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Twinkle And Akshay Kumar Marriage In Trouble?


All Bollywood fans must be knowing Akshay Kumar as the casonava. Ofcourse who can forget his numerous trysts with actresses Shilpa Shetty and Raveena Tandon. Butafter getting married to the ever so gorgeous Twinkle Khanna, Akshay Kumar not only broke hearts of thousands of girls but also broke away from his casanova image. From the lady charmer he became wife charmer. His eyes were glued only to his pretty wife, Twinkle Khanna and no one else.

It’s been six years (one year shot of the seven year itch ) since their marriage and all seemed quite well. But according to a leading tabloid all’s not well in paradise. Apparently Akshay got into a fling with Priyanka Chopra who had just split from her boy friend Aseem Merchant. The affair turned Akshay-Twinkle relationship sour which finally ended when a fuming Twinkle reportedly slapped Akshay in the lobby of a hotel in Mumbai, and warned him not to sign any film with Priyanka. Reports say that currently Akshay Kumar has moved out to Mumbai’s Mariott Hotel.

   Is Everything Well In Paradise 

Akshay Kumar Twinkle Khanna Marriage In Trouble

Akshay Kumar : “It’s Not True. Just Rumors”

But this story hasn’t gone down well with Akshay and Twinkle who have slapped the concerned  tabloid with a legal notice.

Says a rather livid Akshay , “The article is a clear representation of careless and irresponsible journalism. The freedom of press comes with responsibilities, which seems to have been put aside to give way to shock value journalism”.

But why did he feel to react to the story if it was just a baseless rumour? “We have never reacted to what is written about us because we are happy in our own little world and have never felt the need to prove anything to anyone. But people are taking advantage of our silence to slander us and write things without an iota of truth, which we shall not accept anymore. Furthermore this has been done with a clear mandate to tarnish and damage our image”, explains Akshay.

“We are aware that we are public figures and accept and understand that we would be in constant public glare, but we definitely have an objection to baseless and incorrect stories based on a figment of imagination.”

So will he be taking any action against the newspaper? “A legal notice has been sent to the concerned publication and we will take them to court. A petition in this regard will also be filed in the court. We do not feel this article published warrants any comments from our side besides what has been listed above and therefore would leave it to our legal representation to handle.”, concludes Akshay.

According to the way Akshay Kumar has reacted it seems flowers are still blooming in Paradise.  As far as Akshay Kumar’s career is concerned he is riding at an all time high and we at, hope that his mariage life remains as blissful as his reel life.

So here’s three cheers to Twinkle and Akshay’s marriage and loads of blessings from our side  :)

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  1. Comment by rajender

    akshay &twinkle hav a good married life &i pray to good to main tain their marrierd life

  2. Comment by cabdala aadan

    all bro

  3. Comment by sanjay

    i wana to see Akshay Kumar will get Oscar

  4. Comment by neelammian

    i love AKSHAY AND HIS WIFE, i like all movies and song ,

  5. Comment by Simran

    I wish Aksay would have chosen some other girl to marry because Twinkle is so wierd and ugly when Akshay is so handsome!(NO DEFENSE)

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