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Kareena Slams Rumors Of Shahid And Her Break Up


Just recently there was news floating round in gossip circles that Kareena and Shahid Kapoor have called it a quit as far as their romantic relationship is concerned.

It was rumored that Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan got quite close during the shooting of the Yash Raj Film, Tashan. But guess the rumors remained just that. Rumors. There was nothing more to it.

Kareena Kapoor bashed the rumors saying there was absolutely no truth to them. “Shahid and I are very much together. He is in Toronto right now. All these rumours are ridiculous,” she is heard to have said. So guess all’s well in love-land.

Shahid Kareena Together

Pic : Shahid Kareena Happy And Still In love


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  2. Comment by shobhna

    kareena and shaid you don’t know how to handle ur fans that’s why you won’t be successful couple in future….and successful stars you will not run entire movie on ur shoulders alone…sorry that is true kareena I used to like you but you have attitude if we don’t like that u are nothing babay we are audience just think about it…

  3. Comment by happy

    She is SO SO SO irritating.. i get irritated when i see her….so high fake and so cheap…she looks very low class and cheap bcz she makes such faces al the time…..she overacts in films and interviews…she keeps saying i am talented…now cummon is this talent???? she is so fake..she went crazy when people were calling rani more prettier than her in kofe with karan and said that john is being partial bcz she is bengali and his girlfriend is also bengali…..we rolled on laughing watching that comment as she looked so jealous and dumb…so does that mean that all the people who were praising her were praising her bcz she is a punjabi and even they were punjabi?????how stupid of her ..she is rascist then?????? she should learn tpo remain quite when people are praising others….is it imp that all shoul like her…she is so ugly..her face is so manly and big and stupid..she is so dumb ..shahid had to win the koffe hamper and she kept saying “you better loose it” she did not even undestand that karan was saying that if he wins il give u a movie in fun mood…and she did not get it…so stupid she is….

  4. Comment by Aqram

    Comment by Iqra

    Kareena is so stupid, irratating and ugly coz when she is doing a film with shahid i look at her thinking she doesn;t know anything for example in chup chup ke that song ‘aare aare’ she did not know what she was doing i think she was daredreaming in space about someone and not concentrating what she was doing. I really feel sorry for shahid coz i do not know how he start falling in love with kareena i think shahid should leave kareena and go out with some other girl that knows what she is doing and is better than kareena, and kareena should go out with that ugly saif ali khan and stay with him forever coz her and saif suit each other and watch how slowly kareena and saif will break up then do not come back to shahid kareena, coz shahid will have other girls better than u waiting for him u and saif are ugly go and get a really expensive soap and wash your face 10 times a day also shahid does not like u kareena and he does not want to do any films with u coz he has got other girls and do films with them u go and do films with saif . DO NOT SPREAD RUMOURS AROUND SAYING ME AND SHAHID HAVE BROKE UP EVERYONE WILL THINK YOU ARE DAFT AND GO TO MENTAL ASYLUM AND GET YOUR BRAIN CHECKED. ALSO SHAHID HAS IS REALLY HAPPY THAT ALL HIS PROBLEMS HAVE BEEN SOLVED AND START A NEW FRESH LIFE WITH A GIRL THAT KNOWS WHAT SHE IS DOING AND SUITS HIM HE HAS FORGOT HIS PAST AND U GO TO SAIF AND GET MARRIED NONONE WILL COME TO UR WEDDING COZ THEY WILL SAY YOU AND SAIF ARE A UGLY COUPLE.

  5. Comment by Shabnam Sabah

    Dear Shahid Kapoor,
    I love u a lot. I don’t think that I can live without u. I am a Bangaly person , I live in America. I am really thinking about marring u. I think that u should forget about that DUMB ASS KAREENA!!!! I also think that it is gonna be amazing to marry a hindustani boy. So please marry me. I also really think that we will look really awesome together!

  6. Comment by keerthi

    I am from TAMIL NADU. I luv you so much. Please leave Kareena and marry some other homely girl.
    I wish to have a boy-friend like you.

  7. Comment by Kavitha

    Dear Shahid Kapoor,

    There will be a lot of things that everyone have to say. But always think what you had to say first. If you think you are doing a right decision in life, please always go ahead. Atleast u wont feel that you had missed out something that you should grab. And if you need to leave someone behind for your own good life, please do it. Dont regret with what had happen, it is good to made u realize this is world and just think twice before taking anyone into your life again.

    Wish u good luck in all ur undertaking.

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