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The World is Going to Listen to Big B


No he’s not back in KBC. The 2006 Oscar-winning documentary, Penguins, A Love Story, internationally known as the March of the Penguins is all set to release in India and the Big B has given his voice to the film as a narrator.

March of The Penguins describes the journey of the Emperor Penguins as they march along in search for their mates. And as the trailer very rightly puts it —”In the harshest place on earth, love finds a way.”

March Of The Penguins has become the second most successful documentary released in North America, after Fahreneit 9/11, grossing over $77 million in the United States and Canada.

Though the film’s US release had Oscar-winner Morgan Freeman’s narrative, when it was time to choose between Bachchan’s rich baritone and Morgan’s introspective monologue for the film’s collector’s DVD edition, producers of the film zeroed in on the Big B’s English rendition.

March Of the Penguins

“Morgan’s narration is detached and factual whereas Mr Bachchan has made it intimate, personal and searching for words to describe the incomprehensiveness of the behaviour of penguins,” said filmmaker Anurag Kashyap, who has written the script for Penguins, A Love Story.


 In fact, according to reports, this very emotional and sensitive voice-over by Mr. Bachchan is what won the film’s producers over.

At his end, Bachchan too was sure about taking on the challenge of voicing March of the Penguins.

“I went to Mr Bachchan with the proposition he did not even take a flash of a second to agree. We are very happy that the satellite rights have been bought by Star TV in association with National Geographic, the DVD rights of the film have been acquired by Sony BMG and the theatrical distribution of 27 prints in four languages: Hindi, English, Tamil and Telugu will be distributed by Adlabs all over India on April 13,” said producer of the documentary, Sunil Doshi

Incidentally, Bachchan has also lent his voice to the Hindi version of the film. All we can say is that Morgan Freeman’s loss is Amitabh Bachchan’s and Indian Cinema’s gain. What say?

Theatrical Trailer Of March Of The Penguins

The above trailer has Morgan Freeman’s voice to it but very soon you will hear Big B echoing the same lines :)

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