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  1. Comment by diwani

    muzamil is a great newcomer,all pipl are against him bcoz his muslim.the journalist and pooja bhatt are bull shits!
    gud luck my muz!we love you!!!

  2. Comment by sajaan

    ich finde muzammil ibrahim ist ein perfekter schauspieler.
    nur weil er ein moslem ist kann keiner ihn unterdrücken.
    muzammil ibrahim kann sicher sein dass alle moslems hinter ihm sind.
    wir lieben dich über alles muzammil.

  3. Comment by Nagma Khan

    Hi Muzummil ,

    Really its a very sweet name and I really like the acting which u have done in Dhokha , and it my predition that one day u will be the superstar , when u act the originality in their in ur face which make audience feel the happy and sad momment we with and according to me that’s an actor .And Personal Request it might be some problem with you while working with Pooja Bhatt and big statement which u have given that u will never work with pooja , I think it was her efforts that people know u as any Actor today so don’t forget that she has given u a break in this film industry or u could also have been like struggler . As a freind I will say that u should say sorry to her and patch up with her.

    Best of luck for futrue superstar

  4. Comment by shaz

    u guys have an awesome way of criticizing stars dont you?

  5. Comment by Nikita Desai

    Umm… okay… i dun really get this because this is another interview i got on the net, and it seems to say something VERY different from this one…

    Tell us something about the movie and your role in it.
    The story is about someone who loves his country and follows his principles. Life is good but then things suddenly become gory. Zaid is confronted by people and is accused for no reason. His wife is then accused of being a suicide-bomber. Initially, Zaid dismisses the idea but when the offence is proved, he gets disheveled. He starts his journey to seek the truth. This results in a conflict between him and society.

    Your comments on your co-stars.
    It was fun working with all of them. Tulip joined later, but working with Aushima Sawhney was great. The understanding between us was just too good.

    How was your experience of working with Pooja Bhatt?
    Everybody has his/her share of successes and failures in life. Pooja Bhatt can be very good. But then, she has Mr. Bhatt on her side.

    Has Mahesh Bhatt directed any part of Dhoka?
    He is an integral part of the camp, he had to be there all the time. We all wanted him; I wanted him to be there for guidance. It was only after he met me was my character penned. I think he is a genius.

    It’s said that those who start their careers under the Bhatt banner get instant success. Your comments?
    Obviously, I am proud to be debuting under the Bhatt banner. They have produced some of the best guys in the industry today. I had faith in the script. How well the movie does would be clear in a few days. As far as I am concerned I am lucky to have got the chance to carry the entire movie on my shoulders. Mr. Bhatt had trust on me.

    Did acting happen to you accidentally?
    No, modeling happened to me accidentally, and since then, I had wanted to act. As an actor, you get to do so much, you learn a lot.

    Apart from Dhoka, what other projects are you working on?
    I have a few other projects as well, but it’s officially incorrect to talk about them. I will speak about them when the time comes. Or else, I might be thrown out of the camp. You know how these production people are.

    Would you like to be known as an actor or as a model?
    A: Today, if I am here it’s all because of modeling, yet I will love to be known as an actor. Acting is something that will continue for a long time, and as an actor you get to play various roles. It has creativity involved in it.

    Is Muzammil a better actor or a model?
    I leave this to the public to decide. When I walked the ramp, I was praised by so many. Similarly, the verdict would come when my film is released.

    Are you satisfied with the support and blessings so far in the industry?
    It is so funny, but yet so interesting that people whom I don’t even know are so helpful. I’m from another town, yet the love and affection I get here is just remarkable. People back me when things go wrong. All this only makes me feel blessed.

  6. Comment by zohaib

    my cute brother MUZAMMIL , how are you , may god give you victory over all your enemies , for me you are a tremendous model as well as actor , keep it up ……….. may allah give u fame in further life

  7. Comment by stephanie

    I say you are a developing actor and have much work ahead of you but that is expected for all new comers. I think you will have similar fame to that of John Abraham but it will up to you in how far you go. Just remember where you come from and work hard. I look forward to seeing you on screen. Take constructive criticism well and be modest and you will go a long way. Good luck!

    Ps. I think you’ve already done a spendid job if people are already posting up blogs and creating drama about you.

  8. Comment by uma

    wowww. okay, i don’t care what his name is, or how he acted with pooja bhatt, at least he has the balls to say what he really feels, i’m sure a lot of people don’t say what they really feel.

    and he will be a “super hit” because he’s the best looking actor in bollywood. ahh, so beautiful, Mashallah.

  9. Comment by maira

    who say that is there is a broblem in name there is no problem in name you are so beautiful masallah iam from pakistan and it is my second comments for him i like him very much & i dont want & dont see those peoples who talk rubbish about him. Dont worry i will be with you in any way. From Maira & you will be came superstar in future i am sure.

  10. Comment by asif equbal

    hi i m asif equbal, s/o architecture 4 th year from jamia millia islamia,new delhi.
    u dont take tenson bcoz u ll b one of the best actor on bollywood. no one is like u …….
    ur mi heart and i love u alot mozzmile bhai……..
    best of luck for ur future……….
    take cre .

  11. Comment by manahil

    well, i personally think that this interview iz totally false, because i’d heard that deepika padukone had dated dhoni, nihar pandiya, and now ranbir kapoor, but muzammil ibrahim was never in any list, but if it is true, then deepika padukone has surely dated ALOT of guys…………….i still love u muzammil, inspite of your name, or these ppl criticizing u

  12. Comment by Naushaad

    Hey dude, u r very smart and good looking man,just keep on working hard. inshallah u will get the sucess. i hav not seen much of ur movei but still i like ur looks and personality. keep it up.

    take care!!

