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Kya Love Story Hai Movie Review


Tusshar Kapoor desperately needs a solo -hit to prove his worth. Ayesha Takia is high on confidence after her award winning performance in Dor. Director Lovely Singh has to prove his worth with his debut film. All these stars will surely be praying that Kya Love Story Hai becomes a huge hit. So let’s see whether the critics feel that the movie is set to become a hit…

Ashok Nayak — “ Kya Love Story Hai, demands for patience and a strong mind to hold on to seats till end. It’s just a sheer waste of time and money.

Movie Rating – 1.5/5 

Taran Adarsh — ” Lovely Singh’s direction is mediocre, but the culprit is the screenplay. A thin storyline has been stretched needlessly for no reason.

Movie Rating – 1/5 

Meetu — ” The choreography, gives me the confidence to make another attempt at dancing. It’s all pretty mechanical, after all.

Movie Rating -0/5 

Kya Love Story Hai


Tanveer Bookwala — “Indian cinema is coming of age and this regressive piece of story-telling is definitely not ‘rocking.’To sum it up, Kya Love Story Hai Is a recycled, redundant tale not likely to find many takers at the Box Office.

Movie Rating – 1/5 

Nikhil Kumar — ” ‘Kya Love Story Hai’ reeks of everything that is stale. An old wine stirred in a new bottle may become more potent, but an old and beaten-to-death story rehashed and recycled only make a movie painful to watch.”

Movie Rating – 1/5 

Vaibhav Wankhede — “With a name like Lovely Singh, you don’t expect great directorial  skills and that’s what you get.

Movie Rating – 1/5 

Sanjay Ram — ” The film is well shot; however, the spunk of a love story is missing. This is mostly due to the script and the rest, due to the mediocre performances of the actors.

Movie Rating – 1.5/5 

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