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Himesh Reshammiya On Koffee With Karan


This Sunday will see the Topi Master Himesh Reshammiya sipping coffee with Karan Johar on the show Koffee With Karan.

Himesh Reshammiya is rather ubiquitous since those Aashiq Banaya days. From songs to more songs to more songs his nasal tone can be heard reverbating out of every nukkad, every restaurant and every disco. And now he has donned the cap(yes another Topi) of an actor with his latest albeit pathetic Super Hit : Aap Ka Surroor.

So if you are famous then you’ve to be on the seat with Karan sipping Koffee, while Karan in his archetypal style will try and stir up some controversy and get to some rather tricky questions in the Rapid Fire Round. So how could Himesh elude sipping Koffee with Karan? So this week, Himesh Reshammiya and Karan are going to have some rather strong Koffee and stir up a rather hot converstion.

So here’s a brief preview into this Sunday’s Koffee With Karan and Himesh….

Here are excerpts from the chat with Himesh Reshammiya and Karan Johar.

Karan: Welcome to Koffee with Karan Himesh… how does it feel to be on the show?
Himesh: Superb!

Karan: Firstly, congratulations on the super success of your film… I know a large section of the industry was surprised… but were you expecting this kind of success?
I think… I just believed in God, destiny and somewhere I think everyone just prayed for me and that is something that worked for me

Karan: By everyone, you mean who, large sections of the industry were not praying for you…
Himesh: No, no… only that 1 %… people just felt that this can not happen, a singer not a very good looking guy…

Karan: As in, not conventional looking… not hero material?
Himesh: I think you are being nice to me… but, it was something that was unprecedented… when the film started, people did say, “paagal ho gaya hai”. I understand. But, when actually the film was declared a hit… then, people realized.

Karan: There were particular people, who were somehow targeting you… is there any one kind of person that you felt resentment towards?
Himesh: No… I really did not feel resentment towards anyone… because when you try something which is unprecedented… then people are going to… till you prove it… and when this film was releasing… and it was declared that is a hit… so many people called me and said, “very good”… congratulated me… and they said, that they felt it wouldn’t work… so, its just that I was doing something new… something different… and it takes a little time to accept something that is unconventional…

Karan: Have you heard that behind your back there might be other singers who might be making fun of you?
Himesh: Yes… of course why not… but, you know, when they meet me… kitne composers ke saath milne ka mauka milta hain… pehli baar… phir woh opinion badal jati dete hain…

Karan: But one thing is… you keep very quite about your wife… you don’t talk about her?
Himesh: Because she is a very simple girl…

Himesh Reshammiya on Koffee With Karan

Karan: It’s not that you feel that your image gets affected
Himesh: No, the first time that I was asked whether I was married… I said Yes

Karan: And you have a son?
Himesh: Ya… I have a son

Karan: What’s his name?
Himesh: His name is Swayam

Karan: What made you think that you can be a lead actor?
Himesh: When we used to travel for our shows… we really got a very good response from the audience… it was not a very conventional film… it was about this character who goes to Germany… it was a thriller… it was a very different kind of film… we just felt that we will definitely get an audience to watch and the music and the performances in the videos was really liked by a lot of people and Prashant, the Director, he really believed that…yes…

Karan: You were capable of it…
Himesh: Yes

Karan: But Himesh Reshamiya ko gussa kyun aata hain?
Himesh: Gussa tab aata tha

Karan: Maine aapko stage pe dekha tha… once on an award ceremony… you were very angry… when you went to receive the award… you were upset with people… what was making you so angry?
Himesh: Ahhh… Honestly, in the first year… all my songs were becoming huge hits… but somewhere woh criticism bina wajeh aa raha tha… yeh mujhe us waqt lagta tha… ab jab main … when I look back… I feel that they had a point… this film also has got so much of criticism from the critics… but, it has done well at the box office… so that 1 %, I really want to win them over

Karan: You want to win them over?
Himesh: Ya…

Karan: I am happy to know that your attitude is like… who cares what they say?
Himesh: No, who cares, kaise ho sakta hain… then it will be wrong

Karan: But you are aware that there are sections who might want to watch the film… only to laugh at you..,
Himesh: Ya… of course

Karan: You are aware of that?
Himesh: For the first time… when the film was launched… I did tell a lot of press guys also… that they will say, “ Himesh Reshamiya paagal ho gaya hai”… I know that…

Karan: So, you are not living in an island of your own
Himesh: I can’t… because if I do that … then I am jacked

Karan: Would at all say that… you wanted to win the class audience… in terms of the class film makers… because you worked with a lot mainstream people… but, the bigger banners eluded you?
Bigger banners… maine try kiya Karan… unko phone bhi kiye… maine apko kitne phone kiye… Please aap mujhe ek baar chance di jiye aapke film mein kaam karne ka… but, main yeh samajh raha tha.. main us waqt 30-35 films kar raha tha… toh woh jo teen chaar bahut hi top ke banners hain… jo bahut exclusive stuff karte hain… unke liye bahut odd tha mujhe lena… main ye samajh tha ta.. par phir bhi main apni taraf se koshish kar raha tha… jab waha pe mujhe nahi mauka mil tha tha… aur yaha par yeh log mujhe kaam de rahe the… to main unko kaise bhool sakta tha

Karan: You stood by those people
Himesh: Yes… 100% aur rahoonga… kyuni, woh log mujhe kaam de rahein hain… aur mujhe apna talent dikhane ka mauka inhi logo ne diya…

Karan: Correct
Himesh: Chote se chote makeron ka main bahut aabhari hoon… us waqt unhone meri believe ki… main jo kuch bhi aaj hoon…

Karan: It is because of them
Himesh: Yes…

Karan: But, do you feel that you want to get that class
Himesh: Always… that 1%

Karan: That 1% that you are not getting
Himesh: Yes… I want to and I will… aur mujhe pata nahi… aise lagta hain ki bhagwan sun lega aur woh 1% bhi mere saath aa jayega

Karan: Aap yahan aakar kafi smile kar rahe hain… but projection kyun hain ki… Himesh Reshamiya doesn’t smile… yeh apka khud ka projection hain ki… you made sure you are projected like this…
Himesh: Nahi… aise nahi hain… teen chaar cheezein main clear karna chahoonga… aisa nahi hain ki main hasta hi nahi hoon… ab main intensity wala aadmi hoon… to woh theek hain… main bahut zyaada nahi hasta hoon… par aisa nahi hain ki main hasta hi nahi hoon… aur kuch rumours mere saath jude huye hain… Jhalak Dikh Laja ke saath bhoot aaja na.. yeh kitni weird baat hain…

This conversation was just the tip of the iceberg. For the entire interview with Himesh Reshammiya catch Koffee With Karan at 9pm on Sunday, 29th July.

One answer which I am dying to know is : Himesh Topi Kyun Pehenta Hain? Will Himesh tell the reason for his wearing his cap? Guess Karan can do it for us. Let’s just wait and watch. Enjoy!

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