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Alka Yagnik Decides To Quit Star Voice of India


Amul Star Voice of India directed by Gajendra Singh( the master of Indian Reality Tv shows) is in some kind of trouble. Apparently Alka Yagnik, one among the five judges of Voice of India has decided to call it quits from the music talent hunt show.

Alka Yagnik says that her reason for quitting the show are the constant altercations on the show regarding views about the contestants performances on the stage. Alka feels that having such constant fights with fellow judges is not good for her image and has therefore
decided that she no longer wants to continue her association with Amul Star Voice of India.

Why the fight?

Sources say that, “Aadesh, Jatin and Lalit were of the opinion that singers today do not have the range of yesteryear’s maestros. This also mars music directors’ creativity. Alka and Abhijeet however were of the opinion that the music directors today do not have the talent that the people in the golden era had. This led to an unpleasant debate. Alka felt that the music directors were being unfair.”

Supposedly Aadesh Shrivastava was angry with Gajendra singh for calling Alka Yagnik as the melody queen.As he believed that no one other than Lata Mangeshkar should be referred to by that title.

An exasperated Alka says, “Unfortunate as it may be, I have decided to quit. There is too much heat there, the arguments and the noise only gets uglier. Everybody forever is trying to prove their point.”

Alka Yagnik

“I don’t want to name any particular name but I have really had it. Healthy arguments are welcome but I feel people should not have crossed the line. People have started disrespecting each other. The friendships I have maintained over years are more important than a TV show and some money. Koi majburi nahin hai. I was excited about grooming new talent but this is too distasteful. I’d rather save my relationship with people rather than witnessing so much chillum-chilli,” Alka adds.

How have the makers of the show taken to her decision to quit? She says, “I am quitting gracefully without any hard feelings. The makers are upset about it and have been requesting me not to do it but I must quit. In real life, I have been a fighter but this is something I can’t handle.”

The sweet and dignified Alka Yagnik was surely the jaan of Star Voice Of India and surely her fans are going to miss her absence on the show. “It’s unfortunate as we had some talented contestants, but I cannot judge participants at the cost of my dignity,” Alka says.

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  1. Comment by POONAM SHAH

    hello alka maam………….plz plz dont leave the show in between ……………..v all such a big fan of urs…rather then all that beediss n all

  2. Comment by Disha

    Well Ms yagnik has been obnoxious from the start not encouraging at all only with snob value. The focus has shifted from the real superstars the contestants …..
    The stars are there for a different purpose not for profiling themselves.
    shan is superb and by comparitive advantage he comes out as a great humanbing, artist and a compere as well and of course a mediator amongst the fighting panel.
    also he helps contestants to stay calm through such horrible demonstration of fury emotions and disregard for stage, performance and young aspirants ….

    Is this platform good enough for Lataji?

  3. Comment by ATIF

    ALKAA ….Demagh ko rekho HAlka , DOnt LEave the show Aise , BArdasht KAro dono Mr.A BAndroo ko ..(abhi,adesh)

  4. Comment by shumi doll

    alka, I think u made a wise decision to quit as the platform was being used more for squaring egos than judging budding artists

  5. Comment by Maurishka

    Its so bad…all male jury members are treating Alka Yagnik like early episodes also i have noticed that they all unite against Alkaji. She is the best of all judges..all other judges except Alka and Jatin should be removed from the show..

  6. Comment by szar

    initially i didnt like her attitude, and thought she was tough against the singers.
    But i feel she really lifted the show… and suddenly the show has lost its soul.
    seriously, her presence is required, because the show has lost its essence/ soul.

  7. Comment by Aliz

    Nice its Good. you should Not Work with such peoples. you are right your decisions about contestants was right but these people do not understand. But we “MISSSSSSS” u in show very much.

  8. Comment by Khanz

    hello. good ALKA you r right. your decesions about contestents was right. you should not work with them. they cant understand music. But we miss u in programe

  9. Comment by somia

    alka….u r a very good singer…no doubt!!!!but ur decision toward priyani vani have always been wrong and u shudnt fight with ur companion judges becoz they were right in the matter that sumitra…irfan and priyani have been geetting highest marks .then why shud they be listened again…..think about it…u were wrong in this matter!!!dont mind please

  10. Comment by Moiz

    First, Alka you made the right decision due to no buddy has the authority to disrepute a women. Secondly her judgment is very much scrutinized then others are sitting in a jury panel expect Jatin. Alka we all missing you a lot and your presence is require in the show.

