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Spider Man Now In Bhojpuri

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When Spidey visits India this time, he will be speaking a new language Bhojpuri.

When Spiderman came to India in the form of a comic strip, he came wearing a dhoti instead of his red-and-blue costume. But now, when we will see the third film of Spiderman trilogy, the famous comic superhero will go a step ahead he will speak Bhojpuri!

Spiderman 3 will be the first major Hollywood movie to make an entry into the fast growing market for Bhojpuri films. Says Vikramjit Roy, head of publicity for the film, “The passage to India is through localisation.

This is the latest formula that seems to be working for the success of all international brands in India offer a videshi product with a desi tadka.

So be it an aloo tikki burger or a German car model Indianised to suit the needs in this part of the world, they all seem to be working really well.” Perhaps that explains the whopping amount, Rs 3 crore to be precise, that is being spent on the dubbing.

Spider Man 3

Interestingly, the money is good enough to fund two Bhojpuri films. But trade analyst Taran Adarsh maintains, “I don’t think the money would be heavy on the producers. Anyway, they do not intend recovering the moolah from a secondary though big market like India.

But they can’t ignore it either.” He adds, “At the same time, I think it’s a superb idea. I would love to see a Spiderman talk in not only Bhojpuri but also other languages like Gujrati or Marathi. It is the best way to reach out to the masses. Films like James Bond, Anaconda and the superhero films work very well here.”

“Till date, people have watched Spiderman in English and Hindi, now the wait is
over and you can watch it in Bhojpuri,” says Bhojpuri actor Rani Chatterjee.

And as per Bhojpuri superstar Ravi Kissen ( who will be the voice-over for spiderman) , the film will mint money. “After all, 35 per cent of the Indian population speaks Bhojpuri. So, I think it will work,” he says.

Atleast I am waiting eagerly  for this Bhojpuri  Spider Man. Surely hearing spidey recite his lines in Bhojpuri, would be fun. What say guys and gals?

Information Source : Times Of India 

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