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Sherlyn Chopra : “I Use Sex Toys”


Sherlyn Chopra also known as Mona Chopra is one B grade Bollywood actress who has plans of making it big in mainstream Bollywood. She is hot, daring and thinks big. Check out her latest interview with Maxim. If you thought Rakhi Sawant was controversial, I bet you shall change your mind after reading this one.

Sherlyn Chopra’s Interview With MAXIM

It was some sleazy film maker who named me as Mona. They said that Sherlyn sounded too western and Mona would be suitable for the Indian market. But I never liked it. So, I came back to my original name.

Chalti Hai Kya….Degi Kya?
I do not like any of the pick-up lines. But, whenever I am out on the street, I can always hear the guys saying sleazy lines like ‘chalti hai kya’ and ‘degi kya’?

I can go upto any extent in a porn flick….
…Provided the director should be Martin Scorsese. And you know what! I used to watch porn when I was like very small. Now, I don’t need to!

When my film Naughty Boy was supposed to come out, the film makers got hold of my MMS from somewhere and leaked it out for publicity.

Been In Any Orgies?
I was 16 when I had my first orgy with 2 guys and we were trying to experiment. After that, I had it again, with a guy and a girl. I don’t believe in sticking to the normal of 1:1 ratio thing. If you can heighten your pleasure in a ratio of 1: 3 or 2: 4, then why not? I also use sex toys coz’ do you think the Indian male is well-‘equipped’ to satisfy me?

Hot And Sexy Sherlyn Chopra


Pic : Hot And Sexy Sherlyn Chopra 

My ex-boy friend helped me in waxing so that I could put on a skimpy bikini
Be it the kitchen or the bedroom, I am a very demanding person, if not dominating. And you know what! My ex-boyfriend helped me in waxing some parts so that I could put on a very skimpy bikini.
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  2. Comment by kamran

    you are pathetic sherlyn

  3. Comment by vick


  4. Comment by no name

    you suck to the core .
    you are a bint.
    why dont you start a pros centre.

  5. Comment by Sandy

    Sherlyn you’re so hot i just wann f**k u…,

  6. Comment by Sandy

    I can satisfy u just give 1 chance babe

  7. Comment by singh

    you fuckn slut
    i hate slutty indian women like u

    make our country dirty n future of our country!

    fuck u bitch

  8. Comment by singh

    your a very low person

    a disgrace to india

  9. Comment by aKSHAY

    SHOW THIS TO SHERLYN: You’re the worst example for an indian. It’s because of sluts like you that today girls are getting spoilt and causing worries to their parents. That’s not an interview what u said above; it’s publicity. Hope you’ll never be a star. You don’t give a damn respect for our hindu/muslim religions. Just know that one person can change the fate of manybody if not everybody. Don’t give bad example. For me, I sex is a bond that joins two person in love. It’s not for sale or abuse. U don’t have any dignity and respect. Piece of shit.

  10. Comment by hahaha

    sherlyn i think you are lying to become popular,anyway what you do with your body is nobody’s(country,men,heritage,religion) business,all are out to service you if you give a chance,me too,

  11. Comment by ssssssunil

    this is bad things to exposed yourself bcoz of that todays everyone want seal pack.

  12. Comment by aftab

    u r really a super bitch u shuld work in porn movies go ahead get fucked with people .

  13. Comment by kkkk

    u are a bitch ….if indian male cannot satisfy then what are u doing here? perhaps u didnt get the right guy….girls like you give up only in the foreplay only. and mind u baby if a guy knows mindgames while f**king you then u are out….
    better luck for you next time.

  14. Comment by MIA

    ha ha.. i don’t believe a word she has told..
    sorry dear u need talent to become suceessfull.>!!

    Good luck with ur’ sexual adventures

  15. Comment by inder

    after listening to all ur comments, i am speechless. Theres only a one word which suits ur pesonna ,”U R A MONSTER SOUL LYING IN AN HUMAN BODY”.

  16. Comment by katrina

    it’s b’coz of sluts like u dat indian girls get raped and are subject to humiliation. i pray to god frm all my heart that prostitutes and whores like u never taste success. everything that u do is for publicity, maybe ur mother has taught u to use ur body like this. U STINK!

  17. Comment by Joe

    Sherlyn, I can satisfy you. Try me once and you won’t leave me.

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    I have a long thick dick which will definitely satisfy you babe. You can ride it for hours. Please ride me once and see.

