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Box Office Report


Last week we saw a hit, after quite a few weeks at the box-office through Namastey London, . The Namesake managed to get just rave reviews and that’s about it. At the Box -Office it proved to be a total average fare. Here’s a look at Last week’s Box Office Report.

With three small films releasing this week namely Khanna and Iyer, Delhii Heights and Say Salaam India, the expectations are not very high. But small films in the past have surprised us by turning out to be hits at the Box-Office. So do these three films which the critics bashed apart and referred to as ” A Trilogy Of Torture” manage to survive at the BO.

Here’s the Box Office report of the three films released this Friday.

Delhii Heights Box-Office Check 

Jimmy Shergill and Neha Dhupia starrer Delhii Heights had some good music by Rabbi Shergill. But the poor response at the box-office proved that you cann’t rely only on music to pull the audiences to the theatres.

Delhii Heights opened at only 10 to 15 per cent at the ticket window and the reason being is its limited target audience and poor direction. Jimmy Shergill’s goldilocks also failed to impress. The film had nothing to pull the crowds with absolutely no pre-release buzz

Delhii Heights

Opening : 10 to 15 %
Blame it on : Limited target audience, poor direction and no crowd-puller.

 Result : Paisa Barbaad

Khanna And Iyer Box office Check 

The second release was Khanna and Iyer, a film that few have even few heard of. The lesser you talk of Khanna and Iyer, the better it is. The critics literally bashed the film left, right and center. Yes, it’s out in the theatres and almost on its way out too.

Khanna and Iyer

Opening : 5 to 6 %
Blame it on : Lifeless newcomers, poor direction and amature plot

 Result: Paisa Barbaad


Say Salaam India Box Office Check

The Indian Cricket Team shows an abysmal peformance at the Carribbean and you make a film to salute them. What do you accept? Bouquets? Surely not.

The reviews that Say Salaam India got from movie critics was average. But due to a poor timing in the release of the film, the film was entirely rejected by Indian audiences. The film opened to 5 per cent at the box office and the main reason for its poor performance is that sports theme in films is simply out.

Say Salaam India

Opening : 5 %
Blame it on : Sports theme – it’s out!

 Result : Paisa Barbaad

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