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First Look of David Dhawan’s Partner


 David Dhawan the comedy Badshah has announced his next film. The movie starring Govinda and Salman Khan is titled Partner and will release later this year.Partner has Salman Khan, playing a love ‘guru’ doling out advice on courtship matters to Govinda.

David Dhawan was jubilant and said: “Both Salman and Govinda are my buddies. And they are playing buddies in ‘Partner’. Naturally there has to be great bonding between them. “I am happy to say Salman and Govinda are like brothers. No ego hassles at all. They both arrived at Mehboob Studios in Bandra on the dot in the morning for the shoot. That’s quite an achievement.”

Partner Govinda and Salman Movie

Salman’s younger brother Sohail Khan is producing the film. “I guess it has to do with their faith in this project, and in me. Let’s not forget, Salman’s brother Sohail is known to be a fab producer. I promise you, this movie won’t just give Govinda a new image, it will also present Salman like never before. “He plays a super-cool stud, a love ‘guru’ giving out advice on courtship matters to the innocent and inexperienced Govinda who plays a common man. Don’t you think the two are perfectly cast?” said Dhawan.

David agrees he has lost some precious giggly ground with his last  release “Shaadi No 1”. “I need to return with a big bang. I feel ‘Partner’ will do the trick for me.” While Salman and Govinda play roles very true to their image, their two leading ladies are unusually cast. “While I have paired Salman with Lara Dutta (the two have never been together before) Govinda will be seen with Katrina Kaif,” said David.

The movie storyline does sound distinctly similar to theWill Smith starrer Hitch.  Well, no issues here even if the movie is a remake because at the end of the day the storyline does set good grounds for a hilarious comedy that would fly quite well with the Indian sensibilities.  So we are expecting a complete laugh riot from you Mr. David Dhawan and you better not disappoint us this time round.

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