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Ram Gopal Verma Ki Aag Movie Review


 Ramu’s take on Sholay, Ram Gopal Verma Ki Aag Releases today. After Sarkar, Ramu has quite not been able to hit the bull’s eye at the box office. So will his remake of the cult classic Sholay manage to woo the audience? Read the review of RGV Ki Aag to find out….

Review of Ram Gopal Verma Ki Aag 


Ram Gopal Verma Ki Aag is fantabulous, it is one of the finest films to have graced Bollywood. Ram Gopal Verma is surely a magician to have made a film par excellence. Was this what Ramu expected the audience to mouth out after watching this film? Then these words of appreciation may just be available to Ram Gopal’s ears in some of his fanciest dreams. Oops, did I say dreams. Ok, our dear Ramu is not going to have dreams for quite some time. Sleepless nights and nightmares are all that Ram Gopal Verma is privileged to have after making a film like Ram Gopal Verma Ki Aag.


Is Picture Mein Kya Hain ?

 Sholay toh dekhi hogi aap logon ne. Ok, then it’s the same  plot. Only the characters get some new weird funny names and the screenplay and dialogues are thrown in an Aag, all the humor, romance, thrills, emotions are removed.  Yes, that sums up Ramu’s Aag.

Ajay pheeka Devgan, Nisha overacting  Kothari , Prashant  expressionless Raj are abysmal, to say the least. There is no chemistry between any of the actors. No romance between the lead pair, no bonds of friendship between the two friends. Absolutely nothing. The badly choreographed songs are a patience testing tool for the audience.


Ram Gopal Verma Ki Aag Movie Review

  Movie Review : Ram Gopal Verma Ki Aag

Kuch Toh Achcha Hoga :

Leave the southern accent wali Hindi and Mohanlal does a good job of playing the role that Sanjeev Kumar had immortalized. The Big B shines and dazzles in the role of the dreaded gangster Babban. The way he sneers and thaws, his entire body language and mannerisms deserve full marks. It will not be wrong to say that Big B recreates the magic of Amjad Khan with his own inimitable style.

The background score of the movie and the cinematography are the only two good points on the technical front.


Questions for Ramu?

Could you not come up with a better name for your pathetic remake of Sholay, Ram Gopal Verma Ki Aag. Is this all your creative team is capable. “Please give me two tickets for Ram Gopal Verma Ki Aag”. Even the guy at the ticket counter laughed when I asked that.

By the way, did you have a casting director for this movie. You did, huh! Ok fire him right now.

And tell me, do you spend crores of rupees on such movies just to torment the naive audience and to torture critics like me. You #$@#@#!!!


Final Verdict

Ram Gopal Verma is no Ramesh Sippy. This Aag is sure to leave  Ramu’s Factory incinerated. As for me, I have an appointment with my psychiatrist today ( thanks to Ramu). Hope everything is fine up there. Watch the movie at your own risk!!!

Movie Rating : 3/10





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  2. Comment by sagith

    Well who is talkin big of Ramesh sippy , .That guy copied Sholay from an English movie …. more embarasingly even copied the back ground music of the movie as it is. Sholay a classic??? how come a movie without original script, dialogue , characterisations, backgroung score become a classic. If its a classic ’cause it ran for many days then ,Don(new), DDLJ, KHNH, K3G, Dhoom all are classics as they ran for many days in the cinemas at an age when u get the dvds within days after movie release. Sholay was just a masala movie and Aag just came out of misconception.

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  4. Comment by Kirit Shah

    Ramu ki Aag is the most bundle movie that I have seen in last 5 years. It looks like Amitabh (I am his #1 fan) got insane and he played worst of his career. Is he making fun of this role? Ramu is the most insane person in the world. If me and you will plan to direct a movie, we will do a good job than this movie.

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  6. Comment by NAVAZ

    Ramu wake up you are nowhere close to the classic SHOLLAY after 30 years a remake of this film is a shame to you.
    Amitabh wake up as well lately your choice on films is washing out. Amitabh that stood for that powerful act in movies like
    Yash Chopra made are made for you. At the age of 60 keep that pride and prestige. Ramu you had
    a golden opportunity to make a film with a story in hand and what a waste on it. Amitabh one suggestion to you being my
    favorite actor read the script follow the directors that have given you what you are today, kick ass to directors like Ramu and
    other directors that have no idea what they are doing. Overall Ramu your aag movies is on fire to end your courier.
    A nacked shame to the classic SHOLLAY which I can watch 10 times and would watch again and again.

  7. Comment by Sam

    Ramgardh ki Sholay (which was made 15 years back with duplicate actors) was more entertaining than Aag.

  8. Comment by umesh

    re film job…

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