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Naqaab A Blatant Copy of Dot The I


Are you among the few unlucky who watched Naqaab. If you loved Naqaab, then guess I cann’t do any much about it. I guess most of you hated the film. But, I’m sure how much ever you hated the film you might have applauded the twist towards the end and the rather stunning suspense. You must be wondering, how could these thoughts come from Indian writers. Surely the Naqaab story has an Hollywood feel to it. Then I must say, you are absolutely right.

Naqaab is nothing but a blatant copy of a suspense Hollywood thriller “Dot The I”. Watch this trailer of Dot The I and you shall realise the extent to which Naqab has been copied. If you have watched Naqaab you shall realise that scenes have merely been translated from Dot The I to Naqaab. What A Shame.

I will try and rent a copy of “Dot The I”  and see what exactly went wrong with Naqaab. Now when you  translate a hit film in another language then how can you make such a flop film. That’s two thumbs down to Abbas Mustaan.

Watch trailer of Dot The I : Bollywood Copying At It’s Best 

Video : Dot The I , The Original Naqaab

If you have not watched Naqaab, then here are the scenes that have been copied in Naqaab from the above trailer of Dot The I .

Scene No. 1 : At 20 sec.

Girl slaps man who tries to flirt with her

Scene No. 2:  From 34 sec. – 56sec.

The man’s entry in the hotel and their kissing together. Only in Naqaab they do not kiss. Desi ladki hain na, kya kare.

Oh my God, i can keep listing all the scenes. But the list is endless and me getting real bored. If you really want to watch Naqaab then first rent a dvd of Dot The I and then catch Naqaab in the theatre. Guess it will be fun to observe all the scenes which have been copied.

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  1. Comment by indya

    Good Analysis. Vote for this story at

  2. Comment by Pronoma R

    You’re absolutely right.
    Dot the I is a movie I really love, but when I saw Naqaab, I was stunned.
    It’s honestly a scene-by-scene copy.
    Dot the I was better directed, with better actors, and a better and more cohesive storyline.
    I reccommend the ORIGINAL to everyone who’s watched naqaab.
    Only then, seriously, you’ll see the difference in how the original is SO much better.

  3. Comment by anks

    Thank God! Finally someone sees the truth. I watched Dot the I in 2006, though released in 2005. What a direct take and complete lack of originality.

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