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Chak De India Movie Review


Chak De India is Yash Raj Films third offering this year. Their other two films this year, Ta Ra Rum Pum and Jhoom Barabar Jhoom seemed promising as far as their promos were concerned. But when one left the theatre it was just an expression of disappointment and frustation that one had. So will Chak De India be as promising as it’s promos promise it to be? Or will Chak De be yet another of those stylised and glamourised products that have more of the Hindi film Masala and less of absorbing content. Read on to know…..

Chak De India Movie Story

Kabir Khan ( Shah Rukh Khan) has been disgraced and removed from the Indian National’s Hockey team, the reason being a mistake that cost India a match against arch rivals Pakistan. Kabir Khan is termed a traitor by his country. His one mistake makes people forget his glorious past and rips him off the respect and fame he had once commanded.

After seven years of oblivion Kabir Khan makes a re-appearance, to coach the National Women’s Hockey Team. This time round he is determined to gain his lost fame and respect and he wants to use the Indian Women’s Hockey Team as a vehicle to prove to the World that he is not a traitor but a true Indian. But Kabir Khan doesn’t know what a difficult task he has at hand. To coach a team that has no unity, no team spirit, no focus and no dedication to the sport of hockey, is an arduous task. But Kabir Khan is determined to inculcate confidence and team spirit in the Women’s Hockey Team and make them win the Hockey World Cup that will be played in Australia.

Chak De India Movie Review

Read : Chak De India Movie Review

If you are one of those film buffs who have, “Resolved To Watch No More Yash Raj Films“, then it’s time you change your decision. Chak De India may be produced by Yash Raj Films, but you see Shimit Amin’s stamp on it all along and not that of Aditya Chopra. And that, I must say is a welcome change. So it’s goodbye to those tons of abdicable songs and those so very clichéd dialogues and scenes. Chak De India is indeed refreshingly fresh.

Shimit Amin uses the underdogs beating the invincibles formula in Chak De India and uses the back drop of hockey for doing so. Everyone of us, loves to see the underdogs win. Infact we already know that they are the one who are going to win the accolades in the end. So when there is no mystery as far as the ending is considered, why will the audience be glued to the screens? That’s where story telling comes into play. And Shimit Amin does a damn good job at weaving an absorbing plot that keeps you engaged right till the very end. Shimit shows that Ab Tak Chappan (his debut film) was no shot in the dark. Humor, emotions, drama, patriotism, ego clashes, dressing room fights, Shimit has infused them all into the plot of Chak De India so sublimely that not once do you feel bored or tempted to yawn in those 150 minutes of screen-time.

A wonderful part about Chak De India is the characterization of all the 16 women hockey players. Each of them have an individuality and form an integral part of the script. And the credit for that goes to the script writing department. Must say it’s beautifully done. Special applause must be given to the cast selection, it’s- superbly done. Among the 16 female debutantes the tom boyish , Komal Chautala , the experienced arrogant Bindya Nair and the short tempered Punjabi, Balbir Kaur stand out. The girl who plays Preeti Sabharwal is wonderful. Not only does she look hot, she acts like a pro too.

Shah Rukh Khan looks tailor made for the role of the determined coach Kabir Khan. His anguish at being labeled a traitor, his determination for making a come back as a coach, the frustration and anger at seeing the dressing room fights and his confidence in his team are portrayed perfectly. The makers have been careful to see to it that Shah Rukh’s character is not one of those preachy types, who will mouth inspiring dialogues at the drop of a hat. Instead they have made Shah Rukh express more through his body language than his dialogues. Thus the impact when Shah Rukh gives the Sattar Minute speech towards the climax is resounding.

Sadly Vidya who plays the captain of the team is not given much scope. On the field she is neither seen motivating the players nor giving them any advice. Being the captain of the team, she should have had a better scripted character. Also there is no mention about what Kabir Khan did in his seven years of exile and what prompted him to get back to coach a women’s team. But these few things can be definitely overlooked, considering the overall experience of Chak De.

The background score by Salim Sulaiman is perfect. Their background score gives you that adrenaline rush and make you root for the underdog Indian Team . But the music of the film is plain ordinary, other than Sukhwinder Singh’s Kuch Kariye, none of the songs are anything special.

Being a Yash Raj Production Film, Chak De India has great production values. The camera work needs special mention. The way the game of hockey is captured on the screen is indeed amazing and needs applause. Editing is good. Screenplay of Chak De India though good could have been better.

So if you want two and a half hours of unadulterated entertainment then I strongly recommend you to watch Chak De India. Here’s hoping to see more of Shimit Amin. Wishing him good luck in his future projects.. Chak De Shimit…..


Chak De India Movie Rating : 7/10

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