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Karan Has Koffee With John and Bipasha


If last week’s guest was the ever so controversial Rakhi Sawant. Then this week Karan Johar has roped in the hottest Bollywood couple Bipasha Basu and John Abraham to have coffee with him on the sets of Koffee with Karan.

And here are some excerpts from the chat show with Karan Johar that will make the coffee even more hotter.

Karan: Tell me this sex symbol tag you are fed up of or you love it still?

Bipasha Basu: Well I always say it, I hope I remain sexy till the age of 100 if I live that long. I love living. I love a life. There a lot of people who say that I want to die young you know why to live old I like every aspect of life that is like every year I enjoy it a little more. So I want to be sexy at 100. I want to be a sexy grandmother.

Karan Johar: Well that’s a wonderful approach to have .. Dhoom of course is know for the very sexy Bipasha Basu … everyone all over the world just said how hot you looked In the film….

Bipasha Basu: I am very happy with Dhoom 2 .. Its done me good …I really worked hard for it ..I really had to work hard for it .. and especially that bikini .. you really have to slog it out .. Eat less ..

Karan Johar: You almost became like your boy friend when you shot for that scene.. Well you looked superb and that’s what matters…

Karan Johar: We were talking about how hot she looked In Dhoom… what do you have to say about it?

John Abraham: She was superb. She looked beautiful…and a special mention about the way she carried the bikini shot off…I don’t think many people can do that and still u know.. It could look worse or classy but I think she was in amazing shape because of all my training…

Bipasha Basu: Don’t lie on television…

Karan Johar : But when you have such a hot girlfriend.. and like all kinds of people compliment her… think she’s so sexy… has it ever bothered you? Any kind of like irritation at times?

Koffee With Karan with John and Bipasha

John Abraham: Well I think Its great.. Its a compliment… ya… and she’s got such long legs…

Karan Johar: So she can defend herself… and what about you Bipasha…women think of all kinds of obscene things when they think of him… does that bother you?

Bipasha Basu: I think its the business that we are in and the kind of personalities that we are.. and the kind of image that we keep… I think if that is not the reaction then there is something wrong…. I look at it very intelligently… the reason we are together was because at one point of time we must have found each other really attractive…that’s why we firstly must’ve got hitched…It doesn’t bother me.. I pretty think of myself very highly…The reason we are together was because at one point of time we must have found each other really attractive…

Karan Johar: I like that….that’s very important..

Bipasha Basu: Ya.. There could be other women but there’s no one like me

Karan Johar: And you agree with her John?

John Abraham: She’s the original

Karan Johar: And everyone else is a copy?

John Abraham: No.. not really but she’s the original…

Karan Johar: What about marriage? Is it a step ahead or is it something you are not giving any thought to?

Bipasha Basu: The kind of family background that I come from its very important. It’s the most important institution. My parents are the most romantic people that you will ever find. So marriage is definitely very important but at this point of time I think I’m very young… maybe some few years… My parents are the most romantic people that you will ever find.

John Abraham: Ya… Just work right now…

Karan Johar: Ok so John having fun… Enjoying your work … loving Salman as well………?

John Abraham: Kya bolu abhi

Karan Johar: Bolo na

John Abraham
: I don’t know

Karan Johar: What happened?

John Abraham: If you ask me today also what the problem is, honestly, I don’t know, but it’s unfortunate that there is a problem.. And if things get ok.. It will be nice

Karan Johar: But what went wrong… you don’t know

John Abraham: Honestly… I don’t know… I ask her the same question every day.

Karan Johar: There is a problem

John Abraham: But when we figure out… I will let you know.

Karan Johar: Has there been a very awkward moment very recently?

John Abraham: Not really

Karan Johar: You just look right through each other…

John Abraham: Ahhh …I think I used to say hello… but he is kind of upset with me… He is a senior…so I don’t get into the way of things… it’s important that I understand that I have come here to do work. I have not come here to make enemies. I don’t want to get into the middle of any controversies.

Be sure to  watch how they score on Karan’s exciting compatibility test when quizzed about each other’s likes, dislikes, tastes and preferences. Also the rapid fire round is going to raise up many a controversy. So do catch this episode of Koffee With Karan at 9 pm on 6th May. You will not be disappointed.

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