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Pics : Ash Abhi Off For Their Honeymoon


Here are some pictures of Aishwarya and Abhishek Bachchan’s plane journey after their Tirupati visit. The newly married celebrity couple visited the temple on April 22, two days after their wedding. Abhishek and Aishwarya were joined by dad Amitabh Bachchan, mom Jaya Bachchan and close friend Anil Ambani on their visit tothe Tirupati temple seeking blessings of Lord Balaji. Aishwarya and Abhishek immediately flew to France from Tirupati to celebrate their HoneyMoon.

Pics : Abhishek Aishwarya Plane Journey

An inside view of Anil Ambani’s Private Jet which was decorated specially for the star couple

Ash-Abhi Plane Photo

Ash and Abhi pose with the pilots before take off.

Abhi-Ash Plane Photo


Ash and Abhi accompanied by their good friend Tina Ambani.


Ash-Abhi Honeymoon Journey Photo

Ash and Abhi say cheese with the pilots inside the jet.


Ash-Abhi Honeymoon Journey Photo

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  2. Comment by navven

    hi missed ash darling

  3. Comment by rakhi

    I think amitabh made a very wrong decision by accepting ash as his daughter in law. cant he see what a dity woman she is? she uses men to her advantage…what she did with salman and vivek…she is not at all dignified and belongs to a low grade family. what is the Rai family after all???ash got her name by stooping very low in front of many people. Mr. bachchan got greedy by her fame. but he should have gone for the character of a lady whom he selects as his daughter in law. Rani belongs to such a high family with a lot of status . it is a well known family in Calcutta….Jaya is from the same city. what was wrong with her??? such a nice girl she is!!! ash also saw to it she doesn’t get invited…!!! My god ! such a feeling of insecurity!!and such a mean and narrow minded person!!! it all the more reinforces her low class background. b ut ash shouldn’t compare every girl with herself or her cheap character. we all know why she married abhishek…such a nice and innocent boy!!!she is on a prowl to catch these innocent men aand use their fame and wealth and of course other things for her use!!!anyway I hope abhishek remains healthy and well and no harm comes to the family after this manglil entered the family on april 20.

  4. Comment by SEJAL

    ash and abhi look great together.wish they would have a marvellous life ahead

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