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Bad News : Himesh To Reduce His Singing

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No I am not a Himesh fan, but me not suffering from Himeshophobia like many of my friends do. Some of his nasal songs are good but most of them pretty much suck. Ok, so if Himesh is absolutely inconsequential in my life then why am I saying that his not singing is bad news?

Himesh Reshammiya has decided to reduce his singing assignments and concentrate on his acting career and that is some real BAD NEWS :( . If you have watched Aap Ka Surroor and if you like Himesh’s acting in it, then please consider a mental check up. One of my friends who recommended the movie to me has gone under-ground fearing my wrath.

Aap Ka Surroor got a bumper opening, thanks to Himesh fans and the curiosity that was generated. The movie is on a way to become hit. And I guess , Himesh thinks he has become a star. Actually I always feared that Himesh would consider acting as a full time career, the way he did singing. Imagine if he starts acting in as many films as he is giving music to. :( I am already getting nightmares.

“I have got a lot of offers from different producers and I am considering this (acting) option at this stage,” Himesh said.

Asked whether it means goodbye to singing and music composition, he answered, “It is not a total goodbye. I am going to reduce my singing and music composition assignments. I will concentrate on acting now.”

“I have two films in mind with Himesh at this juncture,” Prashant says. “The first one will be a sequel to Aap Kaa Surroor. I still have to write the other.

We can understand Prashant’s desire to make films with Himesh coz he is Himesh’s childhood friend. But I sincerely pray to all other directors, producers, and whoever thinks of signing Himesh, to do a favor to mankind. Let him sing through his nose…but please no ACTING.

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  4. Comment by faiz

    LOLZ ur article is good, really good, and i must say i do agree wid u! THATS A BIG BAD NEWS!!!!!!!!!!! plz someone put a ban on Himesh’s acting! ghaney bardasht karliye, but abb movieeeee

  5. Comment by sweetsmile

    Someone will bump Himesh’s head along the way and say, HEY MAN!!! You should really continue your singing career, or you wont have that many fans anymore… Stick to your success, and dont go overboard… with acting…

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  7. Comment by rishabh

    please himesh start singing again & give big hits thanks

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