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Provoked Movie Review


Provoked, the true life story of Kiranjit Ahluwalia hits the theatres this week. Aishwarya Rai plays the most challenging role of her career. Provoked did  recieve rave reviews at international film festivals. But lets see if Provoked manages to get a thumbs up from the Indian audiences.

Sreeram Ramachandran — ” Provoked won’t exactly send you into emotional frenzies and hyperventilation, but yeah, if you have been wondering whether beating up your wife is a good idea or not, it will solve that confusion.”

Movie Rating – Timepass 

Meetu — ” The only thing other than Aishwarya’s moving performance that makes Provoked  worth a watch is the subject itself.”

Movie Rating – 3/5 

Aprajita Anil — “Although Mundhra had the script served on his platter, but turning words into action is no easy business. And that’s where Provoked takes the cake.  If you missed Provoked you missed a lot .”

Movie Rating – 4/5 

Rajeev Masand — “Provoked is a sensitive film about domestic abuse. It’s not a great film by any standards but it’s well intended and it goes about its job with sincerity, and sometimes, just sometimes, that’s enough. ”

Movie Rating – 3/5 

GaRam — “ Director Jagmohan Mundhra, often tagged as a soft-porn filmmaker for the erotic content in his films, perhaps was sufficiently provoked this time to clean his image with a sincere film. And he succeeds in his attempt!”

Movie Rating – 3/5 

Provoked Movie

Taran Adarsh — “Stunning is the word that has often been used for this Aishwarya Rai’s beauty, but for a change, you want to use this word for her performance in this film. Her work in PROVOKED easily ranks amongst her best. On the whole, PROVOKED rests on a lackluster screenplay and that’s its biggest flaw.”

Movie Rating – 1.5/5 

Martin D’Souza — “Director Jagmohan Mundhra has an ace up his sleeve but fails to deliver it, thanks to the casting which is found wanting.

Movie Rating – 2/5 

Sanjay Ram — “You can choose to have a positive or negative opinion, but you cannot walk out of this film, having none. Provoked is larger than a film, it is a show reel of life, celebrate it.”

Movie Rating – 3.5/5 

Aparijita Ghosh — “On the whole, ‘Provoked’ is a film made with good intentions but not good enough sensitivity. The movie does work in patches, but it fails to leave the hard-hitting impact”

Movie Rating -2/5 

Sukanya Verma — ” With a running time of 1 hour 45 minutes, Provoked is, as one psychologist in the film puts it, ‘self-justificatory.’ Even though it doesn’t glorify Kiranjit’s actions, it doesn’t stop from justifying it either.”

Movie Rating – 3/5 

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