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Part #1 — Pritam is a COPY-CAT


Pritam Chakraborthy has continued to mesmerise me with his wonderful music. He started out with Dhoom and from then onwards he has produced musical hits like Life In a Metro, Hat Trick, Just Married, Bhagaam Bhaag, Dhoom 2, Bas Ek Pal, Woh Lamhe, Apna Sapna Money Money, Naksha, Pyaar Ke Side Effects, Ankahee, Gangster, Fight Club, Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena, Garam Masala, Chocolate: Deep Dark Secrets.

Pritam until somedays ago was my favorite music composer of the present times. But when I realised that Pritam belonged to the Anu-Malik School Of Plagiarism. My respect for him as a music director shrunk.

Here’s a movietonic exclusive to expose the blatant copying of several hit tracks by Pritam. So all you Pritam fans out there, this is who the real Pritam, a plain and simple copy-cat.

Check out Pritam’s copied videos ……

Music Track Number 1

Pritam’s Copied Track— Shikdum from Dhoom 2

Remember Pritam’s seductive Shikdum from Dhoom 2. Watch the video if you have forgotten.

Original track — Sikdim by Tarkan

This is the height of copying by Pritam, even Tarkan’s keyword from the song Shikdum has been used in this song. There will be no better example to showcase plagiarism at it’s best.


Music Track Number 2

Pritam’s Copied Track— “I Miss You Every Day” from Kya Love Story Hai

The songs of Kya love Story Hai have caught an audience in the youth. Pritam’s vibrant and rocking music has been a sucess to the music of Kya Love Story Hai. The first track that was telecasted on music channels was the peepy number, I Miss You Everyday. The song had me impressed. But guess what, this song is also copied.

Original Track — Alatoul by Karina

Karina is a Senegal-born Lebanese singer and ‘Alatoul’ is from her 2006 album. The beats, the music is blatantly copid by Pritam for “Miss You Everyday”. Just listen to the initial beats. Ditto same.


Music Track Number 3

Pritam’s Copied Track — Lamha Lamha from Gangster

Gangster’s music was a runaway hit. But should you credit Pritam for it’s success? Check the videos below and you will get your answer.

Original Track — Kal Shab Mein Ne Dekha by Waris Baig

Waris Baig isn’t a new face, and has entertained Pakistani music listeners for years. He has performed for various movie soundtracks, and has also released his own solo numbers. Pritam perhaps to foster Indo-Pak friendship decided to visit Waris Baig’s album Chaand Jharoke Mein and lifted his track, Kal Shaab Dekha Maine Chaand, shamelessly and transformed it into Lamha Lamha.



Music Track Number 4

Pritam’s Copied Track — Tu Hi Meri Shab Hain from Gangster
Here’s another song from Gangster. Wow Pritam is really good at lifting tracks from the West. Check out Tu Hi Meri Shab Hain, a very good song indeed.

Original track — Sacral Nirvana by Oliver Shanti & Friends

This one is an instrumental. That makes Pritam’s job easier, just get the lyrics and a song is ready.


Music Track Number 5

Pritam’s Copied Track — Wicket Bacha From Hattrick

Wicket Bacha sung by Usha Uthup was the highlight of the movie as well as the music of Hattrick. Never thought it was a copied one.

Check the video here


Original Track — Harry Belafonte’s Man smart(Woman Smarter)

Pritam surely listened to old English hits. He must have surely heard Harry Belafonte’s 1952 hit song , Man Smart(Woman Smarter). After-all that’s where Wicket Bacha came from.


Guess after hearing these songs you guys no longer consider Pritam a great musician. After all a great musician is one who creates his own tunes rather than copying from others. What say?

So that’s about it for today. Do keep checking this space for Part # 2 of this article.

Check out for more plagiarised tracks and make sure to visit to check out more copied tracks of Pritam.

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  2. Comment by Manguirish Nadkarni

    dude… let me tell u….. almost every music director copies……. i don have it now… but dere was this site which had all hindi cum english versions of this copied songs… believe me, no one was spared.. anu malik,nadeem shravan, even jatil lalit and a. r. rehman…. ill send u d link.. the resemblence is too much to ignore

  3. Comment by Movie Tonic

    completely agree with you manguirish …. and i plan to expose all those plagiarists… you just cannot take the Indian music listeners for granted, can you? many of us know about this blatant copying by music directors…. but thousands of the Indian public just appreciate these compositions by music directors. These people need to be informed that, the music directors are not worthy of appreciation … what say?

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  5. Comment by Anas

    OMG ….. i NVER knew tht but i still gotta giv him credit for copying .. he copied them WELL .. its not tht easy to even copy such things

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  7. Comment by Ganesh

    Pritam is criminal,who steals music and earns money.It better to be a begger than a criminal.After all these lifts/copies this guy talks lot about his stolen music thats the worst part.Jim staya is his keyboard player he is also a big stealer.
    Long live indian music criminals

  8. Comment by Fez

    That ritam plagiarises is not news. All Indian musicians blatantly plagiarise, be it Anu Malik, Nadeem Shravan or even Jatin Lalit. Want some examples?

