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Part #2 — Pritam is a COPY-CAT


Here’s the second part of the series of exposure of Pritam’s plagiarism. Check out the first part if you haven’t seen it as yet. If you thought the first part songs were the only ones that Pritam copied then you have mistaken Pritam’s ability. Here in the second part we throw light on five more songs that Pritam has literally ripped of from other tracks and the shameless Pritam has not even provided credit to the original track as well.

Pritam the Bollywood Copy-Cat

So without much ado here is the second part of “Plagiarised Hits” by Pritam.

Check out Pritam’s Copied Videos …..

Music Track Number 1

Pritam’s Copied Track — Ya Ali from Gangster

The rather heart rendering song from Gangster, “Ya Ali” which made to the top of the charts instantaneously.

Original Music Track — Ya Ghali from Guitara

After hearing this song even a deaf person will appreciate Pritam’s copying abilities. Ya Ghali changes to Ya Ali, yes that’s about it. No more bullshitting about taking inspiration, this track is a straight lift Mr. Pritam. Accept it, you’ve got no choice :)

Music Track Number 2

Pritam’s Copied Track— Dil Samundar from Garam Masala

John and Akshay rocked in Garam Masala and so did the lively, youthful music by Pritam. Oops did i just say by Pritam :)

Original Track — Kuzu Kuzu by Tarkan

Seems Pritam’s favorite artist to copy is Tarkan first Sikdim and now Kuzu Kuzu. But to Pritam’s credit the entire song is not copied just the inital beats and some beats in between.

Music Track Number 3

Pritam’s Copied Track — Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai from Woh Lamhe

Pritam’s and Kay-Kay combined to give one of the best music tracks of last year, Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai from Woh Lamhe. Definitely my favorite track of last year.

Original Track — Tak Bisakh by Peter Pan

If you thought Ya Ghali was the height of copying, then you haven’t heard this song. Just hear Woh Lamhe a beat to beat copy of Tak Bisakh.


Music Track Number 4

Pritam’s Copied Track — Chori Ki Baatein from Fight Club

So here’s Pritam copying from his Pakistani brothers. Chori Ki Baatein did not really sound like Pritam’s music and guess what it was not his. This song screams out — “I have been copied”.

Original Track — Channo by Ali Zafar

Although the above clip was just around 35 seconds. I bet those 30 odd seconds are enough to find the striking similarity between Ali Zafer’s Chaano and Pritam’s Chori.

Music Track Number 5

Pritam’s Copied Track — Is This Love from Pyaar Ke Side Effects

Major credit to the success of PKSE goes to Pritam’s music. “Is This Love”, although not the major highlight of the movie, it sure was part of a wonderful compilation.

Original Track — A Mi Manera by Gipsy Kings

Just check out the video, the music will speak for itself.

So that makes it 5+5=10 hits. Straight away copied by Pritam. And that’s not the end of Pritam’s copied antics. Keep visiting to check Part 3 of Pritam’s Plagiarised Hits. Shame on you mate. Kuch To Original Banaya Hota.

Anyways me currently hooked onto the music of Life In A ….Metro. Hope Pritamji has not used his copying skills for this album as well.



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  1. Comment by Nadz

    Hey Amit, nice follow up.
    I had heard Ali Zaffar’s Dhanno before before “chori ki baatein”. but wat i didnt realise was who the shameless music director was.

    Interestingly, the original is not by Ali Zaffar also, its a copy of a kishore kumar track by RD Burman, if i’m not mistaken. Take note of that.

  2. Comment by Movie Tonic

    Oh is it nadz? Looks like plagiarism took a full big circle then :)

  3. Comment by Nishit

    Nice work dude
    kep it up
    I would love to see some more origenal tracks coppied by

  4. Comment by swapnil

    hey yaar dont corner pritam alone
    you know every md in this bollywood has copied n if u go through interview he never denies copying he even credited the originals manytimes
    1)bheegi bheegi frm gangster
    2)choren ki baatein
    3)is this love (see the cover the song is named as aa-mi-manera which is original track)
    and you have no right to bad mouth him.why hav u spared jatn lalit,anand milind , pancham(though he is da best) n cornering poor pritam jus because he takes it queiely?

