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Pic : Sexy Amisha Patel Is Maxim’s Cover Girl


Maxim, the ultimate men’s magazine surely has a fancy towards Bollywood. This month’s issue of Maxim has Amisha Patel posing as cover girl for Maxim. Earlier too Amisha has been in the list

Amisha Patel has not just posed for some hot photoshots but also unfolded a lots of secrets about herself. Surely Maxim is doing a good job :)

Maxim Girl

Pic : Hot And Sexy Amisha Patel is Cover Girl For Maxim

Here’s Amisha Patel’s Interview with Maxim Magazine….

We must admit, that is a fantastic shoot there. Did you like the shoot, Amisha?

This shoot was sort of hip hop and one of the craziest one. It was too cool an experience.

So is it one of the hottest Amisha shoot ever?
Yup. I have done many photo-ops, but never one which was so revealing. But it was terrific.

Great, now can we talk about sex?
No way, that’s something very private.

Hmm… sorry about rushing in. So tell us what it feels like to be working in Bollywood without a godfather?
Difficult, my friend. At the time I debuted, most of the newcomers like Kareena, Hrithik, Tusshar, Abhishek and the rest were in line. It was one of the stupidest times to launch myself. But it was also an enriching experience as it gave me a sense of achievement on being able to hold myself in the midst of all these people. I didn’t have a godfather, what I had was God.

We hear that, unlike us, you have genius brains… a topper of sorts. But don’t you think it’s been a waste to have ended up in this industry?
Education is never a waste. It is something which has shaped my personality and has made me the ‘me’ I am. It’s like a cushion for me. Something I can fall back to if I ever fail in films. I am not at all ashamed to go back and be an investment banker today if I have to.

Cool, we would love you to handle our investments. But before that please tell us if you’ve ever been propositioned by a gigolo?
Well, firstly I would never recognize a gigolo, and right now I am in a beautiful relationship and am not at all interested in any proposals.

What? You have a boyfriends? Hmm… that just makes our job tougher!

Whatever! I am committed and there is no space in my life for another guy.

How about a proposal by a girl? We could get a sex transplant.

No way. That’s disgusting.

So does that mean that this is the last interview and photo-op for us…

(Laughs) No, but the next time I’ll be in a saree. You are too vulgar and sick.

Are you always this friendly?

Yup. It’s just that I am never into the sex stuff.

Does that mean you are the goody type?
I am a very calm and composed person. I am an absolute cleanliness freak.

So are we? Are we on?
No chance!

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