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Bipasha Breaks Her Silence On The Ronaldo Kiss


Seems like Bipasha has suddenly got international fame. First she gets to represent India at the New Seven Wonders Of The World Ceremony and then she is caught kissing soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo at the post party celebrations.

Speaking about her meeting with soccer super star Cristiano Ronaldo, Bipasha says, “I was like a fan to begin with. But after we bonded, we just became two individuals bonding as buddies over an important international event. We’re pals now. If I ever have to see a football game, all I’ve to do is ask Cristiano,” she added.

Ironically Bipasha became a football fan ever since she met John. “I’ve been Cristiano’s fan for five years. I haven’t yet told John the details of my partying with Cristiano. I will as soon as he returns from his outdoors.”

Revealing the details, she said, “I felt like a princess. He gave me so many compliments. He danced with me throughout the night. There were 50,000 jealous women staring at us. I must’ve got so much Portuguese bud-dua (bad wishes) that night. The local girls wanted to murder me. Now he wants to e-mail me regularly.”

During dinner, Cristiano told Bipasha that he was a big fan of Bollywood. “I thought he was just trying to be sweet. I told him he didn’t have to say he liked Bollywood films just to please me.

Ronaldo Bipasha Smooooooch

“Cristiano fished out his cell phone and made me hear Tujhse naraaz nahin from Masoom . He said, ‘Now do you believe me?’”

Bipasha laughs about her interaction with the soccer star. “Though he looks older, Cristiano is very young, just a boy. Now I’ve told him, I’m only his fan on the field. Beyond the field he’s my friend.

Then, with real vehemence, Bipasha lashed out when she spoke about her kissing photograph, “For God’s sake, that photograph just cannot be taken seriously! Is that how newspapers define a lip-lock? I’m horrified. Suddenly, because of that photograph, I am internationally famous. But do I want fame at this cost?”

Her attention to the photograph was drawn by good friend and old flame Dino Morea, a netizen, who came across it and immediately called Bipasha over to see it on his computer. She is perhaps concerned what that photograph might do to further rock her relationship with Bollywood hunk John Abraham which is reportedly on turbulent waters.

But, is she denying that Ronaldo kissed her? “The photograph is not doctored, obviously somebody clicked us on a cellphone, but we were just dancing in a crowded disco. This is not a kiss! I cannot even say I was drunk and don’t know when and how this happened. Ronaldo had leaned over to say something in my ear, and the camera caught him at that inopportune moment, that’s what this is,” explained a disgusted Bipasha.

Then, getting on the offensive, she fired, “I don’t need to explain my behaviour. I’m a free-spirited person. But I’m not footloose. It takes me a long time to become close to anyone. I’m certainly not some giddy-headed teenager who would get so carried away in Ronaldo’s company that I’d kiss him in public. My business manager Tanuja and dress designer Rocky S were present, would I be that dumb? There are far more discreet and private places to do such things. Even if I was single, I would not get carried away at my first meeting with a 22-year-old boy, no matter how big a celebrity he is, to misbehave with him in public.”

Article Inputs : timesofindia 

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  1. Comment by prabhzz

    Bipasha wnts everyfing n nefing!!! As far every1 nos, ur still ****!!! Now wt does dt mke u??? A DIRTY DESPERATE! N Ronaldo is wayyyyyy 2 gud 4 u!!!!

  2. Comment by ASHREENA

    not a good image for an indian girl. come on i am not a john fan but he is by far better than christiano r. i am a fan of all the khan boys but i do not think i will kiss them like that. you are desperate for attention bipasha. if i were a producer i wont cast you in my production. not even to take the garbage out.


  3. Comment by liia

    i do not know what hapen ?! but i’m includ one of Cristiano’s fans. i’m sure it’s just taking have fun. and not seriously! i hope this is not repeted again BIPASHA!!! I DISLIKE YOU!

  4. Comment by fathu


  5. Comment by isha

    bipasha u already have some1 wonderful as John.. please leave cristiano for us young girls..

  6. Comment by sarah

    im not a fan of bipasha, but i strongly believe the interpretation by media of this particular photo is wrong and misleading…after all..isnt that their job?

  7. Comment by jus me

    eeer….. bipasha is so cheap…. infront of john whox this Cristiano…

    its good that if john neva go bek tu that cheap women

  8. Comment by nisba

    EREZ A GD COMMNT 4RU son of a biach

  9. Comment by Sophia

    urrrrrrrr bipasha ur diguatin but ronaldo is fit gt a life dnt go 4 him bitch……………ur depradoooooooo jus wana get closeE.G. IN BEDDDDDDDDD SKET UR DAD IZ A BASTARD UR MOM IZ A BIACH

  10. Comment by nabeela

    i cnt beleive u kisd bipasha u can do betta dan her she is nt ur type. hpe u regret it

  11. Comment by never u mind

    hey bipasha theres no other question cuz every1 nos ur a slag `u no u ronaldo u think ur gods gift well ur not u aint reallli fit and i saw how ugly u looked wen u were a child u no wat u need clearasil for ur spots :P :P:P:P:P

  12. Comment by IMRANALDO


  13. Comment by shy_girl

    Nice guy and a nice gal..let them enjoy..why u guys jealous…

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