  5. Comment by Movie Tonic

    @ Swapnil —I have been a very big fan of Pritam’s music. But when i realised that he just blatantly copies from other songs, my respect for him decreased. Thus this attack. Everyone has a right to express their views. You have and so do I . What say :)

  6. Comment by Elvan

    hii, good job here.
    i can also give more examples i am a turkish girl and i know turkish seems like pritam is a big fan of tarkan. dil samandar is a mixture of tarkans “KUZU KUZU” and again tarkans “AYY”. Crazy kiya re from dhoom2 is copied from tarkans “ÖLÜRÜM SANA”. touch me again from dhoom2, the music there is copied (1:1) from tarkans “DUDU DUDU”.and in dhoon again is also a part that is copied again from tarkans DUDU DUDU.then hmmm yes allah bachaye from pyaar ke side effects is copied from turkish singer sertab erener’s “everyway that i can”.

  7. Comment by Elvan

    sorry its “ay” from tarkan: look on youtube

  8. Comment by Movie Tonic

    hey elvan thanks for the information. any more information will help me in my last and final part of Pritam 3, so do provide any help.

  9. Comment by Elvan

    hii no probbs;)))
    but i have to say that i still like pritam.i enjoy it, i am hindi music fan n i like it when turkish songs are made also in hindi:))
    and yes i wanted to say the music from touch me is not from the original dudu, there are different versions of that song and the music fom “dudu (ozan colakoglu remix)
    here the site
    i am looking for ur final part ;) )))
    byee byee
    luv u india

  10. Comment by Azam Rizvi

    really very good piece of information elvan… i hafta say that i hate Pritam very much… he must have credited tarkan for all these songs he copied frm him… i am a greatt fan of tarkan and i was really hurt when i saw that moron copying him…btw i m from india…have a nice day..

  11. Comment by happi3

    L0l0l00000l….finally now my chums will believe me.Seems like Pritam has a thing for Mid-East singers. Way to go “dudu”.:p least Himesh is hopefully all original..I mean no one we know of sings in a nasal voice, do they???:p

  12. Comment by John (Trinity college london)

    CRIMINALS AND STEALERS—This bengali guy,who copies and steals lots f music from others earns good money.This guy should be in jail not allowed to make music for bollywood.These are the criminal guys who r outside the jail.Steal is sin,no matter what it may be.
    begger dog

  13. Comment by swapnil

    hey guyz its hightime u should appreciate pritam for his candidness.look at all his interviews he alwayz accepts tht he copies. i m pritamz close frend and i personally knw tht he had told producers of all the films including gangster about his inspirations.taking copyright n giving credits is fully the job of director n producer.HE IS JUS A SMALL FRY IN THIS MUSICAL BOLLYWOOD OF WHICH YOU GUYZ DONT KNOW A SINGLE THING. BELOW IS EXCERPT FRM HIS INTERVIEW WHICH WOULD SOMWHT SOLVE UR QUERIES
    About plagiarism he says, “There’s no music composer who doesn’t get inspired. I’m here to entertain the masses. As long as they dance to my songs, this allegation doesn’t prevent me from getting inspired by the music I hear.”

    According to Pritam the reason for lifting tunes is because, “Music composers don’t get their dues in this country. Unlike the west, there’s no system of royalties for our work here. The money is not extraordinary either. For survival you take up as much of work as possible. There’s too much pressure because of which you cannot deliver original scores all the time. It’s strange but my original numbers have gone unnoticed always.”

    Defending himself further, he adds, “I don’t blatantly lift songs. I work very hard to make them sound suitable for people here. If no one knows the source, your songs are passed off as original compositions. I’ve always revealed my sources, taken copyright from the source wherever possible. One can’t always do this because procuring copyright is a complicated process in our country. Sometimes we lift tunes because there’s a pressure from our producers. Today, I can say no to lifting tunes because I’m in a position to refuse.”

    He agrees that all music composers lift tunes, “Pancham da was a genius. But his Tumse milke from Parinda was inspired by When I need you. Of course, his version was better than the original. Nadeem Shravan’s version of Come September was better than Anu Mallik’s. I don’t want to sound holier than thou by denying that I have never been inspired by other tunes. Everyone does it, some do it openly and some are subtle There have been times when a couple of my songs are attributed to tunes I’ve never heard. All the plagiarism reports aren’t true.”

    He smirks when I quiz him about reports calling him the poor man’s Anu Mallik. “I’ve never called myself by any other name except Pritam, a Bollywood music composer. People can even call me a DJ. May be I can earn more money through live shows. Believe me, I can be a good DJ. On second thoughts call me anything but the fact remains you cannot ignore my music.”

