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Kareena Speaks About Jab We Met, Shahid And Her New Love Saif Ali Khan


The bold Kareena Kapoor who was shying from the media regarding rumors of her affair with Saif Ali Khan is now taking it in her stride. Here is an interesting interview of Kareena Kapoor with Khalid Muhammed in which she talks about her past love Shahid Kapoor, her upcoming movie Jab We Met with Shahid Kapoor and about the new man in her life : Saif Ali Khan.

Define your relationship with Saif Ali Khan.
There’s great chemistry between us.

What yes? He’s a great co star, a friend.. I’ve known him for a while of course.. but I got to know him really well only when we were shooting for Tashan in Ladakh..we hung out together.. today we hang out at coffee shops and restaurants. Is that a crime? So much noise was made about us being together at a Delhi discotheque. With my brother-in-law (Sanjay Kapur) there, what do you think we were doing? Eating dinner, laughing and hanging out..
jab We Met Kareena Kapoor

Didn’t you delete photos of Saif and you at this restaurant?
Sanjay was upset because we weren’t being allowed our privacy.. so he and I.. and the others asked the photographer.. to please allow us our evening out.

Is Saif Ali Khan boyfriend material?
What? (Pause) Ha, ha, ha.

What does that mean?
It means I just went ha ha ha.. give me a break.. Khaled.

It’s Khalid. What about Shahid Kapur and you now?

What about Shahid Kapur and you now?
We’ve been together for four and a half years.. and things between us are just not the way they are being reported. I will not say anything to anyone.. I am all set to promote our film Jab We Met .. it’s really a lovely romantic film.. but I’ll be making it very clear, “No personal questions please.”

It’s being conjectured that everything that’s going on is a publicity stunt.
Please Khaled.. do I need this kind of publicity? Am I nuts? Grandpa (Raj Kapoor) believed even bad publicity is good publicity. But that was another era.. I think all the rumours will soon become boring.

How would you describe Shahid Kapur?
He’s a fabulous human being, mature and stable. If a question mark is being placed over our relationship, he’s bound to be upset. It has to be sorted.

Ever been in love?
Yes. It’s a beautiful feeling which remains in your heart.. forever.. it’s someone you love forever.

Does this mean Shahid Kapur?

Answer that!
Have some chikki.. it’s soya .. good for you.

Okay, I get the message. I believe you’ve changed majorly.. stopped being a vegetarian.
Please.. I’m pure vegetarian.. no eggs even. Someone wrote that I was seen eating chicken pizza. How funny is that? The chicken must have been frying in the reporter’s head.

What! No way. I’ve seen men drink so much that I’ve no taste for booze.

You were spotted swimming with Saif at the JWMarriott!
Please! If I were to go around swimming in hotel pools.. it would only be at Las Vegas or St Tropez.

What’s your image right now?
You tell me. I’ve never been more serious about my career. I’m endorsing seven brands. If I don’t take on any old stuff that should be a plus point.. I’m really focusing on films in which I have something to do. I’m back at Yash Raj with Tashan .. and I’m in Golmaal 2 which should be fun. There are two strong projects under discussion.. (whispers – whispers into my ear) But wait, let them be finalised..Khaled.


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