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Koffee With Karan : Lara Dutta And Katrina Kaif


Seems the sets of Koffee With Karan are going to get illuminated. No me not talking about any changes in the lighting techniques. It is just the beauty of Bollywood’s two hottest beauties Lara Dutta and Katrina Kaif that will brighten up the sets of Koffee With Karan.

Here are excerpts from the chat with Karan and Bollywood starlets Katrina Kaif and Lara Dutta :

Karan: Welcome back Lara
Lara Dutta: Thanks Karan… I was hoping you have me back actually… I was a little worried when I got your call…

Karan: Last time, we had such a fun time with you and Bipasha… did I get you into trouble?
Lara Dutta: Yes… tremendously… it has taken me a whole year to undo… all the problems I caused myself…

Karan: You are looking absolutely stunning… why do I feel you are suddenly raring to go?
Lara Dutta: Because I probably am… its taken me about 3 and a half years to find my footing in the industry… to find out what I like doing … the kind of cinema that I like being part of… the kind of people that I like doing work with… I think once you have that in place… you start feeling a little more confident about yourself…

Karan: You just said some wonderful things about Amisha Patel last time?
Lara Dutta: It’s all your fault

Karan: What did I do? I just used my good old friend… the liometer…you just kept the spilling the beans… Now of course… it’s long forgotten… you and Amisha don’t cross paths anymore
Lara Dutta: Actually, I did meet her at your birthday party… all this has to do with you

Karan: And what happened when you met her?
Lara Dutta: She was really sweet… really lovely … and you know something.

Karan: you felt terrible
Lara Dutta: I felt terrible after the show anyway… and I think immaturity and being caught up in the moment make you do a lot of things

Karan: But, it’s ok… it’s all part of the past….

Karan: Lara any problems with anybody at all… or things are fine?
Lara Dutta: No, things are fine…

Karan: Well, in the beginning there were… you know, you had your so-called war with Priyanka…
Lara Dutta: You know, I think the media needs a new bakra every couple of years… so, initially it was Sush and Ask and then it was Priyanka and me… and now it’s Sonam and Deepika…
Karan: Deepika… yes… Sonam and Deepika…

Karan: What happens Lara, in this industry when you get attached or you have rumors and controversies about you with leading men, which is not true. How does that place you?
Lara Dutta: You know what happens Karan… is that the media keeps falling for the same time-tested ploy, time and time again and every time there is a film releasing, the makers of the film or the publicists or whoever decide that it would be so exciting to spread these rumors that the two leading male and female stars are having a scene with each other and the media keeps falling for it again and again. All it does is, it garners publicity for a film. Once the film is out and done with, you’re linked to the next co-star you’re working with!

Karan: So by the end of it, you’ve been attached to everybody!
Lara Dutta: Exactly! I’ve been linked with Abhishek, with John… So how many times are you going to keep standing up and defending yourself. What irritates me a lot is if you’re linking me with someone who’s already a married man with children, what are you trying to do? You’re trying to light a fire in somebody’s marriage and your trying to break that up and that… I don’t like!

Karan: It becomes embarrassing!
Lara Dutta: It becomes embarrassing and more that that… when there is no need for something like that. This industry is as it is pretty murky, without getting it murkier. For the person sitting at home who is not part of the industry who is the wife or the husband or whatever, it’s just not fair!

Koffee With Karan Lara and Katrina

Pic : Lara Dutta and Katrina Kaif On Koffee With Karan 

Karan: Well, Katrina you have been very diplomatic… I have been doing some research… looking through your interviews… trying to look for something sensational…
Katrina Kaif: Nothing na…

Karan: Nothing… why are you like this…you are young, you are beautiful… you have to say rude and nasty things once in a while… come on say something… think of something rude to say…
Kaif: I think it is probably because I came here at a later stage… post people grew up here… I think there is a certain reservation about going ahead and criticizing people who have grown up here and been here all their life… let, may be 3 or 4 years pass and I will get really over confident and then start…

Karan: Start making headlines… suddenly we will see very dramatic answers
Katrina Kaif: Yaaaa

Karan: What both of you had strangely in common was… you Lara, though you are a hard core Punjabi… you had this whole western image… everyone thought that Lara Dutta is very westernized… but of course you are a true Indian girl with the Punjabi background… but, that never came to the fore…till very recently…
Lara Dutta: But, you know, I tried to get out of the stereotype from the very first film… when I did Andaz… I did it with as hard core a Hindi film Director you can get… Raj Kanwar, and the character that I played as well was very Punjabi… I did that with No Entry, where I played a suspicious Indian housewife… these are the roles that have been appreciated…

Karan: And you have had to combat that as well Katrina… because everyone said Anglo sized, westernized… now, you dub your own films…
Katrina Kaif: Ya… I think initially it was a nice way of putting it… there are certain people… when it comes to modeling… it’s easy… people just accept you… but, in films…there is a lot of…

Lara Dutta: But, I have to say… having worked with Katrina in Partner… she gives you this huge complex… I think she is really hard working… I think she knows the fact that may be coming into this industry … I think she is really dedicated… she knows this is where she wants to be… and she is going to go all out to get it… and I really admire that…

Karan: Hindi was totally not known to you…
Katrina Kaif:: Ya… it was pretty much alien… and then I started out with doing South movies…

Karan: Do you remember, any one funny line you had to say… that you couldn’t get in a South Indian film…
Katrina Kaif:: No… because I was pretty honest and straight forward… the dialogues would some time come at the end of the day and they would say, Madam, can you please learn these dialogues and come tomorrow for the shooting and I was like, No… don’t show that to me

Karan: So what did you do?
Katrina Kaif: I always learnt it… but I would learn it according to the shot…

Me all excited to catch up with this week’s Kofffee With Karan as it has my favorite actress Katrina Kaif in it. And if you too are eager to catch the episode then tune in to Koffee With Karan at 9pm, Sunday 5th August on Star One and Star World.

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  3. Comment by Michelle Singh


    I would like know where did Lara Dutta buy her shoes from that she wore on the show, Cofee with Karan.

    They are the most stunning shoes i’ve seen, I would love the name of the store even if it’s from overseas.

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