  14. Comment by sweet girl

    Hi ”

    i can also give more examples

    movie Hamara Dil Aapke Paas Hai(Shukriya)
    original song singer Amr Diab (Awedony)

    murder (Kaho naa kaho)
    original song Amr Diab (Tamally Maak)

    Rishtey (Har Taraf Tu Hi)Amr Diab (hoa da alli hlmt bih )
    Awara Paagal Deewana(Ya Habibi)

    movie INDIAN (Yeh Pyar) shakira

    Mann ( Kali Nagin Ke Jaisi )

    Fanaa (Chanda Chamke)Miami Band

    dhadkan (Dil Ne Yeh Kaha Hai Dil Se )

    Life Mein Kabhie Kabhiee 2007(Valha Valha)singer Amr Diab

    Pyare Mohan 2004 (Rabba De Di Deewani )

    Plan (Pyaar Aaya )

    dhadkan ( Aksar Is Duniya Mein )

    Hum Tum 2004 (Chakde Chakde )

    Rishtey 2002( Dil Bare )

    Tum Se Achcha Kaun Hain 2002 ( Door Waadiyon Se )

    Kya Love Story Hai (Miss You Everyday )

    all this songs from tunes arabic

  15. Comment by Sin

    a very good job…
    i made it my hobby to search for the origanl songs from which he copied the song bheegee bheegee…
    it was by mohiner ghoraguli.. a bong band..
    the orininal name is “prithibi”
    do chek it out mate..

  16. Comment by Hammad

    if u r listening to Life in a Metro.. i would like to add.. the song IN DINO.. is a rip-off of a Pakistani Track by Waqar Ali calle d” Mera Naam Hai Mohabbat” here is the Youtube URL to the original.. do include this in your Part 3

    Mera Naam Hai Mohabbat – Waqar Ali

  17. Comment by Movie Tonic

    great find hammad. I had thought that In Dino was last year’s best song. And all of Pritam’s mistakes could have been ignored as this one was an original. But alas this too turned to be a copied song.

  18. Comment by nilankur

    As he says in the interviews, the issue of copyrighting is far more complicated than we can imagine. Bollywood music industry is still very disorganized and nascent in copyrighting laws. what we see is just at the fce value, there are layers of truth hidden behind. Pritam has credited people like Ali Zafer, Gautam Chattopadhay, Mustafa Zaid, annie etc. If he can credit all these people, why will not he credit other people too! Did we really probe in that! There are too many parameters involved. One case may be the producers unwillingness to shell out money for copyrights, or as he said, the non challant attitude of Music companies – the music companies does not bother to give the royalties to the musicians, imagine they shelling out money for copyrights. Very unlikely. Pritam is a superb music designer. he blends different genres of music like a real pro. The recent BlackEyed Peas song- they have credited Ravi Shankar, that is how we know the song. And there are 50 different renditions of Knocking on the Heaven’s Door, most of it better than the original. I ask the moral junta who is so against Pritam’s music, do not listen to it yaar, do not dance while in every pub they play pritam’s music He’s a force to reckon with and is setting a trend for world music in bollywood. All the kudos to him.

  19. Comment by zahra

    For the song of Pyaar Ki Side Effects,the original song was a French one sung by Claude François and entitled “comme d’habitude”.It was copied by lots of singers and “My way” by Frack Sinatra also was copied from it.

  20. Comment by prateek

    hey good work dood. very rightly observed. hey i also have a cool list of songs copyed by pritam, check these too.
    ‘Ya Ali’ from Gangster: Copied from Kuwaiti band Guitara’s ‘Ya Ghali’

    ‘Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai’ from Woh Lamhe: Copied from Peterpan’s ‘Tak Bisakah’

    ‘Yeh Ishq Hai’ from Jab We Met: Partly copied from Anggun’s ‘In Your Mind’

    ‘Dil Samandar’ from Garam Masala: Copied from Tarkan’s ‘Kuzu Kuzu’

    ‘Dhoom Machale’ from Dhoom: Partly copied from Jesse Cook’s ‘Mario takes a walk’

    ‘Bheegi Bheegi’ from Gangster: Copied from Bengali rock band Moheener Ghoraguli’s Prithibi Ta Naki

