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The Deols and the Bachchan’s on This Week’s Koffee With Karan


When I say Deols and Bachchan’s, I mean the females from the Bachchan on and Deols family. If last week’s Koffee with Karan saw the young generation of Bollywood having a chat with Karan. Then this week’s Koffee with Karan will show an amalgamation of the old and new.

The guest line-up for this week’s Koffee With Karan has Hema Malini, Jaya Bachchan, Shweta Nanda and  Esha Deol chatting and gossiping with Karan. If  we are going to go by the excerpts from the chat show then this week’s Koffee With Karan is going to be fun-filled and one you can not miss at any cost. Go on an read some titbits from the chat show…..

Koffee with Karan, Bachchans and Deols

Karan: How is Hemaji in Parliament?

Jaya: It’s wonderful you know… because we sit very far from each other and everyday I sort of look Hemaji aaj aaye hai ki nahi and the day I see her I feel good in Parliament…

Karan: Hemaji are you a head-turner in parliament as well? Too good looking for parliament?
Hema: Oh my God! I don’t think so!
Absolutely! She is!

Karan: You’ve enjoyed your dancing immensely as well as your role as a politician!
Hema: I enjoy my dancing and I give enough time to both!

Karan: But did you feel.. when you did Baghbaan that you will be flooded with exciting offers because Baghbaan was fantastic and you looked fantastic! Did you feel let down that you didn’t get meaty roles?
Hema: Yes! I did! Our Indian film industry… I don’t know why they don’t make films for us.
Jaya: Absolutely! You can say that!
Hema: I think I should tell you now to make a film for us!

Karan: I think in Hollywood still there are roles offered to women of a certain age…
Jaya: Not really!
Hema: I heard even Meryl Streep was complaining recently… If she can I don’t know what will happen here!
Jaya: You know what happens… I do accept the fact that we’re much older so obviously older people don’t have much to do in their lives…I don’t know… I think we’re doing a lot more than our children really. But even if it’s a small role it must have something! There should be some character. I don’t mind a small role but it has to contribute.

Karan: Did you feel Hemaji when you entered politics that you really wanted to make a difference? Did you feel strongly? Is that’s why you ventured into politics?
Hema: No! I just by chance entered and I like it… I’m enjoying it…

Karan: Do you want to make a difference for the country?
Hema: I want to do something but hopefully it must happen! (Laughs)

Karan: So both of you’ll besides being members of parliament have one big thing in common and that is “Sholay” and that’s something, which is so topical that it’s wonderful to talk about at any point of time actually! Anything you remember? What was your experience on the sets of Sholay?
Jaya: You know we used to drop in and say hello! There was nothing like, “Oh my God! What’s she doing?” or anything like that! You know it was very different.

Karan: What’s also strange is the husband-wife combinations were the main leads and they went on to become.. It’s quite something actually…
Jaya: I should have played Basanti!

Karan: You should have played Basanti?
Jaya: Because I loved Dharmendra (Laughs) You know when I saw him for the first time and I was introduced to him.. there was a sofa like this… I went and hid behind it.

Karan: Why?
Jaya: I was so nervous! I didn’t know what to do. There was this fantastic looking man. I still remember what he was wearing- white trousers and a white shirt and he looked like a Greek God!

Karan: That everyone says… Hemaji said the same thing when she first laid eyes on him!
Jaya: Poor you! You are stuck because of that! (Laughs)
Hema: Yeah! I am stuck because of that! (Laughs) I saw him at a premiere and I was just shocked!

Karan: He had that impact on women!
Hema: Of course he has!

Karan: And he still does!
Hema: Yes! He has still…
Karan: How sweet!

Would you say that Aishwarya is the perfect choice for the family?
Jaya: I think so! I think it’s wonderful that she’s such a big star herself but when we’re all together I’ve never seen her push herself and I like that quality. I like it that she stands behind, she’s quiet, she listens and she’s taking it all in! And another beautiful thing is that she’s fitted in so well!

Karan: Into the family?
Jaya: Not only into the family. She knows this is family.. these are good friends and this is how one is supposed to be!

Karan: So you would say she is the ideal Mrs. Abhishek Bachchan?
Jaya: I think so!

Well that’s wonderful because when I see you around her I get that! I get that you are completely thrilled!
Jaya: Yeah!

Karan: Shweta, do you think that the men take prominence in the house?
Shweta: Yes! They’re attention seekers!
Jaya: The biggest baby takes the most attention.

Karan: Which is your son?
Jaya: No!

Karan: Oh! Your husband!
Jaya and Shweta: Yes!

Karan: Do you think he’s the biggest baby?
Jaya and Shweta: Yes!
Jaya: Completely!

Karan: You never miss the glamour and the glitter?
Shweta: Actually it’s very easy for me because I get all the perks but none of the responsibilities.

Karan: Really?
Shweta: Yeah! I can live the most semi-normal life unlike all of them and then I enjoy the fun things like coming on your show!(Laughs)

Karan: Esha, are you close to mom? Do you tell her about your relationships, about boyfriends? Are you’ll like buddies?
Esha: Yeah Yeah! Completely!
Jaya: Liar!
Esha: What liar?(Laughs)

Karan: So you know everything that’s happening?
Hema: Both the girls.. whatever’s happening.. they tell me!

Karan: Do you get shocked sometimes when they come and tell you details?
Esha: We don’t get into that many details!
Hema: I told them from the beginning… whatever’s happening, come and tell me! I don’t want to hear it from out you know!

Karan: And read in the magazines! Sometimes do you hide articles? Like sometimes people write all kinds of rubbish…
Esha: No! But right now, no ones writing any kind of rubbish about me also.. it’s so boring!
Karan: They’re not even writing any rubbish!

So, don’t forget to tune in as Karan catches up with Jaya Bachchan, Hema Malini, Shweta Nanda and Esha Deol on Koffee with Karan this Sunday, April 15th on Star One and Star World, at 9 p.m.

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