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  2. Comment by Scaria

    Mr Adarsh,

    I think this review really sucks. Its a terrible movie with no saving graces. I am surprised that you thought it did.


  3. Comment by sarita

    its really a sucking movie…… come you comment a movie like this…..

  4. Comment by Dr.Jawahar Surisetti

    In a variant of Sholay , Ram Gopal Verma ventures into what can be called an unknown territory where the blockbuster takes a new shape.
    The Thakur goes south.Mohanlal as Narsimha the police inspector whose family has been killed seeks vengeance Madrasi style. The accent is totally South Indian in contrast to Thakur from the north. The severing of the hands of Thakur by Gabbar is also cut down to the fingers in Aag. So make up costs are cut down because there is no effort to hide the hands instead only a lon shouldered Kurta covers up for the cut fingers. Moreso in the climax where the Thakur uses his legs and says”Tere Liye to mere paer hi kaafi hai” here Narsimha uses his finger stubs to fire a gun and kill the villain.
    Babban, the new avtar of gabbar is also different. He is not from Bihar or UP. He is Bambaiya. Gabbar’s infamous laugh is also in two instaments this time and is more subdued. Babban asks for Diwali instead of Holi and romances Urmila the replacement of Helen in Mehbooba. he also dances and enjoys dancing with Abhisheh who plays Jalal Agha in Mehbooba.Babban is more intelligent this time. He tosses the apple and asks the question that made Isaac Newton discover laws of gravitation.
    Basanti is more verbose than the Auto driver Ghungroo. Nisha Kothari cannot play the auto driver and looks too artificial using words like ‘entertain’ and ‘too much’ with gay abandon.
    Viru was fun whereas Ajay Devgun is a misfit for the role. The God Speaks to Basanti incident and the shooting lessons and the Koi Haseena song and the water tank sequences are painful. The water tank turns into a well and the drunk Devgun is so bad in the sequence that the audience would have wanted him to commit suicide.
    Jai was composed and serious. Prashant Raj is better than the others because we do not expect anything from him. But he also bungles on the Mausi sequence. He is not as romantic as Jai with the mouth organ .
    Jaya’s role played by Sushmita changes careers. A pure housewife turns into a doctor this time plunging into full time social service after her husband is killed. She too lacks the pain that Jaya displayed. Her flirtations with Jai are more open this time.
    Samba gets a bigger role this time as Tambe. He does not have to point guns and answer questions of Gabbar this time. He follows Babban wherever he goes and is a bodyguard with more visibility outside the den.
    Horses give way to Jeeps and auto. The Gabbar’s hideout here keeps changing and Ramgarh becomes Kaliganj.
    All in all it is kore of a spoof than anything else. RGV comes up with his own interpretation of the classic. But we remember the original so well even after three decades that our minds refuse to accept stylized versions and changed dialogues. So we call it a spoof. So Mr.RGV(Sholay ) and Farhan Akhtar (Don) and JPDutta(Umrao jaan) stop making remixes and start making originals.

  5. Comment by khuda gawa

    this movie was not bad. i wud giv 5 out of 10. its not tittled shoay and it is not don’s remake was the other don wit srk which we can compare and dat remake deffinetly suckd. but this one is called rgv ki aag. his adaptation of the idea of sholay which i think was ok and worked.
    much much better than srk’s don.or farhan akhtar’s adaptation. loved big b and even wit the other actors i had no was perfect,even therating of 2.5 out of 5.


  6. Comment by khuda gawa

    umrao jaan sucked too,titled the same too. i dont understand why ppl’s own adaptation shud hav the same name,i mean comparison are bound to happen more than. i was extremly disapointed with jp felt like he had nothin new to add except the costumes then took away the beautiful music and the dance steps.why he make it? he had no point to make except show ash n abhi together before dhoom2 and guru to let ppl have the idea of seeing them together or something…before they finally got married.

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