  9. Comment by sumit

    one cannot deny that pritam has made some excellent numbers. the problem is that pritam claims them to be original until somebody finds the original song. this is applicable to EVERY bollywood music director in present time. remember, rajesh roshan has stolen even tagore’s song! bollywood survives on copied music, copied movies. so don’t analyze and regret, listen to good songs.

  10. Comment by Reedna

    I listened to the original songs after reading this site. While I am not surprised that Pritam copies music, almost every bollywood music composer copies and that is because of the changing pop culture in India, indian themed music is no longer appreciated, well keeping that aside, I found Pritam’s songs to be much better than the original ones. The usage of instruments is very clever in his version than the original

    I love his music nevertheless and I am sure he is a great composer and have had some mind blowing original scores.

  11. Comment by rainbow

    The point is not that Pritam’s version is much better than the original…..the point is that the main job of a music director is to create a melody (And that is a difficult task) …and if the melody is copied then what is the job of a music director ?? The music part?? well that is done by the hired arrangers who charge like a lakh for a song and a mixing engineer who charges like 50 thousand for a song…if that kind of production budget is there ..then definitely the quality is Better….And well the “Music Director” (If Pritam) charges around 7 – 10 lakhs (Must be higher now) for a song..and takes home a cool 70 % of the total ..i.e around 5 – 6 lakhs for a song…and multiply that with the number of songs..THAT IS A LOT OF MONEY !!! …FROM DOING WHAT ?? BEing a middle a broker..lift a melody..give it to arrangers..get a singer ..mix and give to producers….WOW…How about the poor original singers who must have put sweat and toil to create those melodies…..NO COMPENSATIONS AND NOT EVEN CREDITS…..IT” NOT FAIR..THTS STEALING…JUST BCOZ …DOESNT A PERSON GET CAUGHT IF HE STEALS A MOBILE PHONE FROM A SHOP ( WORTH MAYBE 10 thousand rupees…)………Isnt it the same…here the stakes are much higher…
    Check out this site http://WWW.ITWOFS.COM..U will know wat i mean !

  12. Comment by Pintu Shah

    I think time has come when strict measures has to be taken to this composer named Pritam. By lifting tracks he has proved that we Indians cannot be orginal. He has earned lots of Money just doing nothing.He must be sued and sued heavily he has taken everyone for granted it seems he thinks that we listeners are fools and would keep listening to him. He has created a bad name for the Indian Music as well as for the country its all because of this type of people that the name of our country is going down.We have much talented people than thugs like Pritam and I think they should be Promoted and Pritam should be Banned

  13. Comment by Pritamsucks cawk

    It is abhorrent that the film and music fraternity still stand by him. Only when Copyright laws and anti-plagiarism laws are properly implemented AND ENFORCED shall India stand anywhere. Plagiarism is the order of the day, from whacking projects and compositions from the internet (students) to stealing designs from European countries (the INSAS rilfe is a knock-off of the FN-FAL, no licensing was done).

  14. Comment by jessrocked


    ANAS said:
    “OMG ….. i NVER knew tht but i still gotta giv him credit for copying .. he copied them WELL .. its not tht easy to even copy such things”

    FUCK YOU, its harder to make a NEW SONG u retard.. and COPYING is HARD??? u should suck a cock u homo

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  17. Comment by ROCKY


  18. Comment by joggee

    One another hit songs taken from Chinese song.
    Below is the link:,GGLL:2008-51,GGLL:en&q=atif+aslam&oe=UTF-8&um=1&sa=N&tab=wv&oi=property_suggestions&resnum=0&ct=property-revision&cd=1#

    My only concern is. JISS KA KAAM USSI KO SAJE. If you are not creative then why you are copying and embarrasing us When we said you are our favorite music direct. :( feeling so bad. Please change your profession.

  19. Comment by Rahman is the kING

    You idiot, how can u say A.R.Rahman copies??? Rahman has never copied even a single song.. only few beats and commercial loops have simalarities and that too only for about 8-10 songs and the TUNES HAVE REMAINED ORIGINAL… CHECK http://WWW.ITWOFS.COM

    You f**king idiot dont compare Rahman with Pritam.. Pritam sucks big time.. Himesh is far better than him…


    Ask Pritam to take classes and learn something from Himesh Reshamiyah..though he sings from his nose, he is more original than pritam..

