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  2. Comment by Celeste

    I’d disagree to what has been said about the movie in this review. Though I’d agree with the comments on acting prowess of Kunal, Tanushree and Payal. Honestly, nethought Priyadarshan had planned for three lead female roles and ended up having Tanushree, Payal and Kunal. Rajpal Yadav’s overacting, well thats what makes him wht he is, right? Cant really blame him. He was mediocre. Tushaar was just the “Golmaal” guy with dialogues, Sharmaan is improving. The director created an aura of suspense intially, which he could not hold for long. Zikomo (whatever his name is!) tried to look an ultrasoft spoken, gentle, cold blooded criminal who makes the hair prick at the very sight but failed terribly. He had done better job in Main Hoon na, though a pretty short screen apppearance. Arbaaz Khan, a complete disappointment (not that one has great expectations from him). Om Puri, Asrani were a complete waste of character, though they did justice to what lousy character shade they were given. They are actors of immense potential and deserved something decently better. The house owner character was good though she did get hysterical in couple of scenes. Plot was a total mess. Adding the murder and “dhol” elements to the movie makes one wonder if Priyadarshan was making cold coffee but suddenly decided to make cock tail out of it. Its not as bad as said here but definitely a disappointment for those who’ve had a glimpse of Priyadarshan’s calibre. After seeing Tanushree Dutta in Dhol, I’d pray to God to bless me with ’nuff amnesia to forget that she is a beauty queen. Wonder if Vidya Balan and Tanushree are competing in bloating their bodies!! She looked bad earlier, now she only looks worse ( lets not insult the term “acting” by using it for her). All in all, its an avergae movie, atleast the humour is sans sex. I’d give 3.5 on a scale of 5.

  3. Comment by linjo

    This movie Dhol is a remake of Malayalam movie “In Harihar nagar” which was released in 90′s.i havent watched Dhol but has watched In harihar nagar,which is simply an outsatnding comedy movie.In malayalam they have well talented actors,We even laugh seeing them.

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  5. Comment by Ken

    The review has no sense at all.It wasn’t not that bad as mentioned above The film is OK.

  6. Comment by alexei leonov

    pha patti .,priyadarshaneppatti entelum parayan neeyaraada chette poo mone.,

  7. Comment by Mr.X

    Maybe the person wrote this review is an enemy of priyadarshn or else he is jeleous on him.

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  9. Comment by x

    Look I just watched dhol… I am sorry it was a literal waste of time… not money since I saw it for free… but def. a waste of time..the cast of actors were not up to par and the comedy was nothing original or extremely funny… I was bored for most of the movie… I really wanted to stop watching it badly… but I never stop watching a movie till the end… bad habit… Dhamaal was a lot better… that is a much funnier and entertaining movie…

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