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Dhoka Movie Preview


After a disastrous Holiday ( her last film), Pooja Bhatt is back with an emotional drama with terrorism as it’s backdrop.  Here is a preview of Pooja Bhatt’s film, Dhoka, that will be released next Friday.

Movie Preview : Dhoka  

The basic story of Dhoka deals with  communalism and extremists in a section of society . The cost that every member of a community has to pay for those who commit crime in the name of a their community.

Zaid Ahmed (Muzamil Ibrahim) is a bright, young Muslim police officer in Mumbai. Dedicated to his work, respected and admired by his colleagues and community, he represents integration at its most successful. He has learned to live with the violence and the chaos that plagues his city, and on the night of a deadly bombing at the New Century club, he works tirelessly to help the shocked and shattered patients brought to the hospital.

But this night of turmoil and death takes a horrifying personal turn. His wife’s body, the beautiful mysterious Sarah (Tulip Joshi) is found amongst the dead, with massive injuries. Things turn even more horrific when the police coldly announce that Sarah’s injuries were typical of those found on fundamentalist suicide bombers. As evidence mounts that his wife, Sarah, was responsible for the catastrophic bombing, Zaid is torn between cherished memories of their years together and the inescapable realization that the beautiful, intelligent woman he loved had a life far removed from their comfortable, assimilated existence together.

Dhoka Movie Preview


Pic : Dhoka Movie Wallpaper

From the opening of the film to its searing conclusion, Dhokha displays the reality of terrorism and its incalculable spiritual costs. Intense and humane, devoid of political bias and hatred, intensely thoughtful, sensitive and felt, it displays a profound understanding of what can seem impossible to understand.

The basic  story of Dhoka is indeed intriguing and if well executed Dhoka could well prove to be Pooja Bhatt’s golden goose.

Information Courtesy : Indiafm News Bureau 

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