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Manish Malhotra Blasts Vidya Balan


Vidya Balan may have had a super hit in Sajid Khan’s Heyy Babyy but more than her acting it was her wardrobe that made more news. The ghastly costumes that Vidya adorned in Heyy Babyy drew some rather harsh comments from the critics and a big thumbs down from her fans.

Even Shahrukh Khan and Saif embarassed an almost about to cry Vidya Balan at the Filmfare Awards by awarding her a Na-Real Award for Worst Wardrobe. Vidya Balan who was mega embarassed at her wardrobe being ridiculed about shifted the blame onto her director Sajid Khan and her fashion designer Manish Malhotra.

vidya balan

Manish Malhotra was taken aback by Vidya Balan putting the blame on him. Says a furious Manish, who is currently  in Milan, “In my 17-year career as a designer, never before has any actress made such an issue about it.

She has been blaming me for her bad outfits and I have been quiet for a year. Not any more!  Vidya has been talking about me at public events.

She feels I gave her a bad look in Heyy Babyy! Pray what about the make-up, hair and outfit (Abu-Sandeep) she sported at the Filmfare awards? It was something like what people used to wear in the 1980s! And what were those horrible gaudy tassels that were hanging down  her dress?” he sneers.

Manish adds sarcastically, “According to her, I screwed up her style. If she thought my styling wasn’t right, why didn’t she put her foot down or simply call me and say ‘Manish, please send something else?’”

“I’m just a phone call away. All I can say is that I am sorry to do this to a huge star like Vidya Balan, India’s answer to Paris Hilton with her impeccable dress sense, fabulous carriage and great knowledge of style,” says Manish.

The designer is most upset about Vidya’s statements that he apologised to her for his botched-up work. He fumes, “I sent her a message saying ‘sometimes some clothes don’t work on location but maybe we can work together next time’ but she told the whole world I apologised to her! And after that story, I haven’t called or texted her at all!”

Manish thinks that what Vidya did is in bad taste, “If my clothes don’t work, I am just a call away. She hasn’t called me even once but gripes about it in public. What she’s doing is not in good taste. It’s not as if Vidya Balan has always been impeccably turned out. How can she speak about fashion sense with her fantastic figure? Who is she?”

Common Manish, it’s time to accept your mistake and take the blame for the horrifying wardrobe you designed for Vidya. And Vidya, you too must stop playing the blame game and work seriously on your physique. So guess ot’s time to patch up dears. Chow!

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