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Bheja Fry Review by Movie Tonic


Sagar Ballary’s directorial debut Bheja Fry releases in theatres this week. With a bunch of talented actors like Rajat Kapoor, Vinay Pathak and Sarika to support, I was expecting to have a simple clean comedy akin to Khosla Ka Ghosla. So how does Bheja Fry fare? Did it live upto my expectations and make me laugh loud or did it end up frying my Bheja! Read on to know.

Bheja Fry Movie Story — The story is supposed to be adapted from a French film, which I have never seen nor heard of. So I cannot say to what extent the movie is copied. But whoever has written the story, must say it is a very novel , creative and a simple one. A bunch of rich businessman gather every Friday to have some uninhibited fun. And they have fun at the expense of an idiot. Yes IDIOT. Every Friday one of them has to get one idiot along with them to have dinner. And the idiot serves the purpose of providing fun to them and helps them relieve their stress. Rajat Kapoor fancies these Friday meets and this Friday he decides to get along with him Mr. Bharat Bhushan( Vinay Pathak) who springs out to sing everytime he gets an opportunity to do so. Infact you can say that he creates those opportunities. Sarika plays the role of Rajat Kapoor’s wife who hates Rajat’s attitude of having fun at other people’s expense.Bheja Fry basically describes the turn of humorous events that take place and how Vinay ends up frying Rajat’s Bheja on the rather unforgettable Friday night.


Bheja Fry

Sagar Ballery does make an impressive directorial debut.Bheja Fry has a unique, clean and simple story to boast off. None of those vulgar double meaning jokes are used as a stimulant to make you laugh. Bheja Fry is more of a situational comedy, in which the situations act as a catalyst and make you go berserk with laughter. I can remember atleast 4-5 scenes where I ( and infact the whole theatre) went berserk with laughter. The scenes when Vinay talks on the telephone . Or the one where Ranvir Shourey who until one point was laughing at Rajat Kapoor’s problems gets a shocker and realizes that he is the one who is actually in trouble. And the final scene (when you have expected that all the fun is finally over) catches you unawares and you leave the theatre advertising for Colgate :) . All these scenes are the highlights of the film. They make you burst into peals of laughter. Must say that I had a good laugh after a real long time. Sarika looks lovely and acts well in whatever little she has to perform. Ranvir Shourey for once doesn’t steal the show, and is just about okay. But the main strength of Bheja Fry are Rajat Kapoor and Vinay Pathak. Rajat Kapoor acts his part as the mean, sadist music producer with great panache. But the show stealer of Bheja Fry is none other than Vinay Pathak. Vinay Pathak gets a role of a life time and Vinay does manage to reflect all his latent talent with a performance of a life-time. His idiosyncrasies and mannerisms tickle your funny bone and provide you with some fresh humor.

But it’s not all rosy for Bheja Fry. There are some thorns to. Although the movie is a short one with a running time of less than two hours, it needs some tighter editing. The initial 20 minutes of the film are real bland and made me think will this movie might end up frying my Bheja ! But after the initial drab the movie began to take the road to laughter. Also the Rajat -Sarika track could have been better established. But the main problem of the film is it’s presentation. Bheja Fry looks more like a stage play or one of those episodes of Star Best-Seller’s and not like a movie. But all said and done, such comedies(whether on your Television screen or on the big-screen) have literally become extinct. So if you do want to have some, plain clean fun then I recommend you to fry your Bheja. If you can survive the first twenty minutes then I promise you that you will walk out of the theatre advertising for your toothpaste brand :) .

Movie Rating – 6/10

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  4. Comment by Kanchan

    After a long long time…bheja fry has come as a fresh air…simple yet a perfect comedy!!….congrats to sagar ballary for such a fantastic directorial debut!!!!..and ofcourse….to vinay pathak for stealing the show completely!!!!

  5. Comment by Vivian

    Truely innovative idea, great acting and wonderful gags! Simple, yet very effective in the laughter mode.

  6. Comment by lalit nagrath

    great review!

    i have taken some excerpts from your review and added to my blog
    ( ive given a link back too ) :)

  7. Comment by Jibran

    One more shameless “original” copy of a foreign movie Diner De Cons. Sagar Ballary has the nerve to claim this as his original…I hear the copycat even got five other movies to direct based on the success of this movie.

  8. Comment by Priyanka

    Very crude and the laugh suits white fatty buffallos like you

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