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Video : Cash Action Trailer


 I do not know what kind of fetish these Indiian film makers have developed towards diamonds. If any robbery is to be made in the film then the target is DIAMONDS. Are there no other valuables to rob? Check out some latest films, Awara Pagal Deewana, Fool N Final, Super. In all these movies the heroes are after diamonds only.

Maybe these protagonists have been influenced by the Sangini diamonds catchline : Heera Hai Sada Ke Liye. Or is it some kind of superstitious these producers have developed that if their heroes rob diamonds then their movies will become hit.  Director Ahmed Khan has seen to it that all such superstitions are washed away. His latest release Fool N Final where all the characters are after diamonds, was a complete washout at the box office.

Ok let me not endanger my grey cells too much  by thinking too much about the sudden attraction towards diamonds. The point is that Anubhav Sinha who gave us the high on style but low on story Dus is soon to release his next film Cash. And if the story is anything to go by, it will be yet another movie revolving around diamonds.

The promos of Cash have been doing rounds of music channels and if the background music is anything to go by then Vishal Shekar have another hit soundtrack to boast of. Cash promises to be a high octane action movie and thje promos reveal that the movie has got style. But I hope that Cash unlike Dus will be high on content as well.

Check out this action promo of Cash where Ritesh Deshmukh and Ajay Devygan do some hair defying stunts.  Adlabs has announced the worldwide release of Anubhav Sinha’s CASH on July 27, 2007. So watch out for Cash……..

Till then check out this high action trailer from Cash 

Video : Action Trailer of Anubhav Sinha’s Cash

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