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Goal Movie Preview


Goal is directed by director Vivek Agnihotri (whose debut venture Chocolate bombed at the box office) and is produced by UTV Motion Pictures. The music for goal is given by Pritam.

Goal Star Cast

John Abraham, Priyanka Chopra, Anil Kapoor, Naveen Andrews, Bipasha Basu, Arshad Warsi, Raj Zutshi, Dibyendu Bhattacharya and Kushal Punjabi.

Goal Movie Preview

Get Set GOAL is a story of that great optimistic trait – hope. The characters in this drama fight the battle of hope through relationships, pride and their dreams.

Southall United is a football club going through a major crisis. The team has no stars, no sponsors, no spectators and most importantly, no coach. Yet, it nurtures the hope that is will win the cup this time.

The head of the city council, Anne, collaborates with Johnny Patel, a sports commentator, to acquire a large tract of land that is with this club. Together, they highlight the club’s lackluster performance and threaten to have the land taken from them, unless things change. Their biggest hope? That the team will lose, yet again.

John Bips in Goal

Sir Devi Dayal Dhariwal, owner of the club, hopes to save the land from the greed of Anne and Johnny Patel.

Hanif, the captain of Southall United, hopes to win by playing the last card the club has. He brings in a celebrated ex-player to coach them.

And then, there is Sunny Bhasin (John Abraham) who hopes to become a member of a top team and play first division football – a dream every aspiring British footballer yearns for.

Will the coach manage to pull his team together? How does Sunny become a part of this team? And most importantly, will the club win the title and retain the ground?

Get Set GOAL is a contemporary story of the Asian community in UK told through the dynamic prism of professional football.

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  1. Comment by amu

    nice movie…!!!.. besides dat cud anybody pls help me gettin a closer view of john’s neckband dat he wore thruout the movie?? wana get one just lyk dat… plssssssssssssssss

  2. Comment by dx

    orkut . com

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