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A Satricial Look At The Abhi-Ash Wedding

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Slated to be the wedding of the year. The Abhi-Warya Wedding has caught more atttention than the U.P. polls on news channels. From what perfume Abhishek Bachchan is going to apply to what footwear Aishwarya is going to adorn, the news channels are having all their reporters spread out to find out.

Here’s Deepak Gahlot giving us with a rather satirical look at the Abhishek Ash wedding.

The countdown begins, and as the date April 20 draws closer, the media will go crazier—not just in India, but everywhere in the world where Bollywood reigns. Nothing short of World War three will dislodge the ‘Abhiash‘ wedding from front pages and prime slots in the media. Somewhat disappointing has been the news that it will be small, exclusive affair and not a free-for-all.

Along with the families involved, there will be preparations happening elsewhere too:

  • The socialite not invited to the wedding: “Darling, of course I am invited, Amit is such a dear friend, but what to do, we had planned a summer vacation in Alaska and the kids are so looking forward to it. I will have to send a note to Amit to apologize.”
  • The politician not invited to the wedding: “Arre bhai zara Amar Singhji se baat karwaiye.”

  • The industrialist not invited to the wedding: “Should we go in for that deal with Reliance?
  • The TV Reporter packing essentials in a rucksack: “I told you mom, this is war. I don’t know if I’ll be able to call, but keep watching TV. I’ll be back on the 21st if I get out alive. Ma, don’t cry!”
  • The newspaper correspondent: “Listen darling, didn’t you say you have a school friend who lives next door to the Bachchans. You think he’d let me camp there for a couple of days? So what if you haven’t been in touch, you did go to nursery with him, na?”
  • The Juhu paanwala: “Haan haan, saare patte Banaras aur Calcutta se, order likh lo.
  • The swanky Juhu beauty parlour: Sorry, ma’am we are closed till the 21st. Fully booked. Even those who are not going are getting ready…just in case.
  • The traffic cops: Sir, will the Ganpati traffic arrangements do, or shall we make emergency plans?
  • The cops: Get riot gear ready, order tear gas shells from Bengal. And lock up all the pickpockets. Koi lafda nahin mangta.
  • The Juhu resident: We’d better leave town. If visiting relatives won’t kill us the traffic will.

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  1. Comment by nazia

    hi aish & abhi ur jori is very very nice.iam very happy.
    hamesha kush rahoo donoo my pray 4 u. ok by
    iam nazia from gujranwala,

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