  11. Comment by HARPREET

    hello poonam. hi its me harpreet from amritsar. hi i like to share something with u as friend or u say anything. the things which i am going 2 tell u , don’t think that i am lying or try to abuse any busy. i JUST WANA TO SAY 2 U THAT I DON’T NO HOW 2 SAY, BUT I CAN’T KEEP IT IN MY MIND FOREVER. SO I AM TELLING U THIS. KEEEEEE THAT IF ANY TIME U FEEL UR SELF LONELY OR HELPLESS ANY WHER IN UR LIFE THEN NEVER SHY I ALWAYS BE THERE FOR U. I KNOW UR TIME IS CHANGED NOW AND U BECOME STAR ALSO AND GOD NEVER BRING THAT TIME ON WHEN U FEEL LONE OR HELPLESS, BUT AS A FRIEND, ZINDAGI MEIN KABHI BHI ZARORAT HO TO MUJHE EK BAR YAD KAR KE DEKHNA, JA FIR EK BAR AJMAN KE DAKHNA, MAIN KABHI BHI PICHE NAHI HATOON GA. AGAR MUJHE CONTACT KARNA HO TO ZAN MERE MAIL ID PE KAR LENA JO HAIN or jan mujhe call kar lena 09855969922. its not fake , just try it once, i never led down u. mere kol jitna bhi hoga main sath dunga. luv u always bye poonam from harpreet

  12. Comment by HARPREET

    plz who is nearer 2 poonam, giv this message to her.

  13. Comment by alan

    I think abhijeet by himself is a lousy judge. Since Alka Yagnik is not with him he is going to ruin prithvi team and their talent. Last show, the way he gave points to Abhilasha, shows how incapable he is to do this without Alka Yagnik. Lalit and Aadesh are going to dissimate prithvi team. All Abhijeet does is listen what the other two have to say. He has no opinion of his own and again is a lousy judge. He is a great singer though.

  14. Comment by Shama

    Well I don’t want to criticise anybody but one thing must be noticed that as MOHD Rafi was a very good singer but still few people like mukesh instead.So like that every judge in STAR VOICE OF INDIA has his/her own choice. I think there should not be any team and there should be a unanimous decision.

  15. Comment by SANJAY

    five panch parmeshwar are like five fingures, svoi is incomplete without any of them. I HAVENT SEEN SUCH A BEAUTIFUL REALILTY SHOW IN MY LIFE BEFORE

  16. Comment by Sunil

    No big deal. Alka Yagnik, like most other Indian femal singers has a very squeaky voice and lets get it straight; she isnt the best. She is probably best of the lot but i see so many female singers with much better voice quality. Am glad we live in an era where a handful of singers dont rule the industry (like Lata and Asha did for almost 3 decades;)
    In any case, like some of the readers who have already posted before, Alka has always been the “unfair” judge. There were quite a few obvious incidents when the contestants’ performances were simply superb and she went on to give stupid discouraging comments with even more stupid points (priyani vani, aabhas on one ocassion and Mirande on another).
    This lady’s ego is as bloated as her cheeks and it would save Gajendra (and all of us) a lot of trouble if she voluntarily steps out of this phenomenal show.

  17. Comment by Jigya

    Hello Alkaji,


    It was not good on that episode what has happened. It looked like a pre planned drama don’nt take it otherwise, it may be a coincident but to me it look like that. Actually i live in Canada and i regulary watch SVI, i knew that you had a live programme in canada on 29th and befor that you create such a drama that you are going to leave the programme, in reallity you actualy want to come to canada becz of ur concert. than suddenely after your program is ovr u came bace. it really pathatic if it so. it may be a coincident but i don’t agree. you could have told clearely that i hav a programme.

  18. Comment by mohsin

    i want to say only that abhilasha is a good singer.and she should be able to make a voice of india but also she is the voice of whole world.abhilasha best of luck.

  19. Comment by J


    I think Alka did the right thing by not taking up the rude behavior from Aadesh. I commend her for that. I wonder why Alisha takes shit from Javed Akhtar and Anu Malik on Indian Idol show. On a related note, I have released a clean and very usable fan site for the show at http://StarVoiceOfIndiaShow.Com


  20. Comment by Md. Kabir Hossain

    pls provide me all the mentors email id so that i can contact with them personally for my voice guidence from BANGLADESH.I am a singer from Bangladesh. I have some problem in my voice delivery during songs.So i need specially the guidence of all mentors.Also i need the email id’s of ongoing participants of VOI.Pls provide as i am very far from INDIA.pls also provide me the email id of alkajee specially.

