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Video : Bipasha Basu And Ronaldo Get Smoochy


Seems like Indian women have affinity towards the lips of foreign men or vice versa. The Shilpa Shetty – Richard Gere controversy had barely died down and here pops another kissing controversy. Replacing Richard Gere is star footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and Bipashu Basu takes Shilpa Shetty’s place.

Bipasha Basu was present at Lisbon for the announcement of The New Seven Wonders Of The World Ceremony, representing India’s Taj Mahal. Seems Taj Mahal’s entry into the new seven wonders got Bipasha all intoxicated with joy and the result was for all to see.

The post party at Lisbon after the Seven Wonders ceremony saw Bipasha Basu up close and personal with Portugese footballer Ronaldo. The two were caught on camera in a rather “compromising position”.

The Daily Star on Tuesday ran a front-page picture of Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, 22, kissing Bipasha, 28, in Lisbon where they’d gone for the Seven Wonders show recently.

The picture — titled Ronaldo Plays Away — was taken on stage when the two were naming Mexico’s Chichen Itza pyramid as one of the new Wonders.

According to the Daily Star, the two were spotted later in the evening at a party at the Belem Club getting physical with each other. Cristiano Ronaldo is reported to be in a relationship with glamour model Gemma Atkinson.

Another tabloid, Metro, ran a similar story and picture titled Are You Playing Away, Cristiano? The Mirror and The Sun have also carried the story with the same photograph.

Pictures : Bipasha Basu And Cristiano Ronaldo Kissing

Bipasha Ronaldo Kissing

Check out Bipasha – Ronaldo kissing pictures and kissing video.

Bipasha kiss

The ultimate kiss : Bipasha Ronaldo

Video : Bipasha Basu And Cristiano Ronaldo Kissing Scene

On being contacted on her cell phone, Bipasha Basu said: “Yes, it is me in the picture. It was taken at an opportune moment and has been taken out of context. Again, it looks like a case of irresponsible assumptions.”

Recently there was some news of a split between John and Bipasha, but the two washed away the news saying it was just the Bollywood rumors doing the rounds. But now with this kissing incident, I wonder what John has to say. Don’t worry John, there are many females awaiting with their arms open for you.

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  1. Comment by brother

    Okay, As I know her from bangalore, when she was dating Dino Moreo, she was quit impulsive socially when it came good male crowd. I remember her gagging in a party at bunch of my friends and finally made it with one of them. yes she went to bed with a insignificant friend of mine, in less than three hours through the party. Its okay.

  2. Comment by Rippy

    How someone could be so insensitive? Look at the chap (Beard one) in this Nautanki TV. He is not a bad actor….. Why you guys r humilating him… making his life miserable? So that u could earn more money?

    Arrey….. Ek toh voh halaat ka maara…. Uska mazaak uda ke why are u making his life tougher?

    God will punish u. May god make u a big flop (The person on the Director’s chair)in whatever thing he tries. AMEN.

    (Scared??? Ha HA HA… It will be true)

  3. Comment by burhan

    kissing pic

  4. Comment by Kumar

    I think let these adults do whatever they want to do, keeping in mind the social structuring and social sensibility. If Bips, Ronaldo and John do not have any problems lets not put words into their mouth.

  5. Comment by Farhaan


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  7. Comment by wahid

    i love all agloindian chiled why? it makes two country close

  8. Comment by Natasha

    Bipasha, dump John! You need a real man. Like Cristiano.

  9. Comment by expector

    If they were kissing then why wasn’t smooching scene (lip lock scene) photographed? Aren’t you fooling us

  10. Comment by C.Ronaldo Fan #1

    OMFG HOW THE HELL CAN SHE BE KISSING MY C.RONALDO!!!!!! omfg bipasha plz dont go out wiht him lol

  11. Comment by Vicky

    I’ve been on you tube and this story has been on for agesssss! Cristiano get a good looking woman!

  12. Comment by ema

    wooooooooooooooooow noooooooo away from him i will kild u if i found u be sure abut that

  13. Comment by lauren

    hiya bebo make the age be for 11 or 12 year old kk not just for over 13 kk its sillyu kk

  14. Comment by Maria


    This is a random question that is not related to the content of this site but I have to ask and I appreciate if you send me a reply. I want to know the name of the young guy with sunglasses who are posted here at the beginning of this website.

    Is he a model, where is he from, etc?

    Thanks veryu much for ur prompt reply



  15. Comment by Movie Tonic

    That’s Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan

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