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Movie Review : Speed (Review)


Vikram Bhatt’s Speed is a thriller with Sanjay Suri playing an under cover MI-5 agent. His wife ( Urmila Matondkar)  is kidnapped by Aftab Shivdasani and Sanjay is told to follow certain instructions if he wants to see his wife alive. The kidnapped Urmila manages to get in telephonic contact with Zayed Khan. Now Zayed, is the only one who can help her out.


If you thought Vikram Bhatt couldn’t make a movie worse than Red. Then yes, probably you are right. But Speed comes very close to beating Red, to Vikram’s worst film ever. Now if there is one thing lacking in Speed, then it’s speed itself. The movie moves at a sluggish pace with a story so predictable that you may actually have fun guessing what the next scene would be. And mostly your guess would be right.


The movie seemed to have shot in London, could have easily been shot in Jhumri Talai without making any difference. The cinematography is that bad. Apart from a few Angrez people, no part of London has been captured on camera. The action director seems to have got a Krrish hangover. Actors do not fight, they fly and perform gravity defying stunts, which seem so very fake. The makeup artiste seriously needs to consider a shift of career. Consider, Sophie Choudhary a supposed terrorist who has loads of makeup enough to make a super model, jealous. Gosh!


Speed Movie


Pic : Speed Movie

The editor though deserves a pat to have reduced this movie to 2 hours and saved the audience. There are two boring songs too but if you could last 120 minutes of this boring film then two songs should be a cakewalk .


Tanushree Dutta and Sophie Choudhary  show more of cleavage than acting skills. Zayed Khan is monotonous. Sanjay Suri is a case of talent wasted. Urmila Matondkar is ok. Aftab Shivdasani makes an impact.


So if you are devoted critic or a love birds in search of a place to coochie –cooo or a person needing two hours of peaceful sleep. Then Speed is for you. And for the  rest, Beware Speed is Out There At A Theatre Near You.


Movie Rating : 2/10

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