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Ash Abhi Ki Kahani Munna Circuit Ki Jubani


The Aishwarya Rai and Abhiashek Bachchan is round the corner. Bhavna Chopra writes a rather funny article about the Aishwarya – Abhishek story by using Munna and Circuit as her means for narration.

Munnabhai: Circuit.. to tell you the truth I have heard of Romeo Juliet, Heer Ranjha, Soni Mahival but who the hell are Abhi Ash ?

Circuit : What Bhai you don’t know about Abhi-Ash? .. akhaa Mumbai mei shaadi ka dhol beating, celebrities fighting to be invited to their grand wedding and you now asking Who Abhi-Ash? ..

Munnabhai : So .. what’s the big deal you can still tell me ..

Circuit : hmmm.. looks like I got to tell you the full isstory from scratch … Ok there was this very beautiphool blue eyed girl.. who eventually became Miss world.. The day she stepped into apna good old Bollywood, from then on every fan’s heart, sorry man’s heart she started ruling! Her phirst movie was with Sunny paaji’s small brother Bobby Deol.. all that Dole-shole …

Munnabhai : Aur Pyar ho gaya??

Circuit: Nahi Bhai…not with him but 2-3 films later she did a film with apna Style Bhai Salman Khan, aur usko dekh kar tab wo boli ‘Hum Dil De chukke Sanam‘ While they were dating, Salman was on saatvaa asmaan (seventh heaven) and everywhere he was heard saying “Maine pyar kiya” , Pyar kiya toh darna kya, Jab pyar kissi se hota Hai, toh kuch kuch hota hai and what not, but jaise hi break up happening, he was heard crying ‘Main pyaar KYUN kiya”.

Munnabhai : Circuit I tell you .. Just like the word ‘Love’ is so short, bole toh …’Dhai akshar prem ke” similar to the word is the duration of all love stories..

Circuit – No bhai…here there is kahaani mein twist .. you toh know our sallu Saajan is a real Baaghi and him thinking of Ash- Bhabi as a ‘Sanam Bewafaa”, he created full on drama…from getting volatile to violent …But still Ash survived

Munnabhai: hmm ladki mei Josh hai

Circuit : Moving ahead .. we get to see Aishwarya’s unimaginable rise and sky soaring popularity ..and there poor sallu kept on saying Tumko Na Bhool Paayenge.. but finally he has again got Lucky in Love ..with another gorgeous lady ..

Munnabhai : chal good I like happy ending but circuit tu bahut off track jaata hai so come back to Ash’s story and tell me where is abhi? When will he come in the picture.

Circuit : arre bhai ‘abhi’ abhi tak scene mei aaya nahi hai .. bole toh Ash ne akhi industry ko Devdas banaya hai ..aur isi liye ‘philum magajeans’ usko Mistress of spice maanti hai.. You heard of RGV’s film Company, in that film who accompanied ajay devgun ?

Munnabhai : Vivek Oberoi.. maan na padega, the guy showed some Dum

Circuit : But that mamu instead of being an action hero became Kisna. During Ash’s break up with Salman, she used his shoulder to cry on, and they became good friends.. Looking at this our Pyaare Mohan ditched his long term Saathiya, Gurpreet-ey (gurpreet Gill) and started boasting in the industry ‘kyun Ho gaya na…” as if trying to say he is the one… but in arrogance had a good fall

Munnabhai : bole toh even I seriously did not like his media stunt ..

Circuit : bhai ab jaisi karni waisi bharni the guy after all got dumped by our smart little Miss Rai…Today to explain Vivek Oberoi’s condition, I have no shabd, coz our Umrao Jaan wasn’t being deliberately prejudiced but was actually planning to be the bride of dashing Yuva Abhishek Bachchan, which caused his heartbreak.

Munnabhai: what are you saying …aby baby yaani apna Bunty ? wow that guy with his Dus bahaane has actually created Dhoom par uska Karisma Kapoor ke saath kuch chemical locha ho gaya tha na …

Circuit : yeah their wedding was called off at the last minute but why.. even me not knowing … par bhai karisma abhishek ki life mei bas ek fiza thi ..where he got to say haan maine bhi pyar kiya but Ash managed to cross his heart’s LOC and that is when he started warning his friends and everybody ‘kuch na kaho

Munnabhai : And what about Babli, Rani mukherjee uske saath bhi toh apna bluffmaster chori chori love game khel raha tha ..

Circuit : nahi bhai ..Rani ko abhishek ne kabhi ‘aati hai kya khandaala’ nahi bola … to her he said Mujh se dosti karogee ..inn dono hum tum ka Bas itna sa Khwaab hai.. ki yeh industry ke top actors ban jaaye .. rest is all Black and full on Paheli…

Coming back to abhi-Ash topic .. ab dono shaadi kar rele hai ..their wedding is going to be as good as Dhoom 2 …itna hi nahi bhai, both Abhi Ash have become like Bollywood Branjelina.. bole toh India ke love Guru ban gaye hai.. har kissi ki nazar hai dono par .. all eyes focused on them ..from mehndi to costumes .. venue to invitees, food to parties, everything they do is making news .. pehle bahut Provoke kiya media ko bhai .. kuch nahi bataate the ..Ab saath smile bhi karte hai toh headline ban jaata hai ..

Munnabhai : sahi hai bappu .. apni Rani Laxmibai aur Chotte Sarkaar kii shaadi mei apun pan jaayega .. kya love isstory hai …

Circuit : Kabhi alvida na kehna ..

Munnabhai : what ??????

Circuit : matlab be continued ..lets see what will happen in their wedding .. suna hai Karan Johar is choreographing all the naach gaana.. bahut mazaa aayega

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