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Video : All The Entertainment at IIFA Awards


I hate film awards. I detest them. No I am not Aamir Khan. But yes, I do support Aamir’s views and feel awards are biased and nothing but some crap function to conglomerate all Bollywood celebs in their spankiest designer costumes at a popular venue. The fact that further reduces the shine out of these award functions are there are about 8546 award functions or so every year. That might well be a hyperbole statement. But there is quite some probability that this random number i typed on my keyboard could well be true.

The only reason that I do catch these award functions are to catch some good performances and yes to have a glimpse of which Bollywood couples are going out with each other.

The IIFA awards ( recorded) was shown on Star Plus and here are some highlight videos from that function. But mind you the nominations were totally F*** All. Dhoom 2 gets nominated for Best Story. What the hell!!!!!

Check out IIFA Award videos only on

Video : The IIFA Awards Curtain Raiser # 1

Video : IIFA Awards Video Curtain Raiser #2

Enough of the curtain raiser now lets see the actual action at the IIFA Awards

Video : Akshay Kumar and RDB’s Punjabi Performance at IIFA Awards

Akshay Kumar was simply fantastic at IIFA Awards. His all out Punjabi performance won him cheers and huge applause from the audience.

Video : Salman and Govinda’s IIFA Awards Performance

Salman and Govinda enthralled the audience first with their Salaam-E- Ishq dance and then the Partner soong. If the chemistry of Salman and Govinda at IIFA Awards is anything to go by then surely Partner is one movie to watch out for.


Video : Abhishek Bachchan’s Dance Performance at IIFA Awards

Check out Abhishek Bachcan dance and the crowd cheering alonside. He starts with the track Ae Ganpat Baja Na from Apna Sapna Money Money and then the performance picks up momentum with the Jhoom Barabar Jhoom song sequence. He may not be a dancer but must say small B has got his own style. The best thing I liked was Aishwarya Rai loooking and dancing with Abhishek in the audience. Marriage seems to have added a glow to Mr. Aishwarya’s face. Surely the Ash-Abhi jodi rocks.

Wait for the end when Amitabh joins his son Abhishek on the stage to create magic on the stage.




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