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Celina Jaitley Angered By Inzamam’s Comments


Celina Jaitley was in Delhi recently, to perform for the ICL match in Gurgaon, over the weekend. And even though the cocktail of Bollywood and cricket made for a heady dose of entertainment for the spectators, Celina herself wasn’t so happy!

For one, the crowd got a little too excited and the actress had to deal with rowdy spectators plucking at her sleeve and jumping over barricades, to see her.

And then, there was Inzamam Ul Haq, who was playing for one of the competing teams.

Celina Jaitley

Celina Angry With Inzy Bhai

Celina herself was pretty nice and diplomatic, saying she was happy with the audience’s response. After the match, she said, “I’m happy to be a part of a cricket event and I also loved the audience’s response. But what bugged me was the absurd remark, that Inzy made.”

When media prodded a bit, she told them that she was walking in the ground surrounded by security guards, when Inzy saw the group and remarked, “Itni security dekh kar aisa lag raha hai ki Osama Bin Laden ghoom raha hai maidan mein!” (Due to heavy security guards around Celina, it seems as if Osama Bin Laden is strolling in the ground!)

Speaking about the incident Celina said, “At first I couldn’t believe where it was coming from. I still want to give them the benefit of doubt because it’s so hard to believe they could behave this way,” she said with a shudder, recalling that she wanted to rush back to her car and drive away from the nightmare.

Now Inzy, that’s real bad manners . When you cannot take jokes, you do not have right to crack on others too.

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