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  20. Comment by XT

    why everyone is worried here just write her an email and ask the rates, ofcourse all bollywood actresses are bitches, slept with alot of peoples like actors, directors etc. to get chance, and you cant see she told everyone i use sex toys means she is a toy, offer big money and she will do whatever you want.

  21. Comment by semboxer

    Hi Sherlyn, If u r fond of fucking and sucking with a big cock or penis then u can try me.I”ll satisfy u with 100% guaranty……What do u say…Han?????????

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  23. Comment by rahul

    hi i am rahul.

  24. Comment by meher

    why you all r so upset.she is doing all this in a free country,,n atleast she is not hiding her self.why we all want evrytime saints around us.its a real world ,n accept people as they are n i think respect them as they are.she is not trying to camouflages her self in innocent girl.when somebody use deception then we need to expand our mind ,she is not giving us that respect her truthfulness.i think

  25. Comment by wanttofucksherlyn

    Hey XT u said why dont i ask her rate on email.. gimme the mailing address i am ready to pay any amount for her.. i know she can be real hottie in bed..

    if any1 can just tell me how to contact her..

  26. Comment by bharat mata ki jai

    Hey Sherlyn,

    The most “wanna be” award for the year 2008 goes to u..!!

    So feel elated n celebrate…!! Must say haven’t come across a cheaper human being thn u’r self in a long long time..!!

    Guess even prostitutes have better self-respect..!!

    AND in response to u’r comments on Indian men being lesser endowed, God knows whom u’ve been banging (as part of u’r casting couch endevours)…certainly dont seem to be representatives of the Indian Male(s)..!!

    God bless u..!!

    Bharat Mata Ki Jai.

  27. Comment by dip

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  28. Comment by dip

    u r a complete bitch………. no 1 can be as disgusting as u……..

  29. Comment by lol

    chill everyone this is new world aye…im 14 and have already had sex like 2 or 3 times…n she is an actress so wat do u axpect….jeeesss

  30. Comment by m

    randi sherlyn

  31. Comment by singh

    i hate slutty mordern indian women like. ur a bad example to our great country, u should b banished from this country, cause obviously ur not proud to be indian yet want to dirty our market with ur cheap filth.
    if any desi grls are reading this, please dont go down the path of this western whore

  32. Comment by singh

    i hate slutty mordern indian women like u. ur a bad example to our great country, u should b banished from this country, cause obviously ur not proud to be indian yet want to dirty our market with ur cheap filth.
    if any desi grls are reading this, please dont go down the path of this western whore

  33. Comment by meself

    thin bitch…but kinda hot..i woud rather fuck the shetty sisters…the younger 1 will have a tighter pussy than her slutty over fucked sis

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  35. Comment by sex ka pujari

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  37. Comment by karan landwa

    dear sherlyn chopra……my dick is up 4 u…….u r the most bold woman and the best pussy available……..when i put it in urs u will really enjoy it………….

  38. Comment by haha!!

    hey guys chill
    she’s just being honest n that’s great
    those who are talking too much r the ones who must b f***** around
    so stop havin double standards u hypocritical indians
    girls.. believe in urself
    no need to accuse others
    n u guys!! just keep ur a**hole shut

  39. Comment by anonymous

    show a pic of urs where u r without make up sherlyn
    i bet no one will not even spit on u sweetheart

  40. Comment by a

    aare yaar is ladki ko sirf publicity chahiye aur kuch nai…

  41. Comment by hero

    i want kareena kapoor hot pictures

  42. Comment by katin

    shut up haha u done no what v r toing about first u shut up nd go to hell nd take some medcin nd eat thn you will become correct world

  43. Comment by nitin pundlik

    this is a very sexy photo like this

  44. Comment by pooja

    sherlyn,i definately appreciate ur courage to speak out d truth infront of male dominated world but then I personally believe u should try to forget ur past n move ahead in ur life.It was just a piece of advice if want to follow then go ahead,if not then it’s ur life u have all the right to live ur life the way u want to.

  45. Comment by uzair

    hi sherlyn is very good and beautiful girl.

  46. Comment by saleem

    hai sherlin think once before doing something wrong look at ur comments every one abusing u but dont feel for that if u think that ur doing right then carry onnn but if u know ur doing wrong and u cant help it then make belive in god and prayyyy then onwards all will be setrighttt ok? sorry if my message is too long best of luckkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Comment by abdul karim noorza

    I love so mach katrina kafe

  48. Comment by Kalpana

    She is a whore..i cant belive she actully said thatt??!!! what a bitch!

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