment by World Cinema

    Hi guys, love the site but I have not seen a new post since November?

  8. Comment by Reshmi

    Eh Hello there?

    Where have you all gone??? Since November 29, your website has not been updated and I really miss your infos.

    Please reply,

  9. Comment by Reshmi

    Please reply???


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