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  1. Comment by Sweetrock

    looks hot in saree..

  2. Comment by preetika duggal

    she looks cool,she should change her behaviour.

  3. Comment by DOLLY MAMTANI

    Hey Shambhavi and i have studied from same school SVIS(dat realy roks).
    GUYS i must tell ya dat de image/status wich she got from roadies 5.0 is big fake..She is a real sweet kid to me.there was one another gal also wid us named(STUTI NAGPAL roadie of 3.0) in taekwondo activity. i knw shambhavi wen she was a kid as i was her senior and i use to teach her side kicks,other tricks etc of TAEKWONDO in de morning activity….i felt proud after watching her MTV ROADIES show.
    Shambhavi if u r reading dis message den i just want 2 tell u dat u realy rocks gal and u were de best among all roadies…..All de best for ur near future…mmmuuuuuaaaaahhhh……
    get in touch wid me…my email add is ( and ).do send me ur contact no.
    And guys stops abusing her over here coz u dont knw de real SHAMBHAVI…..
    She had to be like dat just to survive……plz atleast have some standards before writing such things for a gal.
    She is a GEM of person i hav come across….
    Hey shambhavi u have a fanatic image in my eyes…
    keep roking dude as u always did…
    luv u take care..


  4. Comment by No body

    What does she think of herself?
    I kno she is beautiful but has simply no guts. She just used her beauty to stay in the show.
    I simply hate her.
    She doesn’t deserve to be a roady.

  5. Comment by dan

    shez a big slut n a skinny bitch

  6. Comment by rohit sharma

    your height is too short but you are sexy

  7. Comment by PRESSY


  8. Comment by sonia

    ur simply a bitch you know dat….u look like a call girl….u can fuck any guy 4 pleasure…and also if ur geeting something in return..and dat anmol is jus like a pprostitute

  9. Comment by KING...!!!

    Hi sambhavi…..u looks great…!!!
    dosen`t matter what ever your attitude is…..???
    keep roking….best of luck for your new shoe on MTV G-TALK…Take Care…….@_@

  10. Comment by Ankur

    Hi shambhavi i love u a lot will u b my friend.if yes then call me plz on.09804606124. I love u

  11. Comment by Swaim

    Hi sambhavi i luv very much! So pls luv me 4ever! Swaim

  12. Comment by Swaim

    Hi sambhavi luv u very much!

  13. Comment by Simran

    I am sorry to say this but you can be promoted by people just like you.Flirting is an art.If have doubt just ask dolly mamtani, she has masters degree in flirting and blaming others.As like you, she always tries to be in limelight by doing show offs.
    Any one can see ,what she is doing now.. she has given her official email id , so that SHAMBHAVI can reply her and she can tell her friends that SHAMBHAVI knows her. Dolly! u have fantastic image of SHAMBHAVI because you are just like her… Flirt.. lier..and cheat..people like u don’t have any standards. ..GET LOST.. TUM MARE HUE KAUWE KI TUTI HUI DUM HO

  14. Comment by Ashok

    Hi…. girls commented wrong on u b’coz they r jealeous of u but in my point of view u r so sexy

  15. Comment by Roop

    You have learn to be decent dont behave much,you wont even come to tip of all gals foot damid convey this to your great friend anmol also no1 bitch’s.

  16. Comment by karan

    u r looking cool shambhavi.

  17. Comment by priyanka

    u r very good looking like barbie

  18. Comment by prashant

    i know you want me because every one want a great friend like me.if u want friendship with me then mail me at .

    warning:dont try to mail me i am very risky.

  19. Comment by Joydeep

    Hi… u r so cute………..

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