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Movie Review : Darling


After RGV Ki Aag, my psychiatrist adviced, “ No More Ramu Movies” . But my craze for movies outweighed the doctor’s invaluable advice. I told myself, I am safe and sound after RGV Ki Aag. What harm can Darling do to me? Did I underestimate RGV’s ability in producing excruciating films? Read on to know….

Darling Ki Kahani

Aditya ( Fardeen Khan) is happily married with Isha Koppikar . And to get some additional happiness he engages in an amorous relationship with his sexy secretary, Geeta (Esha Deol). And just when you wished you were in Fardeen’s place, his fun filled life takes a round about turn, when he accidentally kills Esha Deol. From then onwards, Darling is a tale of Esha’s seek for revenge.

Horror Or Comedy?

Ramu does well to setup the premise pretty quickly. He pretty well establishes his lead characters in a matter of a few reels. Two hot songs and some love scenes later Ram Gopal Verma quickly gets to his story telling. The first half of the Darling is filled with horror scenes, the wide-eyed corpse of Esha watching Fardeen, or the one where Fardeen digs the grave only to find Esha Deol stting with her leg spread besides it.

But post interval it is all comedy. The scenes of the James Bond inspired Inspector and his expressionless deadpan assistant are hilarious, even the scene with Esha crouched under Fardeen’s table as he is dictating notes to his secretary has you laughing loud. So we had horror and comedy. During the closing sequence, Ramu decides to add a bit of melodrama to Darling. So that’s it Ramu’s Darling –E-Khaaz Mixed Bhaji. This new dish by Ramu surely could have been tastier had he added only one masala than mixing it all.



Darling Movie Sex Scenes

Pic : Darling Movie 


Who Scares You The Most?

Fardeen Khan does a good job as the petrified man being tormented by a ghost. Esha Deol as the sexy makeup clad ghost constantly vacillates from good to bad as the movie progresses and gives a good performance according to her standards. Isha Koppikar is royally wasted. If anyone deserves most points for giving the viewers creeps then it’s Amit Roy ( brilliant cinematography) and the sound engineering team of Darling. RGV’s direction is upto the mark. But guess he was confused on whether to give Darling a final horror look or make it a comedy. That he ends up messing it all up.

Final Verdict of Darling : Ramu tries to create a mixture of horror and comedy. But he fails with his hotch potch bhaji. Only ghosts should be watching this flick, as they wouldn’t have to pay for the ticket. :)

Box Office Prediction of Darling : Ramu Barbaad Ho Gaya.

Movie Rating : 2/5

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