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Shilpa and Shamita Shetty on Koffee With Karan


From a forgotten actress to the most sought about actress in Bollywood, Shilpa Shetty’s life certainly has turned a full 360 degrees. With Big Brother this year, Shilpa Shetty well made a mark on the global arena. And to top it her recent release “Life In A Metro” got her rave reviews. So it’s all hunky dory in the Shetty household.

This week Shilpa Shetty will be seen chatting with Karan Johar on the sets of Koffee With Karan. She will be joined by her actress sister Shamita Shetty and her mom, Sunanda Shetty.

Here is an excerpt from this coming Sunday’s Show of Koffee With Karan. Do tune in on Star One/ Star World at 9.00 pm on 3rd June to catch the entire interview of the Shetty sisters.

Karan: Ok, how does it feel to be on the show… I know I am giving too much importance to myself by asking you this question, but how does it feel?

Shilpa: It feels weird

Karan: Weird? That’s a first… why would you feel weird?

Shilpa: Its feels weird because you know we have known each other as friends and you can get away with a lot… but, I really don’t know… the feelings are mixed …

Karan: But, it’s such a sweet innocent, almost like harmless show… So, why should you feel weird?

Shilpa: Am I still on Koffee with Karan?… (laughs)

Shilpa Shett on koffee With Karan

Karan: What was the worst thing Jade Goody said to you…

Shilpa: I think behind my back… most of the things were said… that’s the reason, it created the furor it did… it became this whole international incident … I think we as a race … Indians, are pretty tolerant… we tend to forgive and forget more easily… and that’s exactly what I did… I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and even after those fights I just wanted to move on… because I was like, this is just a show and I am going to go back home and honestly Karan, I took up the show because, I didn’t think I would last that long … I told Anurag, I left Metro and I told him, listen this is a great opportunity, they have told an Indian to be on the show, Main jaaongi, bahut saara paise bhi de rahe hain, aur mujhe kya karna hain.. I just have to be myself… So, I am just going to have a good time and come back… and I said keep the shoot after two weeks, I will be out in 2 weeks … (laughs)

Karan: (laughs) So you never thought that you would ever ever win?

Shilpa: Not in my life … it was a dream …

Karan: What about Jade Goody… had you heard of her?

Shilpa: No, I hadn’t heard of her

Karan: Neither have I

Shilpa: Ya … people in the UK know her …

Karan: Have you been in touch with her… have you had any kind of interaction with her?

Shilpa: No …

Karan: Not at all

Shilpa: No… not as yet

Karan: But, tell me, how did it feel when Shilpa went through all if this… you back home… you and dad… and mum

Shamita: When we were not in touch with her?

Karan: Ya … because you know, she didn’t know what was happening in there? But, all of you did?

Shamita: None of us knew what was happening… in fact, when the press wanted us to comment… we actually kept away from the press for some time … because we didn’t want to make any comments till we saw actually what was happening …

Karan: Were you at all disturbed when everything was happening inside the house… there was so much being said

Sunanda: I think she is a very brave child and she did handle the entire situation with a lot of dignity… I was happy that she could walk out whenever she wanted to … since she stuck around … we knew she was in a position to cope…

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