    ‘Tikhi Tikhi’ from Speed: Copied from Tarkan’s Dudu

    ‘Pyaar ka Signal’ from Bhagam Bhag: Copied from Superblue’s ‘Signal for Lara’

    ‘Dil Mein Baji Guitar’ from Apna Sapna Money Money: Partly copied from Miami Band’s ‘Sheloha shela’

    ‘Aao Milo Chalo’ from Jab We Met: Copied from Peterpan’s ‘Di Belakangku’

    ‘Judai’ from Jannat (2008): Copied from both Reshma’s “Lambi Judai” (some lyrics) and the riff in the ‘Kilogram mix’ version is from Bronski Beat’s 1984
    debut single Smalltown Boy

    ‘Ankhiya Na Maar Mere’ from 2005′s “Ek khiladi Ek Hasina” features Usher’s ‘Yeah’ riff

    ‘Shikdum’ from Dhoom is taken from Tarkan’s ‘Shikdim’

    ‘ Oh Meri Jaan ‘ from 2007′s ” Life In a… Metro” : The opening Guitar notes are a direct lift from the Opening guitar notes of the song ‘ Silent Lucidity’
    by Queensrÿche.

    ‘Pehli Nazar, a blockbuster hit song sung by Atif Aslam, from the movie Race was copied from a Korean hit song ‘Sarang Hae Yo’ by Kim Hyung Su

    ‘Hare Krishna Hare Raam’ from Bhool Bhulieya: Copied from the korean group JTL’s song My Lecon from their 2001 album Enter the Dragon

    ‘Jaane Kyun Tanha Ho Gaye’ sung by Sonu Nigam, from the movie Bhram was copied from ‘Ghare pherar gaan’ by popular Bengali band Mohiner Ghoraguli

  21. Comment by vimanyu

    he’s da biggest bastard of indian music industry..
    although anu malik can still giv him stiff competition…
    but ultimately, he steals cuz we listen….
    i dnt listen to any of his songs…
    in my phone there are abt 90 songs…
    none belongs to this theif…..
    i believe in originality….
    and mr.pritams music is an apology of originality…..
    saale ko jail mein daal do

  22. Comment by Pritam

    These songs are my original, I worked very hard for it! You don’t understand what pressure I am under! They copied me, not the other way round. When will you learn, I give them some credit for trying to copy my masterpieces.


  23. Comment by Anand

    muhha fuka to vimanyu

  24. Comment by Naveed

    Dude A Mi Manera by Gipsy Kings is the latin version of my My Way from by Sinatra. So if you are mentioning it mention the original.

  25. Comment by anand

    Muttha Fuckka to Vimanyu.

  26. Comment by anand

    Fuck off,,Muttha Fukka to Vimanyu.

  27. Comment by anand

    fuck off Vimanyu

  28. Comment by aarsh

    I see how pritam is copying stuff, but i am still not convinved. I think you should also include the date of each release, because in that case, I would’nt know that Pritam produced it first or the other artists…… PLS INCLUDE DATES OF RELEASE TO HAVE WHO COPIED FIRST, coz we may be blaming pritam wrongly if he originated the song and others copied it!…. ok..
    Thanks, Aarsh

  29. Comment by vivek kar

    hey pritamda dont giv dame 2 this silly comments just keep going u r da best we want go 2 china or korea 2 listen those miningless songs u giv a touchy composition which no other music director can giv

  30. Comment by linzey

    Wow,I don’t know if your pritam has such amazing plagiarism record!!!:D I’m from indonesia btw,i thought that scumbag only copied some,but i’m surprised to see those numbers.What amazed me is that he dares to copy from other musicians who have big fanbase in their own countries,like peterpan here in indonesia.And also Leehom wang,you should mention it on the list.He’s very famous in east asia and south east asia too.But pritam dares to copy his song.Just wiki it,Leehom Wang already sue pritam. I bet why pritam hasn’t copied Super Junior’s Bonamana song, i just inspiring him here?:p Suju has HUGE fanbase allover the world,it will be good to know what will they react if pritam copy it..

  31. Comment by linzey

    well,he has mentioned what song that pritam has copied.You google it your self then you can find the exact date.You don’t think that he’s that pure,do you?

  32. Comment by linzey

    check this one too:
    Samsons – Naluri Lelaki = K.K – Hai Junoon
    Iwan Fals – Bongkar = K.K + Shilpa Rao – Oya Oya’ (OST ‘Horn Ok Please’)

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