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Mandira Bedi From Sari To Bikini in Maxim Photo-Shoot


Mandira Bedi, who became the first power woman of Indian Television after the UTV series Shanti. Is in news these days. Oh, not for her cricket-less talk in Set Max’s Extraa Innings but for the costume she has worn for the front cover of Maxim magazine.

Audiences were instantly glued to Extraa Innings after Mandira started hosting it. So how does a woman who knows nothing about cricket lure audiences to watch the game and the pre and post -match talk? The answer is simple by looking glamorous and enticing the audiences with her noodle strapped sarees. Indian audiences suddenly seemed more interested in knowing how much more Mandira is going to reveal in her next show than knowing how much Sachin Tendulkar is going to score.

And now Mandira Bedi has given her usual six-yard saris and peek-a-boo blouses a miss and has decided to go full throttle to look her sexiest best. And the actress-turned-sports anchor has finally fulfilled the dream of her extra inning audiences who always wished to see more than just her bare shoulders. The April issue of Maxim cover shows Mandira in a Golden bikini with a jacket and pants which luckily or for that matter unluckily don’t cover her assets. The actress has surely managed to look sizzling in all the pictures which is just going to make this already hot summer even hotter.

Mandira On Maxim issue

Check out more pictures of Mandira for Maxim inside

Here are some more hot scans of Mandira Bedi on Maxim’s April issue of 2007

Mandira On Maxim issue

Mandira On Maxim issue

Mandira On Maxim issue

But how can you show so much skin and that to on a foreign magazine and escape the Indian protestors who are ever so waiting for an issue to protest.Recently Mandira Bedi raked up a storm in Punjab after she appeared on Tuesday on the ramp with a Sikh religious symbol tattooed on her bare back.

Mandira sported the tattoo of Ekom Kar (God is one) in Gurmukhi. These are the first words of the holy Sikh scripture – the Granth Sahib.

Mandira's Tatto Controversy

Youth Akali Dal workers held protests on the streets of Ludhiana and burnt an effigy of Mandira in a busy market there on Wednesday to denounce her action.

But Mandira is known to make headlines with her fashion statement. In fact, last month even before the World Cup, Mandira had sent the Capital into a tizzy as she upped the glamour quotient by auctioning five of her sarees in a gala affair.

Anyway Mandira we love your photos. And now who cares whether India won or lost at the World Cup, Mandy baby has given us Indians a much bigger reason to rejoice. What say? :)

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  1. Trackback by IndianPad

    Mandira In Bikini…

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  2. Comment by raj

    hi, Mandira u ae realy very beauty your figur is to good & nice.

  3. Comment by rakesh

    wow she is really lookin hot in these pics……..

  4. Comment by mitts

    u r too hot mandira

  5. Comment by Masud

    Really you are my dream. Everyday i seen your pic.

  6. Comment by rock

    no one feeds mandira so no one has a rights to say what she should. Peoples in india should learn to mind their own business

  7. Comment by Ashish Rane

    Well I am awestruck as these pics are just damn good and as always Mandira u r lookin ultra glamarous. However,it is still dificult to get over ur shanti image but u definitely have moved on babes. Forget what others have to say,keep doing quality work.

  8. Comment by deepi

    Don’t you people have any respect?? u got religious symbols on your flithy bodies…u need to get ur heads checked. It doesn’t matter what religion u are u should respect the symbols.

  9. Comment by sa


  10. Comment by neeraj sujan

    mandira u r looking goddddddddddddius shape and size is perfect

  11. Comment by s.backstreet_boxs8

    mandira…………………….”U SUCK”

  12. Comment by VIP


  13. Comment by mandirasgay

    EXCUSE MEEEE!! Wtf…she’s walking around practically hangin it all out…she’s realy really ugly..including her fat lips…sorry to say but at a point I thought she was alright but since she put the religious symbol on her back, I have hated her and she really deserves heck for it and hot or not I think she should have to get it taken off…

  14. Comment by muahh

    mandira wow is the only word to describe ur beauty in brief.,.,.,u look hot than the sun , take my advise never ever go to hilly areas where there is ice otherwise glaciers’ll melt & disappear not good for enviroment.,.,kiss

  15. Comment by sudee

    mandira…when i used to see shanti i used to respect you like sister……, during extra innings i wanted you to be my girlfriend and now….looking at your bikini i feel i could sleep wiht you for a night. do you have a rate?

  16. Comment by kokila sadu

    i wanna fuck u please tell me the rate as soon as possible, because i am tooooooooo eager in fucking u……..
    By seeing this comment anyone please send me mandira’s contact number so that it will help me…….
    Common guys lets do it……… in celebrating with her

  17. Comment by sunny


  18. Comment by ami

    you have shown this world that an indian girl behind saree can also has potential of beating any miss world

  19. Comment by soniya

    mandira u r too sexy
    u r looking smart in only bra & penty

  20. Comment by amber

    she is super sexy

  21. Comment by lfksfks

    she is the sexiest women in this whole world and has got nice boobs.

  22. Comment by kamal

    ek dam sexy lag rahi hoo mera to man kar raha ke bas ek bar aapki ……………….

  23. Comment by sahil

    mandira bedi d sexist anchor. alwaz look hot. kisses 2 u.. really sexy looking pics

  24. Comment by RAMU


  25. Comment by rocky

    u r fuckin sexy i wanna hv sex wid u

  26. Comment by akif

    i wnt to fuck mandira

  27. Comment by nirob

    Hai bedi! U r looking very sexy. If arn’t wear nothing u r looking very very very very……
    common babe, go ahead.

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