  20. Comment by sameer kabir

    Copy of music and copy of Lyrics is a very comman in our industry

    Dear Sir,
    The below poetry was wirtten by “Shahid Kabir” an Indian poet the same poetry was sung by Indian singer as well as Pakistani singer but in Ppakistan nobady mentioned the name of poet his work is also sung & composed by Jagjit, Chitra,lata mangeshkar, Chandan das, Hriharan , Udit narayan, Pankaj Udaas, Aziz Naza, But in Pakitan Salman Alvi (Pak.), Rais khan (Pak.) Munni begum (Pak). Gulam farid sabri has not mentioned the name of poet in their Album Andaz, (Sadaf Music Pak.) Saaz, Munni begum Vol.24,(EMI Pakistah) Ghazal To Remember CD 2 (EMI Pak) and latest of Sabri bros.(EMI Pak.) In Album Anda Salman Avli Sung it two times one is original Track and second is Remix.All the album can be downloaded by esnips music website it is marketed at International level . We higly respected Pakistani Artists in India they should also respect our Artist, this is not a good thing that you get fame from the poetry of an Indian writer but you will not mention his name in any of your work not also not taking permission which is an offence against copy write. In India the same Nazm is sung by Chandan Das in Album Deewangee Co. T- Series with permission of the poet and also mention the name of the poet on his cover ,on the other hand we highly respect Pakistani Artist in India. This Nazm has 6 Stanza Salman Avli Sung 4 Stanza, Ustad Rais kahn Sung 4 Stanza Munni Begum Sung 3 Stanza but Sabri Bros. Sung 5 Stanza
    The Makta of the Nazm is as under

    koi lay jatha hain us thak na kazaa aati hain
    aap ho ke mujhe jane mein hyaa aati hain

    Majboor karke phir mujhey mere yaar le chalo,
    Uski gali me phir mujhey ek baar le chalo.
    Shayad ye mera weham ho mera khayal ho,
    Mumkin hai mere baad se mera malaal ho,
    Pachta raha ho phir mujhey darr se utha ke woh,
    Baitha ho meri raah me aankhein beecha ke woh,
    Usne hi to kiya tha mujhey pyar le chalo,
    Uski gali me phir muhey ek baar le chalo.

    AB us gali me koii na aayega mere baad,
    Us darr pe khoon kaun bahayega mere baad,
    Mainey to sang o khisht se takra ke apna sir,
    Wallah kar diye the lahoo se woh baam o darr,
    Phir muntazir hai woh darr o deewar le chalo,
    Uski gali me phir mujhey mere yaar le chalo.

    Uski gali ko jaanta pehchanta hoon main,
    Woh meri qatlgaah hai ye maanta hoon main,
    Uski gali me maut muqaddar ki baat hai,
    ”Shahid” ye maut ahl-e-wafa ki hayat hai,
    Main khud bhi to maut ka hoon talabgaar le chalo,
    Uski gali me phir muhey mere yaar le chalo.

    Lyrics “Shahid Kabir”

    More about Shahid Kabir

    Sameer kabir B/12, Faraz Apartment jafar nagar
    Nagpur 440 013

  21. Comment by asif

    I think Pritam is a great composer.He has given a lot of hits and he has made a leading position of composer in bollywood.I heard the originals from which he copied.I think pritom’s compose is much better than originals!

  22. Comment by DEEPAK SHAH

    pritam is thief thief thief and bastard i m not surprised why indians are famously known as thief world wide.indians are actully not talented.each and everry film is copied and even its time to shut last if anyone still loves pritam and show desbhakti then he is……………

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  24. Comment by wriytt

    it may e that pritam is a copycat but,how many indiam knows or listen original songs before copied by Pritam,very rare…but through pritam millions of people headr those songs….It is rediculous tat a composer who composed so many hit songs become thief after modify or copy few songs….Acoording to I2FS,pritam copied 23 songs…But except those he has no of superhit songs which is originally composed by hi…why u are shoring that he is a copycat

  25. Comment by romit shah

    i think pritam is a great music director.i actually dont care a fuck wether he copies or not.the songs given by him are just too good.apart from that his music sense is just of the main reason i like him is he gives kk(my favorite singer) a chance in most of his movies and all the tracks become super hits.

  26. Comment by sUKANTA

    Pritam is one of the best music composer in India.

  27. Comment by soumikbablu

    those who say pritam;s music is awesum and is a great composer…dont know music at all…they are all illiterate fools who only know how to read and write and talk too/…..they dont respect creative arts…due to the fact that india is filled with assholes like them, original music in india is hardly recognised and bollywood music still rules …crappy shit is this thing called bollywood music…

    Plagairism and inspiration are two separate things.No one would understand that

  28. Comment by RockSolid

    Mr. Deepak Shah why you called Pritam as bastard.. I think you are a bastard thats why you used that kind of word…

  29. Comment by benny

    pritam cant tune his guitar propery man. There are too many ghost music directors working for him and they too are chors as lot of them flick tunes and then sell it to him.

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  31. Comment by Anupam Agrawal

    So you said that if one creates 100 great songs and out of them 10 or copied (keep in mind that for most of the times only a fraction if copied), you are ignoring the rest 90 songs. So he is a begger and criminal cause you find out FEW songs copied to some extent, but for MANNNNNNNNY songs you can’t praise him.

    Have mercy. he is the only man giving us songs to love, hear and enjoy. Cut him out and there wouldn’t be even a dozen great songs in a dozen months of the year.

    I challenge you for that. every 3 songs out of 4 hit has Pritam tag on them

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