  21. Comment by p

    iam very upset that toshib is out of voi & all the good singers were in danger zone .I think public voting should be canceller or it should be 75-25 .judges should get 75%powre and pulic 25 .

  22. Comment by manisha

    hi alkaji mein manisha aap ke singing mein jadoo hain mein bhi ek good singer bannain ki khawish dekh rahi hoo lakin koi relity show tak nahi ja pa rahi hoo because i belongs to a middiel class faimly iska koi bhi tareeka ho to mujhe is no. 2482133 per plese call kariyaaga

  23. Comment by deepak

    hi ALKA ji kaise hai aap? Main Bahoot Khus Ki app woh Show[Star Voice Of India] MEin Aagai Hai.MAin Aap KA BAhoot Badi Fan Hoon.Appka Har Gana Mujhe Achha LAgta Hai

  24. Comment by Abiha Fatima


  25. Comment by aamir

    heloo me pakistan se hoo mera app sab ko salam me mubarik baad deta hoon app ko indya ke alwa app ke program ne tehlka machaya hoowa hee qasaam see

  26. Pingback by Video : Shabana Azmi Reunites Jatin and Lalit On Amul Star Voice Of India

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  27. Comment by UMAIR.

    Hi ALKA g Its UMAIR KHAN and i m SOUND OPRATER in PAKISTAN and i m at number bus yahi kahonga u r the GREAT and meri khuaahish ha k ap k sath program karon let’s see agar naseeb mien hoa to zaror kariengay inshallah thx. u r always GREEAAAAAAAAT. plz VOI mat choriyega or meri persnoly khuaahish ye ha k ABHILASHA or SUMITRA ye dono best hien meri nazar mien in se ahva koi nahi ha poray VOI me i thing so.thx tc.


    my NUMBER is 03008284459.pakistan aaien to plz contect me and ISHTIAQ bhai is my Senior i m student of ISHTIAQ bhai from SHADAB SOUND in pakistan SOUND MASTER.ap or abhijeet g jab yahan aay thay to mien pakistan mien nahi tha warna zaror milta ap dono se ok thx.

  29. Comment by nudma

    yes i must say that sunil is right that alka ji is very selective about contestants. i am regular viewer of voice of india and i feel that she is extraordinarily pampering abhilasha.this is unfair to other participants.i think mirande has got the most unique voice quality but coz alka ji doesnt like her voice as much as abhilasha so she didnt give her extraordinary remarks.abhijit is very appreciating in this regard.nudma from pakistan

  30. Comment by Nawazish Ali

    Alka Yagnik, like most other Indian femal singers has a very squeaky voice and lets get it straight; she isnt the best. She is probably best of the lot but i see so many female singers with much better voice quality. Am glad we live in an era where a handful of singers dont rule the industry (like Lata and Asha did for almost 3 decades;)
    i want to say only that abhilasha is a good singer.and she should be able to make a voice of india but also she is the voice of whole world.abhilasha best of luck.
    Last show she go back home we r very heart.she going in best of four then we no heart but she go back home in best of seven we r not glade Plz, Don;t mind three r going (arfan, abbhas,& piyani)no anyway back VOI,very bad with abbilasha.we wishes alwayas abbilashs.she is great singer in futher (WITH BEST WISHES)
    nawazish ali nawazish
    P A K I S T A N.

  31. Comment by ROSHNI LEGHARI


  32. Comment by tia

    alkaa i convince ur comments.u make a right descission.but on the other hand i think adesh and jatin are right in their think positively.

  33. Comment by sakshi

    i am with u and i think it is good for you to leave star voice of india but you donot leave the program in between .it is your personal in the music but you donot show in the program.

  34. Comment by ali

    hi alka gee main ap ka bohat bara fan hoon. kumar sanu or app k doit gany bohat achy hain.

  35. Comment by Lakshmi Gaur

    Alkaji, I watched the shows a year later, but felt you were the pillar of that show with kind demeanor. You were so nurturing to contestants and truly helped them grow, I especially touched the way in one show you described the plight of the two girls, Priyani and Abhilasha. I liked the way you stood up for the girls and expressed your displeasure in eliminating the girls with regularity. I think you should have quit the day Abhilasha lost her bid. I don’t think that show was meant for women (too much ego on display!). Good luck to you with whatever you do.

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