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Shah Rukh, Farah And Deepika On Koffee With Karan


This Sunday the Koffee is going to get even hotter. Shah Rukh Khan will make his second appearance in the same season ( he was there for the first episode of Season 2 of Koffee With Karan). Accompanying Shah Rukh Khan wil be the team of Om Shanti Om i.e. Farah Khan and debutante Deepika Padukone. Expect one entertaining episode. Here are a few titbits of this Koffee With Karan episode.

It’s home turf for Shah Rukh and Farah as they have been on Koffee with Karan more than 4 times each! They jokingly remark, We have been here almost as much as you”. Karan, Shah Rukh and Farah, who share an excellent camaraderie, have an absolute ball on the show, as they leave no opportunity to mock each other! Farah admits that marriage has changed her and has given her a new perspective in life! Karan and Farah reminisce some funny incidents while they were shooting for Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and have a hearty laugh. Shah Rukh, on the other hand who is at his wittiest best and looking super cool with his new hairdo and well toned body tells Karan that he had promised Farah, if ever he would strip, it would be for her film! Speaking about Om Shanti Om, Farah and Shah Rukh keep their fingers crossed and are hoping that it lives up to its huge expectations! Joining them is the very beautiful Deepika Padukone who shares that she was nervous while shooting for Om Shanti Om but, Farah and Shah Rukh made her feel very comfortable. And when quizzed, if she was dating Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika expectedly replied the cliché, “We are friends.”

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Koffee With SRK, Frah and Deepika


Pic : Shah Rukh, Farah and Deepika on Koffee With Karan 

The extremely witty Shah Rukh and the very blunt Farah … the rapid fire round sure had a lot of fire! Shah Rukh’s personal habit, which irritates Farah the most? If Farah woke up one morning and realized she has become Shah Rukh, what would she do? If Shah Rukh was made President of India, what would he do? Beside himself, his choice for the host of KBC would be? Who according to Shah Rukh is the sexiest working Indian actress today? Who wins the coffee hamper! Wait and watch! My money is on Shah Rukh. Who do you have your money placed on?

 Excerpts from the chat show with Karan, Farah, Deepika naad Shah Rukh on Koffee With Karan :

Karan: Welcome back to Koffee with Karan… how does it feel… it is your third appearance?
Farah: Fourth… if you are not counting when I was a judge in the last season…

Karan: Oh right… you judged the finale episode…
Farah: Ya… I have been here almost as much as you…

Karan: A big event that has transformed your life is your wedding…. That happened 2 years ago?
Farah: Ya… 2 years…

Karan: I thought it would change you? You, tell me… has it changed you?
Farah: ahhhhhh… has it?

Karan: I am asking you… has it made you softer, calmer?
Farah: I don’t think it has made me calmer for sure… but, yes it has given me a perspective in life… and I do enjoy staying at home a lot more now…

Karan: Yes… you have someone to come home to
Farah: Ya…. I like being around the house… doing homely things… not just being on set so much… but, I still enjoyed making my second movie… a little more than I enjoyed making my first one… when I wasn’t married then…

Karan: So, cool you look… new hair do… muscles… 6 pack… I heard
SRK: 4
Farah: 4 have come… 2 to go… SRK: I am still working on the last two…

Karan: What made you make this change?
SRK: My son feels I am fat…

Karan:: He thinks you are fat?
SRK: He thinks I am fat… He beat up a girl… because, first she called me an asshole… beep beep… then she said I look very ugly on KBC… sorry Star… he didn’t react… he controlled himself… finally when she said, your father is fat… he kicked her… so I got angry with him… and he said, Papa, you know what, it is not her fault…its you… why are you fat? because she said, ugly, I didn’t mind… you looked handsome on KBC… you are not an asshole I know…. You are a cool guy but you are fat Papa.

Karan: He thinks you are fat…
SRK: Just imagine… what he thinks about you and Farah? Lets not get into that… Farah: Thanks… Karan: Laughs….

Karan: Are you nervous at all?
Deepika: I am very nervous…

Karan: Was it the same kind of nervousness when you were offered this film… you had to work with Shah Rukh, with Farah… were you completely like all nerves the first day…
Deepika: It was the same kind of nervousness; especially on the first day… although Farah went all out to make me feel comfortable… she introduced me to Shah Rukh well in advance…

Karan: And everyone tells that he is a terrific co-star …
Deepika: He is fantastic to work with…

Karan: It feels special that you are a part of such a monstrous project?
Deepika: Yes and we have almost come to the end of it
SRK: I thought Karan was saying you are part of such a monster (pointing to Farah)
Deepika: No, she was wonderful…

Make sure you catch Shah Rukh, Farah Khan and Deepika in this week’s  episode of Koffee with Karan on Sunday, August 26th at 9 p.m. on Star One and Star World.

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