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Aap Ka Suroor Movie Review


Ohhhhhhh Huzzzzzooooooorrrrrr …. it’s time for Himesh to don the cap of an actor. With Aap Ka Surroor Himesh tries his hands at acting. The music director who brought nasal singing to the fore front will now play the lead role in Aap Ka Suroor. Mallika Sherawat and debutante Hansika Motwani form the beauty quotient of the film. So will Himesh be able to gain popularity as an actor as he has done as a music director?

Let’s see what the critics have to say about Aap Ka Surroor– The Movie. But whatever they say youmust appreciate the guts of Himesh Reshammiya to take on the big screen.

Rashmi Bansal : ” You have to applaud the guts of this guy. Who would ever let a guy with lips like used chappal rubber appear on screen, as a hero? Himesh does it.”

Movie Rating : 4/5 

Aparajita Ghosh : ” On the whole, ‘Aap Ka Surroor’ is worth a watch if you are a Reshammiya fan. The film’s story interweaves romance, mystery and thrills in a way that will appeal to the masses. “

Movie Rating : 2.5/5 

Gautam Chintamani : ” The film seems disjointed and it’s evident that the people behind it just wanted to cash on the Himesh wave. Why else would nicely photographed songs be separated by an inanity trying to masquerade as a script? “

Movie Rating : 2.5/5 

Aap Ka Surroor

Syed Firdaus Ashraf : ” If you are a Himesh fan, Aap Kaa Suroor is a must-watch. If not, avoid.”

Movie Rating : 3/5 

Taran Adarsh : ” On the whole, AAP KAA SURROOR has tremendous curiosity-value attached to it. And that, in turn, will ensure a fantastic opening for the film. Critics be damned, this one’s for the masses!”

Movie Rating : 3.5/5 

Rajeev Masand : ” All blame for this nonsense must be directed towards the screenplay which is cliched, unimaginative and amateurish to say the least.”

Movie Rating : 2/5 

 Sanjay Ram : ” All in all, walk in to the theatre an hour late and you have got yourself a good dose of entertainment.”

Movie Rating : 2.5/5 

Ashok Nayak : ” Overall, The movie is just gloss and emerges impractical at times. There is nothing special that marks its uniqueness as a real love story. It also fails to fulfill the promises of revealing the mystery behind the first Indian Rock star. “

Movie Rating : 1.5/5 

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  3. Comment by lucki

    This film is my soul

  4. Comment by santosh

    my name is santosh parte my mobile( no ) 9924241907

  5. Comment by monika

    your jodi hansika motwani ke saat achi se lagti hai.

    please mail karna.

    love you himesh


  6. Comment by kumar gaurav

    hi himesh this is ur first movie . i have been watch ur movie.u have been done very good job.

  7. Comment by DSUbhi

    I don’t find anything spacial in this film, besides that whatever would you expet more from so called HR ?? I love to see him as a director but singing & acting is something he should avoid or I’m afraid he has to face the music like Sonu Nigham, etc..

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  9. Comment by Manish

    Himesh Reshammiya, Thish is the best movie ever. AAP KAA SURROOR IS A HIT . Pls do e-mail me at Do you know that i can even sing from the nose just as you … Ohhhhhhh Huzzzzzooooooorrrrrr …. Tere Tere Tere Surroor. I love your film AAP KAA SURROOR. I have seen this film may be around 7000 or even 9000 times …

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