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Vivek Says Sorry. But Salman Doesn’t Forgive


Aishwarya is happily married with Abhishek Bachchan. But her two old lovers ( Salman Khan and Vivek Oberoi) are still at loggerheads with each other. Salman is Bollywood’s bad boy and Vivek has the title of Bollywood’s unlucky boy. If you have forgotten about the Salman -Vivek rivalry then here is a quick recap.

Salman-Vivek Fight Recap

On April 1, 2003, Vivek had called a press conference claiming that on the night of March 29 2003, a drunk Salman had called him up on the phone 41 times to abuse him. Salman, he had said, also threatened to come over to his house and kill him. That was the beginning of a enstranged relationship that has continued till date.

Vivek Says Sorry “Bhai” To Salman

But as Vivek and Salman were fighting over Aishwarya. It was Abhishek who took the Miss World away. So it made sense that Vivek and Salman should patch up as both were finally ditched by the same woman.

At an award function, where Salman was supposed to be felicitated, Vivek Oberoi decided to say sorry to Salman Khan on the stage. It so happened that Vivek was on stage, and had just finished performing to Beedi Jalaile with Koena Mitra , when on his way out, he stopped before Salman (seated on the front row) and suddenly, without warning, put his hands together and bowed before him.

When MiD-DAY called Salman and narrated the incident, the actor refused to acknowldege Vivek’s identity. “Who are you talking about?” When we said Vivek, he said, “Vivek who?” Naturally, we said, Vivek Oberoi. And he shot back, “Vivek Oberoi, who?”

Irritated, he added, “Please don’t call me for such things. I thought you had called me for the Salman Khan Foundation.”

A friend close to Vivek confirmed the incident had occurred. “It was a spur of the moment thing. Vivek suddenly decided to bow in front of Salman and smile at him. But Salman smiled back.”

Vivek Oberoi Salman Khan

Pic : Vivek Says Sorry To Salman 

When asked whether the gesture was indicative of an apology, the friend added, “Vivek is all-heart. He is also impulsive and spontaneous. The gesture was not premeditated. It was a cute, let’s-forget-the-past gesture. Vivek has always been gracious about the whole incident.”

Earlier too, the Oberoi’s had gone to meet Salman’s mother, Salma Khan at Leelavati, when she was ill. Vivek also allegedly patched up with his co-star Arbaaz during the shooting of Shootout At Lokahandwala. In fact, two years ago, Suresh Oberoi had met Salman on the sets of a film and asked him to let bygones be bygones. But Salman has refused to let matters die.

Says a source, “The organisers of the Rajiv Gandhi awards function had kept Vivek’s performance as the last one. Thereafter, the award ceremony began. So naturally Salman was present. I think the organisers were expecting some tamasha and wanted something to happen so that their show becomes exciting. And it did.”

A Shilpa Shetty , who was seated next to Salman, requested him to acknowledge the apology and forgive him, but Salman shook his head and ignored Vivek.

Salman you are doing great so far as your work is considered. Guess you should cool off and forgive Vivek. As for Vivek, you have done a great job by apologising to Salman Khan in front of an audience. It really takes courage to do such a thing. You’ve done your part, Vivek , do not bother what happens next. Wish you luck!!!

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