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Video : Big Brother Theatrical Trailer


I have three questions to ask here.

  • Why does Guddu Dhanoa make films? Does he have to much of money to squander? When you know the film is going to become a flop, why make it in the first place.
  • Why do Bollywood mainstream actors like Sunny Deol and Priyanka Chopra work in such films? Mr. Sunny Deol how many more attempts do you want to make at playing India’s He-Man? And Priyanka, for God’s sake…. why do such films. Are you determined at ruining your illlustrous career?
  • And Lastly, does anybody watch fillms like Big-Brother? If yes do contact me. I will reccomend a good physiciatrist.

Big Brother

Ok. I know it’s wrong to dismiss a movie before it’s release. After all it might well become this year’s Gadar. You can never say never when Sunny Paaji is there in a film. But please “Big Brother”.

Here’s the theatrical trailer of “Big Brother”. Surely it reaffirms my faith in the above three questions. The trailer makes Big Brother look like a comedy. It’s an action film right? What are these lines: “Big Brother is not born but made”. Oh common I just feel like laughing myself out watching this cliched trailer. And pray who is the female who has given the voice-over for the trailer, she put’s Sunny Deol to shame with her hysterical screeching.

Big Brother Theatrical Trailer

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