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Nisha Kothari Talks About RGV Ke Aag


Ram Gopal Verma surely does have fascination with his female heroines. First it was Urmila, then Antara Mali and now it is Nisha Kothari. After casting her in James, he gave her another film Shiva. Unfortunately both the movies bombed at the box office. Ramu  also provided her with a blink and you’ll  miss role in Sarkar. But now Ram Gopal Verma has provided Nisha Kothari a role of a life time in his next film, RGV Ke Aag. Providing Nisha Kothari the role of Basanti that Hema Malini has immortalised, surely Ram Gopal Verma has given Nisha Kothari a huge responsibility and a big chance too to establish her career. Only time will tell whether Nisha gets to even a shade closer to Hema Mailini’s performance from Sholay.

Here’s an interview of the confident Nisha Kothari as she speaks to Rajnee Gupta.

Q: How different is the character Ghungroo from the original Basanti?
A: Ghungroo is a totally versatile character and her facial expressions change with every scene. She is the tapori type who does not care about anyone and is highly impressed by superhero Rajnikant. She loves Laila, the autorickshaw that she drives and is addicted to bidis.

You can say that Basanti and Ghungroo have the same flavour, but their attitudes and looks are very different. The viewers will not say that my character is similar to Basanti.

Q: Do you feel Ghungroo will be as popular as Basanti?
A: That can be known only after the movie’s release. For example, Samba was a small character in Sholay but he has become immortal. I have done my best in Aag, now the viewers will decide.

Q: How was the experience of working with so many actors?
A: I have learnt a lot from all the actors in this film. It has helped me grow as a person.

Q: Any interesting incident on the sets that you can recall?
A: I have a bad memory, so I cannot recall any such incident.

Nisha Kothari

Q: Another film of yours, Go, is finally ready for release…
A: I know it has taken a long time, but I’m relieved that it is finally ready for release. I’m waiting eagerly for this film. I had started shooting for this film when I did James.

Q: Can you tell us a little about Go?
A: It’s a fun-filled romantic film of the 70s. I have been cast opposite newcomer Gautam. I cannot tell you anything else about this film since I have been asked not to divulge details.

Q: Why did it take so long to complete the film?
A: It is all depends on destiny. Some films take less time to complete, while others take a longer time. Actually, Ramu did not like a few sequences which had to re-shot.

Q: Do you want to work with any other film-maker besides Ram Gopal Varma?
A : I had got a lot of offers after my first film but I did not like them. I want to get things right. Unfortunately, I still have not got any role which really attracts me.

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