  13. Comment by huge fan of him shoukate...

    well i think he is awesome ,,, i never saw a perfact hunk in bollywood ever like him…he rock the bollywood with his attitude n prslity ,,,

    if any one can think that they can do better then him ,,, they r welcome , to lose there hope ….i love u ibrahim

  14. Comment by maaham

    so what if hes a Muslim so am i and he is a perfect actor he has all the qualities of an actor in him. pooja bhatt and all the others to hell with them

  15. Comment by katy

    we love you muzzy!!wateva ppl talk ill abt is bull shit!!!u rock!ma rockstar..mwaah!

  16. Comment by Aadil Habeeb

    Aadil Jul 15, 2008

    This is Aadil Habeeb.
    Mujhe Modelling main Bhaut intrest hai.
    Muzammil Bhai Main Aap ka Bhaut Bada Fan Hun.
    Main ne Mr & Miss Teen ke liye Apply kiya tha.
    Mera Interview Miss Gladrags Amanpreet Wahi ne Liya Tha.
    Aur interview Bhaut Achcha Gaya tha.
    Aur Main select hogaya Miss Amanpreet bata rahi thi Wo aap ko Mr White Kehti Hain.
    Miss Amanpreet ne kaha ke Woh Aaap Ko Mere bare me batayen ge
    But Bhai Main Mr & Miss Teen Ka Competition me Participate nahi Karunga.
    Bcz I Have No Money.
    koi Baat nahi aage aur chance ayenge.
    Muzammil ji meri ek tamanna hai ke Aap mujh Se milen.
    Contact no. 0-9999272291, 0-9911034513 &
    Lekin Aap Mujhe Apne No. Se Contact to nahi Karenge kyonke Aap nahi Chahenge ke Aap ka no. leak ho is liye Aap mujhe mail bhi kar Sakte hain.
    Ok byeeeeeeee
    Allah Hafiz

  17. Comment by ayesha

    hi muzammil this is ayesha from kabul afghanistan apka chehra ne mere zendage badal dea zendage mai apse molaqat zaror hoge mai kahanea lekte ho oska chehra muje melgea hai hume yad rakna kabe molaqat zaror hoge

  18. Comment by ayesha

    hi muzammil this is ayesha plz mail me u have lots of works plz plz plz mail me ofter very long time muje chehra mela hai plz i teel u a story per ap khode fesla karna jante ho apka zeada freinds hai plz ek bar hume yad karna

  19. Comment by ayesha

    my comments is jo karna hai suche dil se jese ap mangte ho wahe karo ok and plz dont forget ayesh muslim jo be karta hai dil se karta hai sochta hai ap be wahe karo

  20. Comment by marzia

    hi lovely ur soooooooooo nice and good looking iam 8years old and i realy like u bbbbbye

  21. Comment by Reeyah

    This is so slack how you tease Muzammil’s name! i mean come on its only a name ! get over it . Muzammil is a goodlooking , great actor ok and if you have problem with it .. get used to it ! Muzammil keep up the good work ! your fans love you !! mwaa

  22. Comment by marzia

    muzi keep it up and just injoy the life and be happy always
    marzia bbye

  23. Comment by Rane

    Muzammil ahahaha, why not calling himself Muzzzlimin?! What a joke, he’ll go with the wind very soon

  24. Comment by Bhai

    It is anytime better then “Rane”, “Shane” and “Ghane” and all those ghati name around in india.
    Have you heard your name Rane Guruji ? Do you know how does it sound ?

  25. Comment by Chitra. Netalkar

    This is Chitra..Your movie(Dhokha)is tremendous..seriouly…People whoever had seen your film had given you a greattt position.i want you to do more film like DHOKHA. as you are a muslim and you had acted sooo beautifully in the movie as a hindu.And people loved that atleast there is one person i.e your director had thought about our country and made the movie,launching you as a lead actor..SORRY that we people had not seen your movie at the time it was released..the reason is you and your co-star are not so famous like S.R.K, Ranbir Kapoor,priyanka Chopra,etc.. You should do one movie with these superstar, the movie like DHOKHA.. I’m sure the whole world will come to know who is MUZAMMIL IBRAHIM…
    If you felt something WRONG i spoken.For that i’m exremely SORRY or you want to clarify something you can be in touch with me, my email is

  26. Comment by Ayyub

    Muzammil was my Junior in Jamia. We were staying in the same hostel, he was so calm and decent that when we were having a small session of introduction in the common room of the hostel, he reacted in a very good manner and he was used to give alot of respect to his seniors. I remember him, praying Fajr in the Mosque, early in the morning. I wish him all the very best for the future and advice him (if he reads, although there are very chances)not to break the principles of life and always get connected with Allah. This world is not for ever, we all have to die one day and then only our practices will go with us, niether fame nor money.

  27. Comment by Armaney

    Muzzi bro luv u i lyk u u r so gud u r my darling broo …

  28. Comment by ruhi

    muzmil is a great actor and he is so good looking , i love him so much ,

  29. Comment by Ticklezzz

    yea, I said it :P ..
    n i’ll keep dreaming *drool* …

  30. Comment by Ticklezzz

    ..and reading what ayyub up there said made me love him even more O.O!!!!

  31. Comment by nikita

    I love him he is a great guy no matter wat others say
    n don’t try to get things outa ppl’s mouth
    he is gonna do wat he wants to do!
    leave him alone to me he is great in evey lil things
    I love him he is a model and a actor no matter wat others say!

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